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    Spredronian Intelligence Network Dossier: Reapers


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    Spredronian Intelligence Network Dossier: Reapers Empty Spredronian Intelligence Network Dossier: Reapers

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:18 am

    (This is a piece made by SIN (my inter-dimensional nation of Spredronia's intelligence network), which is a Dossier. Dossiers mainly focus on what something is, and how to effectively combat it. The first Dossier is one of the Reapers: the giant machine baddies from Mass Effect. Enjoy.)

    After the war codenamed 'The Reaper War' for convenience, SIN has decided to release intelligence reports on The Reapers - an extinct race of sentient starships. It is very possible that Reapers or a variant thereof are still out there, and this is a guide to understanding and destroying a Reaper. - SIN

    SIN Dossier - Understand, Overpower

    Reapers were a formerly existing race of machines that normally resided in dark space. The universe codenamed "Mass Effect" is the origin point of the Reapers: the technology (mass effect field tech, mass relays, and the Citadel) in-universe was apparently designed by said Reapers to ensure that organic life would develop in the universe along their lines. Every 50,000 years the Reapers would come into the galaxy via the Citadel and exterminate all organic life, melting down species of interest into genetic paste, which would then form a Reaper, before retreating back into dark space. The cause of this harvest is unknown. Reapers take on the shape of reaper cuttlefish (mostly), with a varying number of tentacles and eyes, and have been named Reapers for convenience purposes only: the Reapers is simply a moniker given to them by the Protheans (the most recently harvested species), and there is no known name.

    If you spot a Reaper, the best approach is to contact Central Command and inform them of a Reaper sighting. Reapers are extremely powerful and formidable opponents alone: they carry extremely powerful shielding able to block kinetic and energy weapons. As well, their extreme mental power allows them to block off all cyber-warfare with ease. Their hulls are extremely powerful, though even they have a limit: able to block almost any and all projectiles, only Thanix MHD cannons seem able to best penetrate their armor. Each tentacle on a Reaper is equipped with a magnetohydrodynamic cannon, or MHD weapon, which fires a stream of molten metal at a fraction of the speed of light. It is confirmed that Apocalypse-class mega-dreadnoughts - the largest ships in the Spredronian navy - can be destroyed in seconds by one, which burns shielding and armor alike away. Each Reaper also has a spinal-mounted cannon, which can destroy any and all Spredronian navy ships (including Haven-class space stations and Eden-class worldships) in one shot, penetrating through shields and destroying targets through sheer size and speed. It is impossible for a Reaper to be destroyed by a single ship, and several Fleets are required to contest one.

    Reapers are also able to make ground warfare teams: Husks. Husks are cybernetic drones made from people exposed to Reaper tech such as dragon's teeth. They are used as shock troops, and can be modified to make Abominations (which explode when killed or in close proximity), Scions (can utilize biotic abilities), and Praetorians (which can summon barriers and fire beams of pure biotic energy).

    The third weapon in a Reaper's arsenal is indoctrination. Indoctrination is a slow sort of mental brainwashing which perverts users into doing anything for the Reapers, and gradually eroding their mind away until they become useless and are transformed into husks. Reapers can partially control indoctrination and this effect spreads to any artifacts they leave behind. Indoctrination is impossible to stop: it seems the only creatures able to resist it completely without eventually failing are gods. No matter how powerful the psychic, it is guaranteed that Reapers will eventually indoctrinate them in time, with the sole possible exception of Chuck Norris and possibly the asari Shiala. As well, indoctrination remains as long as the Reaper is, for lack of a better term, "alive".

    Possible Threat Level: Ultraviolet
    Reapers post an extreme threat to Spredronian safety. Though the Milky Way-S is extremely well defended, a single Reaper can cause extreme destruction in a quadrant, and it is very unlikely that the Spredronians would be able to stop the fleet of thousands to millions (there are estimates only) that accosted the "Mass Effect" Milky Way. Upon a Reaper sighting, all ships are to lower SDEFCON to 1 and immediately utilize any and all weapons, regardless of damage scale (unless using one would cause more damage to an extremely large area than the Reaper could cause) to neutralize a Reaper. Movement tactics are useful, but the only useful strategy against Reapers is to overwhelm them with brute force, hoping that the shields can be brought down and the Reaper destroyed. Upon destruction of a Reaper, Valkof-class ion beam lances are to warp directly into the area and commence clean-up, by destroying each piece of the Reaper individually. This is to ensure indoctrination does not take effect.

    Reapers are an extremely powerful threat to the Milky Way-S. If a Reaper is spotted, immediately call Fleet Command and confirm exact co-ordinates. If your ship is armed, do not engage until the Fleets arrive. If your ship is unarmed, engage hyperdrive and leave the system immediately after the call is completed. Do NOT wait for a response. Do NOT utilize mass relays. Utilize hyperdrive on a random jump. If your ship utilizes an AI, the response "Anywhere but here" is good.

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