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    Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets

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    Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets Empty Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets

    Post by Mr. Kirb on Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:12 pm

    (This is the collection of information gathered and organized by the mysterious backer of the WAOAA group named Wraith. As an information broker, information trade is dangerous yet rewarding profession. Through multiple agents, her eyes and ears has seen. With rivals like the Illusive Man, Yakumo Yukari, the Shadow Broker, and others, most of her secret databases are kept safe in her secret base.)

    The Group

    Raidou Kuzunoha the 21st
    Asagi Asagiri
    Captain Scott "Mitch" Mitchell (Note: Has an Other)
    Phyllis (Formerly Subject Phi)
    Imca (Note: Has an other named Imca Juniper)
    Tama Saisei
    Hakurei Miko
    Viskra Serket
    Chuck Weiss (AKA the Grinning General)
    Garcie Weiss
    Luca (Note: Has an other named Luca Juniper)
    George Crimsone (AKA The Bloodthristing God of Demons)
    Falken (Note: Has an Other)
    DLN-001 Mega Man
    SWN-001 Bass
    Catherine Grayson (AKA Carter Grayson)
    Arcadiarika "Rika" Grayson
    Victoria Christine Grayson
    Andreus Grayson
    Alyx Grayson (Note: She's Cater's Other)
    Hina Kagiyama

    Crew of the TDN-Trinity

    Eve Longram
    Colonel Adam Longram
    Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley
    Twilight Sparkle
    Merrideth "Rhyme" Beat
    Ōkami Chibirestu
    Jitterbee and Ruchifer
    DLN-000 Protoman (AKA Blues)
    Phoenix Wright
    Mia Fey
    Chief Warrant Officer "Shroud" (Real Name Unknown)
    Byakuren Hijiri
    Minamitsu Murasa
    Noble Six
    Hal Simmons
    Zelgadis "Zel" Graywords
    Mina Longram
    Imca Juniper
    Luca Juniper
    Mizore Juniper
    Kyca Juniper
    Esther Juniper

    Interdimensional School of ISIS Schooling

    Note: Some of them are currently part of the TDN-Trinity's crew

    Lt. General Scott "Mitch" Mitchell (Note: Has an Other named Captain Scott Mitchell)
    Imca Juniper
    Luca Juniper
    Micheal J. Caboose
    Koakuma (AKA Koa)
    Wriggle Nightbug
    Wren (Note: This is the Other of Wren from the Group)
    Rowan Hunter
    [Name Redacted] Shepard
    Aya Shameimaru
    Hal Simmons
    Chifusa Manyuu
    Magic Canceler
    Zelgadis "Zel" Graywords

    Other Prominent Figures

    Yukari Yakumo
    Lt. General Scott "Mitch" Mitchell
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Other Files

    Cipher Brotherhood
    Terran Alliance

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    Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets Empty Re: Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets

    Post by Mr. Kirb on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:59 pm

    Colonel Adam Longram

    Date of Birth: July 2, 2249 AD
    Age: 47 (Body is Ageless thanks to cybernetics)
    Species: Human (Cyborg)
    World of Origin: Earth-5963863 (Fallout Earth)

    - Harris Longram (Father)
    - Anna Longram (Mother)
    - Nicole Longram (Younger Sister)
    - Eve (Lover, Partner)
    - Mina Longram (Adoptive Daughter)
    - Lt. General Scott "Mitch" Mitchell (Superior and main CO)
    - Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley (Comrade, Subordinate)
    - Twilight Sparkle (Comrade, Subordinate)
    - Chief Warrant "Officer Shroud" (Comrade, Subordinate)

    Summary: Former Commander of the 1st Hellfire Brigade and deserter of the Enclave's Midwestern Cell. Exceptional tactical and team-building skills. Possess a customized battle rifle called the X-Calibur II, S&W 500 revolver, and transformable bladed weapon known as the VPWS. Despite solid service history, clearly part of Commander Eve's team primarily for stabilizing elements of personality. However, he has a bit of a temper.

