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    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    8-Bit Wren
    8-Bit Wren

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    Character sheet
    Character 1 Name: Wren (Overlord)
    Character 2 Name: Falken
    Character 3 Name: Joshua Luminate

    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:33 am

    Yep. You know the drill. Just copy-paste your character sheet here. Preferably in one post. Like this. Maybe. :P
    Name: Joshua Wren
    Height/Weight/Age: 5'7/58kg/21
    Race: Human
    Class: MUNCHKIN
    Alignment: ...SOMETHING Good.


    STR: (24)[+7]
    DEX: (20)[+5]
    CON: (20)[+5]
    INT: (18)[+4]
    WIS: (18)[+4]
    CHA: (14)[+2]

    HP:30 HP


    Move-Speed: 30ft. 20 while wearing Heavy Armor.

    Light Chain-Mail Shirt: +4 AC, ACP -1, 15lbs.
    Light Long-Sword - 2d6, 19-20 Crit/x2, 'Two Handed'.

    Gear: Travelling Backpack, sleeping roll, hand-charged/kinetic torch, Nintendo DSi (IMPORTANT), Lunch Box with 4 days of food and water, matches and a few books.

    ...Starts with a grand total of ZERO Gold.
    Feats, Skills, EXTRA Stuff~
    ...He has no real class, so he gets feats every second level instead of every third. So, 4 Feats, plus 3 Bonus Feats from his flaws.


    Improved Initiative - Joshua gets a +4 to Initiative Rolls.

    Cleave - If Joshua slays a creature (i.e. it hits 0HP or dies) in melee, he can immediately make a melee attack with the same weapon and at the same attack bonus against a creature within attack reach. This ability may be used once per round.

    Great Cleave - The same as Cleave, only there's no limit. If Joshua drops a monster and another's in range, he may attack it and if he kills get the idea.

    Power Attack - On his round before making an attack, Just may choose a number to subtract from all melee attacks rolls and add it to his damage (2X damage bonus, using a one-handed weapon with two hands) until his next round. The number X may be no more than his Base Attack Bonus.

    Dodge - Each turn, Joshua may pick a foe and gain a +1 to AC in dodging that foe's attacks.

    Mobility - Joshua gets a +4 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity caused when he moves in or out of said areas. If his DEX Modifier isn't usable (ie, he's flat-footed), he doesn't get this +4 to AC.

    Diehard - ...I think we know what this does by now. :P

    [FREE Feats]

    Weapon Focus - Joshua gets a +1 to all Attack Rolls involving any type of swords.

    Weapon Specialization - Joshua gets +2 to damage rolls if they involve sword-based attacks.

    Joshua's skills consist of Appraise, Balace, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim and Use Rope.

    C-Appraise - 3
    C-Balance - 5
    C-Bluff - 5
    C-Climb - 5
    C-Diplomacy - 4
    C-Gather Information
    C-Heal - 5
    C-Hide - 4
    C-Jump - 4
    C-Listen - 5
    C-Move Silently - 3
    C-Search - 5
    C-Sense Motive - 4
    C-Spot - 5
    C-Survival - 3
    C-Swim - 3
    C-Use Rope - 1

    He gets 4+4 x 4 = 32 + 4 + 24 = 60 Skill points.


    Stick To What You Know - Joshua is restricted to using one-handed swords with two hands. In exchange, he gets Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization for one-handed swords of all types for free.

    Not Exactly Healthy Living - Joshua automatically gets a 6(5, actually.) with his HP die roll. However, he DOES NOT get to add his CON modifier to this total.

    Can't Quite Catch Up - Every 4th Level, where everyone may add +1 to an Attribute, Joshua cannot do so.

    And Then Joshua Was A GM - ...Unless Joshua reaches Level 20, don't worry about this one. <_<


    THE MUNCHKIN GENE - If Joshua rolls a Failure, he may roll again. Regardless of the result, he must take this second roll, for better or worse. (Although if he rolls a 20, he doesn't get a Critical Hit on an attack.)

