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    Things the Students in HSAU are not allowed to do


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    Things the Students in HSAU are not allowed to do

    Post by Hat on Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:26 am


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    Re: Things the Students in HSAU are not allowed to do

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:33 am

    1. Mitch is not allowed to shoot any threats unless you ask a teacher first.
    1.1 Amend that: Mitch is not allowed to shoot anything except targets.

    2. Caboose is not allowed to use any technology of a complexity level greater than what a third-grader would be interested in.
    2.1 We will not condone a database wipe, even if it was an accident.

    3. Scorch, if your explosive's firepower is measured in kilotons, detonation is not allowed.
    3.1 We gave you that section of the desert to use as an explosives range, not a nuclear testing ground.

    4. Tela is not allowed to imitate Darth Vader utilizing custom armor from Liara, a custom helmet from Liara, a katana painted blue, and biotics.
    4.1 "Force Choking" people will result in arrest.
    4.2 You were lucky to get three straight detentions in a row as is, and that was because Caboose forgives easily.
    8-Bit Wren

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    Re: Things the Students in HSAU are not allowed to do

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:49 pm

    Well, considering I've got a sizable cast of characters and things to do...and what not to do, ah, what the heck. At the moment, I've only got rules for two of my own characters. ...But there's quite a ew.
    1. Wren.

    1.1 - Don't wangst. Especially considering things are actually going well now.
    =Exception=: Of course, provided it is appropriate, ANGST is acceptable. Most of the time.

    1.2 - Try to avoid going to the roof. Unless some flying girl decides to crash into you, probably repeating that whole love-triangle nonsense again, YOU'RE NOT going to find anyone up there.
    =Exception=: Although, if you DO have someone with you and want to do some sort of character growth that isn't romantic, it is probably acceptable.

    1.3 - That said, TRY to seek out someone in particular. If you see your friends, you don't need to wangst about never seeing them. Having friends WILL help you get over any possible future break-downs.

    1.4 - You've got computer and medical skills. The one in charge of the 'Nurse's Office' is occasionally a VET. Do the maths. If you can't find someone to interact with, that's probably a good idea of a place to go.

    1.5 - If you're going to do 'Basement Crawling' (i.e, exploring more floors beneath the school) again, try to take someone with you.

    1.6 - ...Never under ANY circumstances use your incredible prowess over technology to mess with the school's security system/whatever. That WILL go on your permanant record.
    =Exceptio- ...Wait a minute, NO!
    2. -Selve-

    2.1 - Try to think quicker and pause a bit less. People aren't exactly going to hurt you for speaking your mind, you know.
    =EXCEPTION=: ...Unless, of course, you know, the comment in question would likely result in getting yelled at/physically hurt.

    2.2 - Don't go over your backstory. You don't want to wangst like the character above you, ya know.
    =Exception=: Of course, if people do ask, leave out some details. You don't remember everything. At least not yet.

    2.3 - Try not to crash into the same person. Sure, being with someone IS good, but you don't want your existance to seem like it's revolving around one and ONLY one character. Vary it up a bit.

    2.4 - You've got MAGIC. Sure, nothing 'legendary', but use it once in a while to show that you ARE special.

    2.5 -
    Keep the fact Selve isn't actually your REAL name under wraps. Okay, so it's not exactly much of a revelation, but, hey.

    2.6 - At times, be smarter than you let on. You ARE an Other of Wren, remember. Or at least, kind of.

    2.7 - Occasionally talk about your family. Because, well, you ARE the only character that has a 'stable' and happy family. Kinda.

    ...More to be added later~.

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    Re: Things the Students in HSAU are not allowed to do

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