    Enclave Audio Transcript

    Transcription recorded in Central Bunker in Post-War Chicago, circa 2283 AD:

    Longram: You called me, General?

    General: Yes Major, I heard that you managed to repel the Brotherhood's assault teams at Point Zero. A real fine job there, my boy. You have made us proud there.

    L: Heh, don't mention it sir. Just doing my duty as the battalion's commander.

    G: Good. Now, have a seat, you look a bit tired there.

    L: *Sits down*

    G: You know why I summoned you here, Major?

    L: It's about our leaders goals, right?

    G: Correct.

    L: Restoring the American Commonwealth, back to it's Pre-War glory, the Enclave Dream. We all wish to fulfill to it, even if means lives to have to be sacrificed.

    G: I see that we taught you well Adam. Look at you my boy, you started off as a wee lad in a Vault but now, your a full grown man, fit to wear your officer's uniform. But anyways, we have an important job for you.

    L: Go on.

    G: All over the fronts, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Reaver Movement are showing sign of rebounding from their defeats. We're slowing losing territory to a new type of explosive, Nuka Grenades.

    L: What? Are you serious?

    G: Yep, homemade explovsives made out of Nuka Cola. among other things but don't let that fool you my boy. They obliterate anyone and anything caught in its blast. Not even our advanced power armor models can't withstand that kind of magnitude.

    L: I see. What do you want to me and my troops to do about it.

    G: Nothing really, but we have a trump card they haven't found out yet.

    L: Let me guess, that modified FEV strain, Curling-13?

    G: Of course. We're going to send it high up into the jet stream, once we do, victory is assured, no gunshots needed. Our enemies will die, they deserve that. Mutants don't deserve to breath the foul air in front of them at all.

    (There's a long pause as Longram's face turns pale with shock)

    L: Wait, wait, wait, you plan to unleash it! It will kill not only everyone around here but the entire mainland, maybe the entire world! Your insane, the Government's insane!! How the hell's going to help us?!

    G: Calm down major! This isn't your concern, all of us are immune to the strain. We're free of any trace of mutation, why did you suddenly rant all of the sudden, this isn't like you major.

    L: You think this is harmless! You didn't learned the truth behind the Manitoulin Lab incident, I've been there sir. Long story short, the strain spread all over the facility, killing everyone in it, that includes 20 of my troops there. The lab boys said that we're immune because we're free of mutation, they lied sir. The higher ups ordered the survivors like me to keep this a secret. A secret that would backfire on us. I advise that we don't start this madness before we all go to hell for it!

    G: Oh really. You can turn down on this. However, I might consider stripping you of your command, major. Spread the word about this, consider it your death warrant. Now, are you clear on this?

    L: Yes, I understand.

    G: Good, I see that you can see reason.

    L: I understand that your ignorant of this madness. One way or another, this has to stop. (Clicks of a plasma pistol. He's pointing it at the general)

    G: Major, you dare to point the gun at your superior officer and your step-father?

    L: Your not the general I know long ago. In front of me is a soulless monster who's willing to kill an entire planet for dead nation. What we're doing, we're no better than the devil. I'm sorry but this has to end....

    (gunshots are head, the general is reduced to glowing goo.)

    L: (sighs) What have you done Longram. I declined and defied an order for common sense instead of being loyal. Better get my until ready and maybe get out of this madness...

    Recent Transactions

    March 4, 2012 AD

    CATALOG ORDER: Tri-Luna Catalog

    VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Disney's Legend of Zelda, Collector's Edition.

    VIDEO DOWNLOAD: WALL-E, Remastered Edition

    PURCHASE 9586-WW-122: Dr. Fuzzball plush

    PURCHASE 875-EC-444: Ebony Delight Chocolate Box Set

    PURCHASE 254-DA-9462: HoloFlora Pins

    Power Armor Specs

    Hyperion Power Armor(Custom)

    -Unique model based on Vanguard Prototype Model.

    -Armor is composed of similar materials used on the Hellfire Armor series.