    Fleet, But Frail - Joshua gains a bonus +2 to his AC, however, he gets 1 less HP every time he levels up.

    Asperger's Syndrome (Modified) - Joshua gets a +4 to a skill of his choice that ignores the Level Cap. However, he suffers a -3 penalty to Sense Motive and Diplomacy checks.

    LUCKY BASTARD - Joshua gains a further +4 to his AC. Although as, a result, he takes a permanent -2 penalty to Diplomacy & Gather Information checks, and a -2 circumstance penalty to Disguise checks since people his luck doesn't extend to people skills or dressing up.

    Comfort Object - Joshua kind of needs his DSi to feel secure in this world (or anywhere else, really). Any time he tries to sleep without it, must make a Will save (DC 10 + half his CHA Modifier) or be fatigued the next day due to a restless night. This fatigue stacks and may result in exhaustion if combined with another fatigue factor. Also, if the object in question is taken away mid-battle, he enters 1d3 rounds of panic. ...He gets one Feat of his Choice for this flaw.

    Verbal Tic - Joshua must speak and act pretty much like his player does. If he fails to do so, horrible...things will happen to him. But funny ones, too. He gets a Feat for this.

    Acrophobia - Basically, See this link. Joshua gets another feat, yup.

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    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Re: Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    Post by Kris on Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:44 am

    Name: Kristofer Raglan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Height/Weight/Age: 5'11/152 lbs./32 years
    Race: Human
    Class: Wizard

    STR: 14+[+2]
    DEX: 19+[+4]
    CON: 20+[+5]
    INT: 23+[+6]
    WIS: 17+[+3]
    CHA: 14+[+2]

    HP: 31
    AC: (14)=10+[+4]

    Fort: (6)=[+5]+{+1}
    Reflex: (5)=[+4]+{+1}
    Will: (7)=[+3]+{+4}

    Movement speed:30 ft

    Other: Specialization: Illusion
    Schools forfeit: Necromancy, Conjuration

    Illusion Mastery variant
    Bonuses: +2 Illusions to spellbook upon gaining a new spell level; all illusion spells are mastered automatically
    Costs: No bonus to maximum illusion spells cast per day

    Skills (All skills listed are class skills):

    Concentration 7
    Craft 4
    Decipher Script 7
    --Arcana 4
    --Architecture/Engineering 4
    --Dungeoneering 4
    --Geography 4
    --History 4
    --Local 4
    --Psionics 3
    --The planes 4
    Profession 5
    Spellcraft 7


    Scribe Scroll: Able to write scrolls
    Summon Familiar: Exactly what it sounds like
    Etch Rune: Same as Scribe Scroll, but anyone can activate it, regardless of prerequisites
    Eschew Materials: Material components worth 1 gp or less are no longer needed for the target spell


    1) Ghost-warped:First time I take damage from an incorpereal attack, character needs to make a Will save (DC=12+1/2 creature's HD) or have part of the body become incorpereal. Body part effected is decided with a d6.
    Hands: 1,2 - Cannot manipulate objects, but gain an incorpereal touch attack (deals unarmed strike damage+half Charisma modifier)
    Feet: 3,4 - Land speed drops 10 ft, but gains feather fall until incorpereal status ends
    Body: 5,6 - -4 AC corpereal attacks, +4 AC incorpereal attacks
    All effects last 2d4 rounds, after which character is staggered for one round
    Bonus: 1 Feat

    (Stars represent bonus spells due to the variant chosen)
    (Plus signs mean the spell is an illusion)

    1) +*Color Spray
    2) Magic Missile
    3) +*Magic Aura
    4) +*Ventriloquism
    5) +*Hypnotic pattern
    6) +*Invisibility
    7) +*Misdirection
    8) +*Mirror Image
    9) +*Minor Image
    10)Endure Elements
    11)+Phantasmal Assailants
    13)Floating Disk
    14)Magic Weapon
    15)Flaming Sphere
    17)Continual Flame
    18)+Claws of Darkness
    22)Spider Climb

