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    Random Side-Fic for HSAU.

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    Random Side-Fic for HSAU. Empty Random Side-Fic for HSAU.

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:44 am

    ...Just something I've been working on to flesh out HSAU!Wren's backstory. ...Do be warned that this will get considerably darker in the second half. Anywya, enjoy.
    You slumped down against the door to your cabin...confused. Afraid. Unsure what to do. But considering that you expected had no-one really to blame but yourself for how things ended up. You stood. You were strong enough to overcome this simple you lost your chance at happiness. You could still bounce back and keep smiling. But the fact you'd screwed up...that you'd failed to keep it was weighing down on your shoulders.

    You winced, but continued to stand. Alarm bells were ringing in your ears, but you'd drowned them out. You'd gotten used to how bad things had gotten, especially considering your life had always been near rock-bottom had and merely stood in your cabin, giving that weak smile. It wasn't like someone had died. You weren't dead. Your friends were still here. You just...

    ...But finally feel your body protesting, screaming as pain begins searing through your entire body as you cough. That familiar flavour fills your mouth...that horrible taste of blood and a sense of dread as you feel IT coming back. You continue to wheeze, your vision going red as the crimson splashes against the floor of the cabin.

    That...decay...disease, coursing through your veins. Something you'd defeated...yet it had clearly come back. Your body was screaming out in pain. But you continue to struggle against the agony, blindly reaching out for something...anything to help keep yourself upright. To collapse would mean that you'd die.

    You swore you could hear someone's voice...a cold, voice that yelled at you, but it was blurred...distorted. Who was it...? You couldn't tell. But there seemed to be some annoyance...yet a small amount of concern. But you wouldn't lose to this relapse. You were strong. You wouldn't give in. But why did you fight? No-one was going to come and save you.

    For a moment...there's a small feeling of...ease. Of clarity. Finally realizing the obvious facts. You were able to breathe instead of coughing up crimson, being able to see instead of being blinded by the painful haze...but it didn't last. You were forced to struggle again, but this time...something gave way. Your heart. Your mind. It had more sense to realize that any more struggle would've been in vein.

    More crimson. More blood falls from your mouth and splashes against the floor as you fall to your knees, yet you continue to continue your futile struggle to keep yourself from falling completely...but in the end, it's pointless. You manage to roll on your back, coughing, wheezing, your vision beginning to dim.

    For a small moment, you see a flicker of movement. A figure standing over you...dressed in uniform and a red glove. You feel yourself sitting upright for an instant, seeing...someone with your face staring back at you, looking miserable and apologetic.

    ...And then...nothing but a chasm of darkness welcomed you. You fell into the murky depths where there was no light. No source of radiance. Nothing except the darkness, despite something stirring from the furthest parts of your memories. ...Did you...dream? Or merely recall something you'd forgotten...?

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