    -Magnification up to 60x integrated target tracing, optional wind/gravity compensation solutions.

    -Sonar, Radar, thermal, and EM targeting capable

    -Uses the Integrated Warfighter System. Software is modified for Terran Alliance compatibly.

    -Can detect and measure radiation up to 50 meters away.

    -Can detect and measure armor and optimized firing solution to pierce armor.

    -Optional kill-timer can track number of enemies taken down by self or suit-synced team members in given time period

    -Boots' gliding speed can speed up to 88 MPH.

    -Audio link plays music per user request. Top 3 choices during firefight:

    1)Mass Effect 3 OST - Kai Leng
    2)Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth
    3)Kingdom Hearts II OST - Deep Drive

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    Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets Empty Re: Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets

    Post by CapedLuigisYoshi on Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:01 pm

    BigVictoryGuy "BVG" Robetun, Mdr.*

    Day of Birth: March 21
    Age: 42
    Species: Robotose
    World of Origin: Pensirth, cly-Bupimverse-N

    - BVG Robetun Jr. (older son)
    - GVB Robetun (younger son)
    - Supen (longtime friend)
    - TVon (villainous associate)
    - Bupim Monpoke (protagonist)

    Summary: Designated antagonist of the region of Diver (rhymes with quiver), its capital Diver City in particular. Has a history with local heroic figure Bupim not unlike that between Mario and Bowser, right down to the power inconsistency, but rarely uses kidnapping and is much more open to the metaphorical go-karting. His family is the only one of his species, modeled after a rather obscure animal of the planet. Choice minions are "Fistys", modeled after BVG's clenched hand.

    *Note: Midior (pronounced mid-yer), a position unique to the world BVG is from, which comes between the usual Sr. and Jr. Originally invented because CLY was like ten years old when he named these characters.

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    Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets Empty Re: Wraith's Dossiers - The Database of Secrets

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:28 am

    (OoC: There will be many much author appeal in this one (which means, in some cases, rampant armyfaggotry/technological stuff). If you aren't interested in military/sci-fi-ish things then you likely won't be interested in most of this. Have fun anyway, though, and thanks for reading.)

    Captain Scott "Mitch" Mitchell

    Day of Birth: August 13th, 1976
    Age: 38
    Species: Human (homo sapiens sapiens)
    World of Origin: Earth-2814964 (Ghost Recon Earth)

    - Unknown name (father)
    - Unknown name (mother, deceased)
    - Unknown name (brother)
    - Unknown name (brother)
    - Unknown name (sister)
    - Asagi Asagiri (close friend)
    - Vivian (close friend and/or pseudo-family)
    - Imca (technical daughter)
    - Tama Saisei (pet, of sorts)
    - Chuck Weiss, The Grinning General (close friend)
    - "Bones" (squadmate and close friend)

    Summary: Former Ghost Special Forces (5 SFG) operator and Specter mercenary "with a heart". Well-trained with most, if not all types of firearms. Possesses extremely durable and maneuverable powered assault armor, custom-constructed by ally "Bones". Biotic, seemingly mixing traits from Vanguard-class biotics and Adept-class biotics. Possesses biotic amplifier, custom-constructed by ally "Bones". Has a large array of firearms acquired via unknown means. Exceptional tactical and combat skills. Known to be a deadpan snarker.

    Weapons Manifest

    Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN United States Government - Chambered for 5.7x28mm cartridges. Effective range 50 metres/55 yards. Semi-automatic fire. Optics are tri-dot iron sights. Magazine capacity of 30 rounds plus one in the chamber (extended magazine). Customized with dual-purpose tactical flashlight/laser sight and supressor.

    Fabrique Nationale P90TR - Chambered for 5.7x28mm cartridges. Effective range 200 metres/219 yards. Fully-automatic fire at 900 rounds per minute. Optics are EOTech 551 holographic sight with EOTech 3X FTS magnifier. Magazine capacity of 50 rounds plus one in the chamber. Customized with built-in laser sight, tactical flashlight mounted on side rail, and supressor.