    Spells per day:
    0 - 4
    1 - 5 (3+2)
    2 - 4 (2+2)

    Starting gold: 90 gp
    Starting gear: Butterfly knife (Masterwork steel dagger - 1d4+1, one handed), grey cloak (no bonus), grey robe (no bonus)

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    Character sheet
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    Character 3 Name:

    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Re: Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    Post by Irene on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:53 am

    Name: Iron Amy
    Class: Cleric
    Level: 4
    Race: Warforged
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Size: Medium
    Age: 5
    Gender: Female(personality)
    Height: 4 Feet
    Weight: 260 pounds
    Eyes: Pink
    Hair: None
    Skin: Silver Ironwood

    -Ability Scores-

    Strength: (17)[+3]
    Dexterity: (14)[+2]
    Constitution: (15)[+2]
    Intelligence: (12)[+1]
    Wisdom: (18)[+4]
    Charisma: (19)[+4]

    Hit Points: 32 Current HP: 32
    Armor Class: 17 [10]+[3]+[2]+[2] (Additional +4 against Attack of Opportunity(s))
    Touch Armor Class: 17
    Flat-Footed Armor Class: 15
    Speed: 20 Feet Nonlethal Damage: DR: 2/Slashing
    Initiative: 6 [2]+[4]

    Fortitude: 6 [4]+[2]
    REflext: 3 [1]+[2]
    Will: 8 [4]+[4]
    Base Attack Bonus: 3
    Spell Resistance: 0
    Grapple: 7 [3]+[4]

    Slam Attack: 7 to hit/1d4+3 Damage/20x2 Critical/Bludgeoning
    Thunder Warhammer: 8 to Hit/1d8+4/19-20x3 Critical/Bludgeoning
    Thunder Shot(Warhammer special): Requires Warhammer to hit/1d4 Damage/
    Give up spell slot to use(starts at 0, higher spell slots increases the die)

    7/2.5 Ranks
    Skill Name/Skill Mod/Ability Mod/Ranks/Misc
    Appraise(Untrained): 1 [1]+[0]
    Balance(Untrained): -3 [2]+[0]+[-5]
    Bluff(Untrained): 4 [4]+[0]
    Climb(Untrained): -2 [3]+[0]+[-5]
    Concentration(Trained): 6 [2]+[4]
    Diplomacy(Trained): 7 [3]+[4]
    Disguise(Untrained): 4 [4]+[0]
    Escape Artist(Untrained): -3 [2]+[0]+[-5]
    Forgery(Untrained): 1 [1]+[0]
    Gather Information(Untrained) 4 [4]+[0]
    Heal(Trained): 8 [4]+[4]
    Hide(Untrained): -3 [2]+[0]+[-5]
    Intimidate(Untrained): 4 [4]+[0]
    Jump(Untrained): -2 [3]+[0]+[-5]
    Knowledge[History](Trained) 4 [1]+[3]
    Listen(Cross-Class Trained): 6 [4]+[2]
    Move Silently(Untrained): -3 [2]+[0]+[-5]
    Ride(Untrained): 2 [2]+[0]
    Search(Cross-Class Trained): 3 [1]+[2]
    Sense Motive(Untrained): 4 [4]+[0]
    Spot(Cross-Class Trained): 6 [4]+[2]
    Survival(Untrained): 4 [4]+[0]
    Swim(Untrained): -2 [3]+[0]+[-5]
    Use Rope(Untrained): 2 [2]+[0]


    IronWood Body: Armor/3 AC/Max 4 Dex
    Cannot be removed/20% Spell Failure

    H. Wooden Shield: Shield/2 AC/Armor Check -2
    15% Spell Failure/10 lbs.

    Other Possessions:
    Backpack: 2 Pounds
    Holy Symbol, Silver: 1 Pounds
    Cleric's Vestments: 6 Pounds
    Total Weight: 19 Pounds(Armor is natural weight)
    18 Gold

    Dodge: +1 AC against foe during 1 round
    Mobility: +4 AC against all Attacks of Opportunities(as long as not flat-footed)
    Unarmed Strike: Unarmed Moves can do Lethal Damage
    Ironwood Body: -3 AC Penalty, DR 2/Slashing, +3 AC/Light Armor
    Improved Initiative: +4 Initiative Modifier
    Martial Weapon Proficiency: Warhammer
    Turn Undead: 7 times per day
    Spontaneous Casting: Turn any spells into appropriate Heal/Hurt spell.

