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    The Letter Empty The Letter

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:50 am

    To: Mr. and Mrs. Lumiere
    From: [CLASSIFIED]
    Subject: A Friend

    Hello there. I cannot tell you my name, for that is classified information provided on a need-to-know basis, and you of all people are the people that deserve to know the least.

    This is about a friend of mine. You know him as Wren Lumiere. I know him as my bro. He is a very good friend, and I met him in my last year of high school, keeping in touch with him for the past little while. We're practically brothers at his point: he's the non-violent side, but I digress.

    You did very well in raising him, I'll give you that. But that was before... you performed things that fucking shocked me. I'm not going to divulge just what you did, but it involved that disease. The name fails me, but it basically causes someone to shut down and die. The implants and cold temperatures are helping. He's living a fine and happy life now. With me. We're not married or anything, don't worry about that. You used him as a fucking human guinea pig, and did shit that I know about. It disgusts me, and you picked a very smart move to disown him.

    Don't come back for him. Never come back for him. Don't decide you want to do more experiments with him, sneak in at the dead of night, and try to take him. Don't decide that since he's your son, he is automatically your responsibility, whether he likes it or not. You abandoned him, and like fuck am I or his other friends letting him go back.

    Don't try to take him. Don't even think about it. Don't try to kill me either. If you attempt to take Wren, I will know. He lives with me. Don't even think about killing me: I know all the pressure points on somebody's body to kill somebody. Five kinds of CQC, over 200 weapons and that's not counting improv. I kill mercenaries, terrorists, and trained elite military soldiers every day, for a living. I am a Ghost, and you cannot kill a Ghost. You don't see one either. Fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Fuck with me, and a Ghost will be the last thing you see.

    In short, don't try to take Wren back. Because if you try, I'll know. And if you succeed, good luck stopping me from taking him back and killing you and every last man you hire to keep me from getting him. I'll get him. Your men are small fries compared to what I kill every single day. All your money won't be able to stop me.


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