    ArmaLite Corporation AR-548 "Scimitar" - Chambered for 15mm caseless gauss cartridges. Effective range unknown, but known to exceed that of modern-day sniper rifles. Fully-automatic fire at 600 rounds per minute. Optics are electronic smart-link scope that can provide a display via heads-up display in power armor. Magazine capacity unknown, but known to carry thousands of rounds. Battery capable of powering 90 shots. Non-customized.

    Rheinmetall MG3 - Chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Effective range of 1,200 metres at maximum. Fully-automatic fire at 1300 rounds per inute. Optics are EOTech XPS-1 holographic sight. Ammunition box can carry 100 round belt. Otherwise uncustomized.

    Military & Police AA-12 - Chambered for 12 gauge shotgun shells. Effective range of 100 metres. Fully-automatic fire at 300 rounds per minute. Optics are EOTech 552 holographic sight. Magazine can carry 32 shells plus one in the chamber (heavy extended drum). Customized with laser sight and tactical flashlight mounted on side rails, foregrip mounted on underbarrel rail, choke to increase accuracy, and FRAG-12 explosive shotgun shells.

    "Black Widow" - Chambering irrelevant. Fires stream of ferrofluid so fast it pierces through almost all materials it is put up against. Effective range, so far, estimated to be infinite. Semi-automatic fire. Ferrofluid reservoir provides unknown amount of shots, but thermal clips can take 3 shots before requiring ejection. Optics system uses variable 1x-12x zoom-in ballistic scope. Built-in bipod allows for shot steadying. Otherwise uncustomized.

    M-920 Cain - Railgun firing 5 kg explosive slug at 20 kilometres per second. On impact, a devastating explosion is released along with almost unparalleled kinetic force. Can only be fired once every month due to power cell recharge time. Powerful enough to destroy most, if not all targeted hostiles in one shot. Uncustomized.

    Augmented Reaction Suit

    A custom-constructed suit of powered assault armor built by "Bones" during time off, the Augmented Reaction Suit (abbreviated as ARS) was built using the visuality of Earth-571824 (Vanquish-verse)'s Augmented Reaction Suit along with unidentified technology inside. Utilizing advanced biofeedback and calculation technology, it can steady a soldier's hands to help a weapon's aim. The deadliest feature is perhaps the powered actuators and magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters; these allow a soldier wearing the ARS to flip and slide through the air, performing Gun Kata-style acrobatic combat moves while keeping heavy durability and superior mobility. At full power, the ARS allows users to run at extremely high speeds and perform heavy evasive maneuvers.

    The ARS is powered by a nuclear fusion core; this core can overheat and explode if the suit is stressed for too long. In addition, the suit is not invincible: despite being made of a carbon and nanite-based textile, it cannot take repeated hits or it will be destroyed. Finally, the suit can "slow time" through unknown quantum physics, which allows the wearer to escape near-death situations with relative ease; this runs the risk of overheating the suit's core.

    Though the ARS does not carry a shield generator, Captain Mitchell's latent biotic abilities allow him to form a biotic barrier around his armor, which essentially acts like a shield.
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    Post by Mr. Kirb on Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:54 pm

    Captain Minamitsu Murasa

    Day of Birth: Unknown (Estimated around 1000 AD)
    Age: Technically Deceased
    Species: Funayuurei (Formerly Human)
    World of Origin: Earth-3362059 (Touhou Earth)

    - Unknown name (father, deceased)
    - Unknown name (mother, deceased)
    - Byakuren Hijiri (savior, master)
    - Shou Toramaru (colleague)
    - Ichirin Kumoi (colleague)
    - Unzan (colleague)
    - Nazrin (colleague)
    - Eve (Superior, main CO)
    - Colonel Adam Longram (Superior)
    - Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley (Superior despite having a lower rank)
    - Amaya (comrade, drinking buddy)
    - Noble Six (comrade, drinking buddy)
    - NOIR-01 (comrade)

    Summary: Pilot of the Palanquin Ship, the TDN-Terra's Blessing, and the TDN-Trinity. Close working relationship with Buddhist Monk Byakuren Hijiri before seperation at Cyber New York. Responsible for sinking numerous ships. Has a Mod.60 Medium Machine Gun and an anchor as her weapons. Exceptional piloting skills for large vessels thus recruited to be the TDN-Trinity's helmsman. Known to be an alcoholic.