    Chronological Dyslexia: 22 Intelligence Check to remember time and place. Failure confuses her.
    Ditzy: -2 on all Int checks. Can make a DC 15 Int check to use out of game ideas in-game.
    Sturdy Construct: Does not breathe, eat, drink(can consume potions), cannot be Poisoned, Nauseated, Fatigued, Exhausted, Energy Drained, or put to Sleep.
    Artifical LIfe: Only heals half from magical healing.(non-magical abilities heal full. Repair Spell heals full.)

    Spells per Day:
    6 Level 0
    4 Level 1
    3 Level 2
    1 Domain spell each
    Languages: Common

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    Character sheet
    Character 1 Name: Roland
    Character 2 Name: Mordecai
    Character 3 Name: Lilith

    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Re: Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:16 am

    Name: Roland
    Height/Weight/Age: 6'1/90kg/30
    Race: Human.
    Class: 'Mercanary'/Fighter.
    Alignment: True Neutral


    STR: (15)[+2]
    DEX: (20)[+5]
    CON: (24)[+7]
    INT: (19)[+4]
    WIS: (16)[+3]
    CHA: (17)[+3]

    HP:58 HP


    Move-Speed: 30ft. 20 while wearing Heavy Armor.

    Scale-Mail - +4AC, ACP -4, Movement 20ft.

    Maliwan Defiler - 2d4, 30ft range, (Elemental damage chosen for that round.), Proc-Shot 3d6. Enemy must make a Fortitude/DC save of D15 or suffer a -2AC penalty for three rounds. Can only be used once every 6 rounds. 6 shots before reload.

    Atlas Ogre - 3d6 damage x3, second and third 'attack' suffer a -2 and -4 penalty to hit, people 5ft away need to make a reflex save or take 1d4 damage. Ogre, 50 rounds. 40ft.

    S&S Orion - 2d10 damage. 80ft range. Cannot attack the following turn if he fires a shot from this gun.

    Gear: Pretty much the essentials. Backpack, sleeping back, food...starts with ZERO Gold.


    Roland has the same skills as Sun's character, so check there. Roland gets 6x4 = 24 + 18 = 42 Skill Points. He gets 6 Skill points on every level.
    Unique Feats

    Shields Up! - Roland, like Z-082 gets shields, which absorb 6 points of damage before going out. Once damage to the shields has been taken, it takes 3 rounds to charge back up, regardless if they're depleted or not.

    Second Wind - When Roland hits 0 HP, he may make one attack at a -3 Penalty. If his attack kills a target, he goes back to 3 HP and can keep fighting. Fail, and he's down for the count.

    Scorpio Turret: Once per battle, twice a day, Roland can deploy a Scorpio Turret that automatically fires at enemies. This has a reach of 20ft and the target is decided by the GM. Deals 2d6 damage on a hit. Lasts 3 rounds.

    TIER ONE: At Level 2, Roland may pick one of the following Feats for free.

    Impact - Adds +2 damage to any of Roland's bullet-based attacks.
    Sentry - The Scorpio Turret is increased to 3d6 damage.

    Defense - Roland's shields start recharging in two turns and fully in 3 turns instead of 4. (Although, if he's hit while they're recharging, the charge is canceled and he takes damage as normal)
    Stockpile - When Roland uses his Ammo-Creation ability, the amount of ammo created becomes 2d10 instead of 1d12.

