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    Works of Humanity, Laws of Robotics


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    Works of Humanity, Laws of Robotics

    Post by Hat on Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:43 pm

    As Lyle rode his bike up the tall hill, wiping his auburn hair out of his face, he wondered about the same thing he does every time he rides the hill to the weird house, 'Why don't they replace the paper boys with robots? It'd be more efficient.' He knew the answer though.

    He asked the manager about that very thing about three weeks after he got the job, a couple years ago, right before middle school had ended.

    "Lyle," the middle aged man said, as he was handing him the papers, "have you seen the price of fuel? We don't get enough orders to pay for the purchase of a robot and fuel them. If it wasn't for those people who live in the outskirts that get rashes from wireless allergies, we'd have to shut down."

    The teenager sighed as he peddled up the hill. He'd been doing this job for 3 years, and the hill never got easier. He was quite pleased with the ride down, though. There was only one house and it was a dead end, so it was not really worth the effort if it wasn't for the ride back down the hill.

    Lyle grinned a bit as the house started to come into view. It was large, and looked old, but he could see lots of lights, and maybe a bit of chrome inside. It wouldn't be very interesting, if it wasn't for the mailbox. He swore the thing was as smart as a human, even though that wasn't possible. He'd always chat with it, but mostly it was just it ranting about being stuck outside and having to collect the mail and newspaper. And how much he hates the house owner. Lyle could never tell if it was programmed that way, or if punks hacked it to make it act that way. It was full of spite, and a couple times he came to find it still had the mail from the previous day, telling how he was going to use the stuff as leverage to get a better spot. When Lyle came back the next day the mailbox was painted with pink hearts and it was grumpier than ever.

    The previous day the mail box still had the mail and newspaper, so he was wondering what the (probably) lonely old man that (probably) lived in the house would do in revenge.

    He was pretty surprised when he reached the top of the hill and next to the mailbox was a red headed girl in a private school uniform. He peddled up to her and the mailbox and stopped the bike, his thoughts interrupted by the mailbox.

    "Apparently the old man doesn't trust my mailboxing abilities," the mailbox beeped.

    "Maybe if you did you job and didn't keep trying to do some extortion on Dad, or whatever, I wouldn't have to be here to exact justice," the girl humphed, looking a bit peeved.

    "Wait, Dad?" Lyle cocked his head to the side.

    "Yeah, my Dad asked me to get the paper. You the paper boy?" the girl asked as she looked at him. Lyle would bet if his little sister saw her eyes, she'd say she was "tsundere" like one of her "Annie-Mays". She'd also punch him for calling it an "Annie-May".

    "U-Uh, yeah, I am. I'm Lyle," he said with his best smile as he hands her a paper, "What school do you go to? I go to Herald High."

    "My name is Ran. And I don't go to school, Dad says I'd probably get kicked out in the first day for setting something on fire. Which is a totally stupid assumption."

    "Yeah, that does sound like it wouldn't happen," Lyle nodded, as he wondered why her father, who he has never seen, would think she'd even set something on fire.

    "I know! Seriously, who'd kick someone out just because of a little fire? Fire is justice!" she announced, which quickly shut Lyle up.

    "You two done flirting? The boy has a job to do," the mailbox interjected as Lyle jumped, having forgotten about the rogue box.

    "Tch, shut up, or I'll give you some nice burn marks."

    "Um, right, I'll just be leaving, then," Lyle said quickly as he turned his bike around and started to leave.

    "Oh yeah, one more thing!" Ran shouted before Lyle could fully escape, "I'll be back tomorrow as well. This is kinda going to be my job, so, see ya tomorrow!" she stated cheerfully waved Lyle goodbye.

    The boy adjusted his hoodie as he coasted down the hill, wondering what else about his assumptions about the inhabitants of the houses he visits were wrong.

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