    Activity Hightlights
    Most recent stats:

    Drinks consumed today: 7 (4 shots of batarian ale, 2 dishes of sake, 1 shot of Ryncol)

    Daily Battleship game score against Trinity AI: 10/6 (One loss resulted in a ragequit.)

    Daily Prayers: 2

    Personal Correspondence

    To: Minamitsu Murasa

    From: Nazrin


    If your reading this, then your missing out on a lot of things. Ever since we part ways, Gensokyo seems to have gotten way less quiet in the past few months. You won't believe what happened, really!

    You know about the temple we built using the Palanquin, well guess what, it was directly above a mausoleum! Now, inside this fancy tomb is our archenemy, Toyosatomimi no Miko, that fiend who wanted immortality herself. Just when we about take her and her cronies (along with some outside help from Sado island), the Hakurei kid came to our place to investigate about the divine spirits. Just to save ourselves the trouble, we let her into the mausoleum to do the deed. In end though, she didn't seal it up they do have a tea party. Oh well...

    As for our ranks, we're swelling up real good with plenty of followers, especially that Mamizou fella. She's a fun girl to hang around with. She's one hell of a tanuki, especially with those two "big stones" on her chest. Even better, she's real good with shape shifting, and I mean REAL good with it! And there's Kyouko Kasodani, a yamabiko. Not as fun as Mamizou but she's a fine girl.

    Well, I hope your having fun out there, sailing across the cosmos with your new buddies, tell them I say hi.



    The Little Dowser General

    Personal Log
    A personal note written to Murasa by herself after being approached by one of the agents. Much of her logs are written in Kana with a rough translation below.

    Well, here am I, all alone in this floating shipyard in space. Shame that I have to stick around, playing around with just a computer and dartboard, nothing can replace my passion for my love for ships. Still can't believe that Blessing lass has gotten blown to bits to those space mines, they still haunt me to this day, ugh...

    And a few weeks before that, some arrogant sharkbait called DAVE is now a total pain in this salty ass. Even during a grocery trip, that douche appears out of fricken nowhere to cause havoc on us. Had to scrub the floors as compensation to property damage, I helped saved the fricken' market, where my respect huh? You know, the silver lining to all this is that I get to deck his metal jaw with my trusty anchor, man that feels good!

    I don't know why I joined up with this group, I could just go back to Gensokyo with my favorite landlubbers but there's one thing I miss most of the time with my new buddies, free drinks matey, free drinks.

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    Post by CapedLuigisYoshi on Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:38 am

    Midori / "Daiyousei"

    Day of Birth: March 23, 1935
    Age: 77
    Species: Fairy
    World of Origin: Gensokyo, cly-Touhouverse-N

    - Cirno (wife)
    - Rumia (friend)
    - Wriggle (friend)
    - Mystia (friend)
    - Doomtrain (Guardian Force)

    Summary: "Great" fairy from Gensokyo, around the level of a Stage 2 midboss, Daiyousei goes almost exclusively by her nickname. It's not certain why she's not fond of her given name. Infatuated with Cirno for several years, but didn't act on it until urged by Doomtrain, her then-new Guardian Force. Not fond of combat (which is not due to her relative weakness), but slowly training Doomtrain and practicing danmaku just in case. Has taken up wood carving in the past few years. Relatively frequent target of transformation lightning when with the WAOA* group.

    *This is a random designation given to the group by the writer of this entry. Any resemblance to designations beyond the fourth wall are entirely coincidential.