    Fitness - Roland gets an extra +2 HP on each level-up.
    Aid-Station - Allies standing near the Scorpio Turret (10ft away) regain 1d6 HP.

    TIER TWO - When Roland reaches Level 5, if he has a Feat selected in Infantry/Support/Medic, he may take a Feat from this list as long as it's in that category, otherwise, he may take another feat from Tier 1.

    Metal Storm - Killing an Enemy (does not apply to Second Wind kills) means next round, if Roland is using a 'Burst' weapon, he may fire one extra shot at a -3 penalty.

    Barrage - The Scorpio Turret can target one additional enemy each round.

    Overload - Each of Roland's weapons can hold 1(for .45 Magnum and Defiler)/2(for the Orion and Hellfire) bullets.

    TIER THREE - When Roland reaches Level 8 (and from then on, Level 11, 14, 17 & 20), he may pick a skill from Tier 3, provided he picked the skills from the two tiers below it.

    Assault - See Overload. This effect stacks with Overload, giving +2 & +4 bullets.

    Deploy - Roland can deploy the Scorpio Turret one extra time a day, for a total of 3 times a day.

    Grit - Roland takes 1 less point of damage from ranged attacks.

    Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort

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    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Re: Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

    Post by Lord Voldemort on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:31 am

    Name: Aurora DiFresca
    Height/Weight/Age: 176cm/65kg/24
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class: Rouge/Sorcerer
    Race: Human

    STR: (10)
    DEX: (24)[+7]
    CON: (13)[+1]
    INT: (19)[+4]
    WIS: (15)[+2]
    CHA: (21)[+5]



    Movement Speed: 30ft

    No Armor.
    Shortspear - 1d6 Critx2, Range 20ft, one hand, piercing, 3lb.
    Light Crossbow - 1d8, Crit 19-20/x2, range 80ft, 4lbs, piercing.
    60 Gold

    Backpack with waterskin, 1 day trail rations, bedroll, sack, flint & steel, hooded lantern, 5 pints of oil, spell component pouch.

    ...You get two feats of your choice. That's it. Too bad you multiclassed. :P

    Well, okay, you get from two levels of Rogue...

    Sneak Attack - Add 1d6 to a Sneak Attack.

    Evasion - See Neon's Character for more.

    (Feats Chosen)

    Silent Spell: Spells no longer need to be said aloud to be cast.

    Empower Spell: All damage roll dice are upped by 50%, so 2d4 becomes 3d4, 4d4 becomes 6d4 and so on.

    Spell Penetration - Aurora gains a +2 bonus on Caster checks to overcome Spell Resistance. This stacks with...

    Greater Spell Penetration - Which ups the bonus from +2 to +4.

    Overconfident - If Aurora is ever challenged to an act or to battle, she must make a Will save (DC 15 + character level) to back down. Failure means she suffers -2 penalty to all rolls and checks due to personal embarrassment.

    This penalty is cumulative and will last until she/the group successfully defeat whatever issued the fight. by that caused the penalty. These penalties are negated during a challenge.

    Archaeophilia - Aurora is 'somewhat' obsessed with ancient artifacts and major relics of all types. When encountering such an item, she character must succeed at a will save (DC 10 + half character's level + the item's ego score) or become fascinated by the object for 1d4 rounds. Whenever she tries to destroy said artifact, she must make the same save or will be unable to destroy it.

    Should she be reponsible for it's destruction, sees or hears about it, she will suffer a Morale Penalty for all actions for 1d6 days, although a successful Will save halves this time.

    Also, certain factors will make the Will Save easier/harder.

    (Easier, so the overall DC is lessened.)
    Take 4 from the 'Item Ego Score' per level of difference in alignment. So, Lawful Evil would be -8.
    Take 20 from the check if it caused some catastrophe in the past which Aurora would refuse to let it happen again.
    Take 1 from the check for every hit points of damage she's received as a result of the item.
    Take 5 to the check for every friend or ally the item has caused the death of.

