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    Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave Empty Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave

    Post by Mr. Kirb on Sun May 13, 2012 2:11 am



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    QUERY: Overview





    Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave Enclave_Symbol_%28Fallout_3%29

    The Enclave is/was a post-apocalyptic military organization. decended from the shadow government that controlled the American Commonwealth until the Great War of 2077. As a former major superpower of the wasteland, they are known to be both feared and hated by wastelanders due to their great numbers, their ruthless xenophobia towards anyone genetically tainted by radiantion, and their access to advanced atomic-agelike technology. One example of their technological prowess is their creation and use of advanced power armor models. Their main goal was the total erradication of mutant life on US soil and having their own people repopulate the American mainland.

    Not much is known about when this organization was created, but documents recovered from the Quaere Verum conspiracy theorist group suggest that it existed decades before the Great War, influncing the American Commonwealth which affected the nation's culture, asthetics, and social values to stagnate in the style of the 1950s time period. Their enemy and chief rival in Pre-War times was the People's Republic of China, a communist Superpower that matched the United States in terms of military strengh and size. Aside from having different political idealogies, their conflict revolved around gathering and stockpiling of oil, which has been dwindling to all time lows.

    When nuclear war became ineviable for both sides, the Enclave, under the guise of the US Government, funded a multi-billion dollar program known as "Project Safehouse" in order to house a small fraction of the nation's overall population in shielded subterranean installions known as Vaults. Unknown to the general public, however, many of the Vaults were designed to be social experiments on pre-selected segments of the population while the remaining 17 are the control group. In the meantime, the Enclave sheltered their own people in secret military bunkers and an oil rig - in reality a disguised, powerful military base - located not far from the coasts of California.

    On the night of October 23, 2077, the US and China along with all other nuclear-capable nations purged the globe in a cataclysmic blaze of radioactive fire from bombs and missile. In the aftermath, all nations ceased to exist.

    It is believed that right before the bombs struck, the organization divided itself into multiple cells, each having the same purpose; to reclaim the mainland, or, at least, the reigon they were assigned to.

    The Enclave in the oil rig - believed to have been the main cell - sat and waited for decades for the radiation to reach safe levels while having their own scientists and engineers build and improve various technologies to gain an edge over everyone else. They sent out Eyebot prototypes to scout out the mainland; much to the higher-ups' dismay, they found mutants had inhabited the land. With fear and shock in their minds, the Enclave has decreed that anyone contaminated with radiation (every single person on the mainland) had to be purged before the Enclave's "true and pure" humanity could reclaim it for themselves.

    Their forces made a foothold at a Pre-War military base codenamed Navarro. Armed with advanced directed-energy weapons, clad in advanced power armor, transported by VTOL transports named Vertibirds, and under the command of a very naive president named Dick Richardson, their operations on the American West Coast were geared to study mutations to cure the "nationwide epidemic of radioactive taint" via the gathering of Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) samples from the Mariposa military base, kidnapping people from Arroyo and Vault 13, and converting the FEV into a deadly airborne bioweapon before testing it on their captives.

    Just when they could launch the bioweapon into the jet stream, a tribal from Arroyo known as the Chosen One along with a ragtag of companions attacked the oil rig. Plowing through soldiers with only one man and a Super Mutant at his side, they rescued the captives and exploited the oil rig's self destruct sequence that nuked the main HQ into sunken ruins.

    After their disasterous defeat and full exposure to the Wasteland, a budding nation named the New California Republic along with the help of the reclusive Brotherhood of Steel declared war on the Enclave. The shattered forces had to abandon and retreat the West Coast then take refuge at other cells far from the NCR. Those who remained were hunted by the NCR, some tried to integrate themselves into the NCR and met some success.

    However, the Enclave was far from finished, and still had a significant base; the eastern cell near Washington D.C. based in the Raven Rock bunker complex. A ZAX supercomputer became the Enclave's new President under the alibi of John Henry Eden. Some of the scarred and battered forces from Californa regrouped with the eastern cell, giving it the strength to take on the region known as the Capital Wasteland with Colonel Augustus Autumn as field commander.