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    Post by CapedLuigisYoshi on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:45 pm

    Rockurtle Turstone Metasect

    Day of Birth: Novermber 11, 1979
    Age: 33
    Species: Shuckle (Pokemon)
    World of Origin: Johto, cly-Nintendoverse-N

    - Azulabelue "Azula" Azumi (girlfriend)
    - Lucky Blichance (friend, team member)
    - Cadajask Insectorque(former friend, team member)
    - Braneless Greyrock(follower, team member)
    - Mewtwo (companion, team member)
    - Regice (companion, team member)
    - Shiny Arceus (team leader)
    - Luigi "Cly" Wuntwate (OT)
    - Explobug Metasect (sister)

    Summary: A relatively young Shuckle girl, seemingly defined by a snarky demeanor and a maximized Defense stat. Part of a group of Pokemon of similarly maximized stats known as the "Extreme Team", named by her "trainer" Cly, the local author avatar. Is known to have a fondness for anime, sometimes comparing herself and her girlfriend Azula to the Lucky Star characters Kagami and Konata. Aspiring to be a comic writer, but still working on her first serious story.

    Lv56, F, Ultra Ball
    OT: Cly
    Gluttony (uses berries at 50% health)
    Bold (Def+, Atk-)
    HP: 104 (EV 6, IV 28)
    Attack: 26 (EV 0, IV 23)
    Defense: 346 (EV 252, IV 31)
    Sp. Attack: 24 (EV 0, IV 14)
    Sp. Defense: 310 (EV 252, IV 22)
    Speed: 18 (EV 0, IV 14)

    Double Team

    Fun Facts
    - Was born on Route 40, to the west of Olivine City, well before the construction of the Battle Frontier prompted the Shuckle population to move away.
    - Due to being a Shuckle, her aging is about 2/3 the speed that of a human. (Average life expectancy is even longer.)
    - Accidentally resurrected a Cranidos during a summer vacation trip to Oreburgh City. This Cranidos become known as Braneless, and continues to follow Rockurtle, much to her dismay.
    - "Rockurtle" is apparently a common girl's name among Shuckle. Oddly enough, the male equivalent is "Turstone". The reason for this being her middle name is unclear.

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    Post by CapedLuigisYoshi on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:18 pm

    Wriggle Nightbug

    Day of Birth: June 12, 1995
    Age: 16
    Species: some kind of insect youkai (formerly human?)
    World of Origin: Japan, cly-Touhouverse-H1

    - Ana Nightbug (sister)
    - Dia Bolos (girlfriend)

    Summary: A relatively quiet girl with antennae. First began attending as a boy, but the mistake was corrected soon enough. She still wears the male school uniform, however. Seems to straddle the gender line, wearing almost exclusively male clothing but being relatively comfortable with her androgynous female body. Usually referred to by female pronouns, but doesn't mind either. Was initially human, or at least human-looking, but grew antennae at a random point during her attendance. Genetics seems to support the antennae being hereditary. Has not yet discovered any other powers.
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    Post by Mr. Kirb on Sat May 19, 2012 2:07 am

    Mina Longram

    Day of Birth: July 7, 60,000,003 BC
    Age: 6 (Has been in suspend animated for 60 million years.)
    Species: Protosapien
    World of Origin: Neo Olympus-64446

    -"Gray Glint" (gene template)
    -Zeus Nal'Vel (creator)
    -Athena Gre'La (tutor)
    -Adam Longram (adoptive father)
    -Eve Longram (adoptive mother)
    -Imca Juniper (neighbor, honorary aunt)
    -Luca Juniper (neighbor, honorary aunt)
    -Mizore Juniper (neighbor, close friend)
    -Kyca Juniper (neighbor, close friend)
    -Esther Juniper (neighbor, friend)
    -Simon "Ghost" Riley (honorary uncle)

    Summary: First test subject of a series of clones of war hero Gray Glint and adoptive daughter of the Longrams. Has great potential in alchemy. Know to have great admiration to her adoptive parents. She is also the last Protosapien to be alive in the modern age and is surprisingly unaware of her race's achievements, culture, or civilization in general. Being raised by soldiers, she aspires to be like her parents.

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