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    The Derp Chronicles: A Tale of Romance and Intrigue.


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    The Derp Chronicles: A Tale of Romance and Intrigue. Empty The Derp Chronicles: A Tale of Romance and Intrigue.

    Post by Hilarity on Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:05 am

    Trigger McHappy was really pissed today. Despite his best efforts, there were still many traces of life to be found within a one million mile radius. "Bullets bullets bullets," he mused to himself as he shot his 70 billion millimeter murder machine at everything around him for having the gall to be alive. Then, he suddenly got struck by lightning and turned into Eridan, and was promptly massacred by the Omnipasta, a flavorful dish that draws it's powers from everywhere, even if it doesn't make any sense. The Omnipasta then killed the entire Anime Villains Leauge by blinking. I guess they were villains or something, but nobody cares cause they're dumb- OH SHIT THE 4TH WULL BE BROKEN AND NAO DA BITCH TRIO IS UPON US. Birdcastle, Featherface, and Lambchops all said mysterious things mysteriously and then realized they had no idea why they were in the story to begin with.


    "VRISKA," Nichole shouted at the top of her lungs, "PLZ BE MAI WAIFU". And then Vriska was all "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???????? I WANT MY LUSUS ::::|." Everyone was saddened, and by everyone I mean Lemurian. Then he started making out with the plot and everyone was way too creeped out. And then Max started making out with a dragon, signalling a new low for-

    And then we got back on track with the plot, which was really epic because HOLY SHIT THE UNIVERSE IS IN DANGER AGAIN BY OVERLORD FUDGESICLE, WHATEVER WILL WE DO- oh wait, the Omnipasta killed him.

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