    Add 10 to the DC if possession of this item intact would allow Aurora to achieve some private goal. This is increased to +20 if the task is impossible without this item.
    Add 5 from the roll for every friend or ally who has been revived by the item.
    About Spells

    Okay, you're a sorcerer, so you don't need to memorize spells. BUT, you can only know FIVE Level 0 Spells and TWO Level 1 Spells. You cannot change them once you've chosen them unless you change it for another spell on Sorcerer Level 4/6/8/10/ect.

    Do note you get 1 extra Level 1 spell of your choice if you level up your sorcerer class again.

    At the moment, you can cast Level 0 spells 6 times a day and Level 1 spells 4 times a day.

    And Because of your high Charisma score, you get two extra Level 1 Casts a day (taking it up to 6 casts), along with 1 extra cast of Lvl 2, 3, 4 & 5 (but you don't learn those level of spells for quite some time.)
    Spells Chosen:

    Level 0: Fleeting Flame, Silent Portal, Read Magic, Detect Poison, Ghost Sound

    Level 1: Ice Dagger, Shock & Awe.


    What Those Spells DO

    Level 0:

    Fleeting Flame - Gives a +2 bonus on one Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check
    Silent Portal - Negates the sound made from a door/window opening.
    Read Magic - Can Read Scrolls/Spellbooks.
    Detect Poison - Can Detect Poison in an Object/Person.
    Ghost Sound - Makes a Sound to Distract Opponents.

    Level 1:

    Ice Dagger - Deals 1d4 per caster level, so... deals 2d4 Ice Damage over an area of 10 feet/1 tile
    Shock & Awe - Deduct -4 from a Surprised Creature's Initative Rolls.

    EXTRA Stuff/Unique Feats.

    Princess of Winter: Aurora's offensive (as in damage dealing) spells are limited to ones dealing Ice Damage. As such, all damage dealt from said spells gets +3 points.

    Dragonborn: Aurora gains +2 Damage and Attack rolls against Draconic foes. Also, this character is able to perform 'Dragon Shouts'.

    Dragon Shouts: Using this as her combat action, Aurora can perform one of the Shouts she knows. The user cannot perform Shouts the following round and can only shout 3 times a day.

    FUS-RO-DAH!: A shout. Range of 30ft in any direction. The target must make a DC/Fortitude Save of 30, if they fail, they take 2d6 per two character levels (starts at 4d6, capped at 12d6), are thrown back 50 feet and cannot hear for 5 rounds. Saving means they take half-damage rounded down and are thrown back 25 feet.

    Also, should there be another enemy/person in their 'flight' path, they must make a Reflex save or get hit and sent flying as well to take half-damage.



    C-Balance(DEX)# 3
    C-Bluff(CHA) 7
    C-Climb(STR)# 5
    C-Decipher Script(INT)* 5
    C-Diplomacy(CHA) 5
    C-Disguise(CHA) 3
    C-Escape Artist(DEX)# 5
    C-Gather Information(CHA) 5
    C-Hide(DEX)* 5
    C-Intimidate(CHA) 3
    C-Jump(STR)# 5
    Knowledge(Anatomy of humanoids and Dragons)(INT)* 3
    C-Knowledge(Arcana)(INT)* 5
    Knowledge(Economics, Trading, etc)(INT)* 3
    C-Move Silently(DEX)# 5
    C-Open Lock(DEX)* 1
    C-Perform(Violin)(CHA)* 4
    C-Profession(Cook)(WIS)* 3
    C-Sense Motive(WIS) 2
    C-Sleight of Hand(DEX)*# 2
    C-Spellcraft(INT)* 5
    C-Spot(WIS) 1
    Survival(WIS) 3
    Swim(STR)# 3
    C-Tumble(DEX)*# 5
    C-Use Magic Device(CHA)* 5

    Languages(an INT modifier of +4 means four languages, yes?): Common, Dwarf, Draconic, Bear

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    Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin' Empty Re: Character Sheets for 'Mysteries of the Arcane Ruin'

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