    In the late months of 2277, they attacked Jefferson Memorial when they recieved intel that some scientists headed by a researcher known as James were working on turning the memorial into a large scale water purifier named Project Purity. With Project Purity in their control, they set up small checkpoints all over the Capital Wasteland their operations not too different from activities in California. However, Project Purity had yet to be completed; without a vital component for it, it was nothing but a command outpost. To activate it, the Enclave needed a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK). By chance, an famed individual known as the Lone Wanderer retrieved the kit from Vault 87. With that intel, they ambushed the Wanderer, capturing him along with the GECK. With the kit installed into Project Purity, the Enclave was one step further towards activating it.

    However, their downfall started with a schism between President Eden and Colonel Autumn due to disagreements of how they should use it; Eden wanted to use the purifier to convert it into a bioweapon distributer by trying to sway the Lone Wanderer as his personal double agent to do so. Autumn planned to use it recuit the local populace under their flag. However, this was a moot point in the end, as the Lone Wanderer managed to escape and destroy Raven Rock with Eden in it.

    The Enclave, now under the colonel's full command made their stand at Project Purity. Their enemy, the Brotherhood of Steel launched an assault with Liberty Prime, a pre-war AI-controlled mech, spearheading the assault. Even with Vertibirds, power armor, energy weapons, and other technology, the Enclave was unable to stop Liberty Prime and the Brotherhood from taking Project Purity. Autumn, who was in the memorial, was reported as either KIA or MIA in battle. Without a leader to take command, their fate was sealed.

    Desperate, the Enclave performed a mixture of tactical retreat and all-out flight, and their grip on the Capital Wasteland loosened severely. Now contending with malcontented soldiers, the remains of Enclave Camps dotted throughout the Wasteland with little or no contact or on-going tactical orders, and a lack of new recruits, the eastern cell is on the path of a slow death. This was only accelerated by the loss of Adams Air Force base, the final bastion of the eastern Enclave. It is all but doomed.

    As of 2280, the Enclave would leave a significant legacy to the American wasteland as the boogeymen to scare its inhabitants. Suriviving members desperately cling to their ideals or take new identities to walk among the very people they were ordered to exterminate. Their assets are highly valued to multiple communities and individuals, usually the Brotherhood of Steel and prospectors.
    Mr. Kirb
    Mr. Kirb

    Male Posts : 127
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    Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave Empty Re: Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave

    Post by Mr. Kirb on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:55 am


    QUERY: Advanced Power Armor Mk. I


    Spredronian Intelligence Network Database - The Enclave 20110224230905remnantsp
    Two models of the Advanced Power Armor recovered from the corpses of Enclave Soldiers in Navarro. From left to right: Mark I (front and back)

    The Advanced Power Armor Mark I is the first of a production of Enclave developed power armor used in the campaign against the "tainted" populace of Post-War America. The armor was intended to replace the T-51b Power Armor and to give their footsoldiers the overwhelming edge in their battle against mutants.

    The Mark I was the first successful model to be fielded in the American mainland and worn by the Enclave's footsoldiers. It is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key stress points, giving the wearer great protection against small arms fire. The motion-assist servo-motors are superior to the T-51, allowing the armor to near-perfectly mimic the wearer's movements. The suit has an auto-gyro system to keep it upright and the knees can be locked in position, to prevent the wearer from falling over, if, for some reason, he loses consciousness on duty (e.g. takes a nap). Additional features of it includes a recycling system that can convert human waste into drinkable water, a heads up display for enhanced combat awareness, and an air conditioning system for comfort. It is also compatible with tesla technology, which enhances the potency of energy weapons and emits a weak energy barrier.

    The armor, however, has a few downsides. A direct hit from a pulse weapon can fry the circuitry along with the wearer, which can lead to death by electrocution or being fully paralyzed for weeks. Another is the lack of protection against high powered strikes, usually from anti-materiel rifles which can puncture armor or being struck by missiles.

    Chassis number backtracking reveals that 80% of all Mark I models were created in the Poseidon Energy Oil Rig and the Navarro Base. Others were built in Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base. A select few were stored in a Chicago Outpost.

    Since the downfall of the Enclave, most of them are in the hands of high profile factions, usually the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic. Others are in the possession of certain individuals such as the Chosen One, the Lone Wanderer, and Courier 6. Outside its world of origin, many of them have been retrofitted to be issued by a United States of America for two organizations; SWAT teams and the US National Guard. Some of them even ended up in the Rift, highly valued among soldiers and multiple factions.

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