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    We Are Our Epic Avatars: Heroes Of The Multiverse Yay! :D


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    We Are Our Epic Avatars: Heroes Of The Multiverse Yay! :D Empty We Are Our Epic Avatars: Heroes Of The Multiverse Yay! :D

    Post by Etheru on Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:46 am

    here is my fic, it is my first time tbut it hin,k i did a good job
    At ONe point there saw this group of people s that traveled the Multiverse, they had great advtners and talked like friends and it was peaceful.

    ut then! An evil robot like Dart Vaderp, Hatchiyayaick, and Bassss, named GDV-BIV came to the group and said "I WILL TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE BWAWHAHAHAET" and disappeard.

    Mega Man said "we must stop them" to which Base just slappedh im on the forehead saying "not our business", but was vetoed anyway bay Luca, Garcie, some guy form the persona games, and Gordon Froachman.

    They used the Phaaze distorbler, but then it immediately blwe up, sabotatged by GDV-BIV, Forke said "figurs" to which Lambdadelta got him a deth glare.

    They used portal from GLaDOS to go and find GDV-BIV, and fought hundreds of mooks, to which the token family was punching them in a fur, refusing to back down, and when they finally met GDV-BIV, he said "I WILL TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME", to which Luka asked "Why do you want to take over Heroverse?", and GDV-BIV explod because he didn't know.

    Afterward, they had a dance party in giantsville and then Etru went on stage and asked "why did tej joke end?", to which everyone asked "why?", and Etr, said "BECUZ STORY IS OVER" They loled.

    The End... OR IS IT?
    btw, feel free to make sequals!

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