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    Un-named project questions.


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    Un-named project questions.

    Post by Imca on Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:07 am

    I had the idea today to try to run an RPG version of my game I am making, I am sort of expecting it to fail because it slides to the more serious end of the spectrum, it does have some crazy stuff in it but is general more twords the serious end.

    Any way, I thought I would start a questions thread first, since it would be dumb to start any thing with people blind... I will start with some general questions and there answers, feel free to ask what you want.

    1. What Genera is this : Sci-Fi

    2. Is there a race restriction : Yes... sorry but for ease of interaction, and due to the size of the galaxy : Terran Alliance, if enough people express interest I may open up some of the races closer to the Terran Alliance, but the problem is space is big, and you would be unable to interact right away as other races.

    3. Serious or wacky : Twords the serious end, but not completely into the singularity of OMG every one is doomed... general a bit less serious then the final game too.

    4. What is our mode of transport/home base thing : An unnamed Class 4 ship, you can name it later.

    5. What the heck is a Class 4 ship : Ships in this universe go by Classes, not the regular system the lower the number the bigger the ship Class 7 is the smallest that humans have, a heavy fighter. Class 3 is about a heavy cruiser, largest ships to enter atmosphere. Class 1 is a battle ship, heaviest. There are rumors of Class 0 titian, but those are bi enough they can't possibly exist can they. Wink

    6. Are there aliens : No that would be silly.... actually yes there is, but for the most part humanity does not know they exist, that's what exploration is for.

    7. Why are you doing this if your game is not done : World building is done, it is all Sprites Implementation, and coding left... oh and a name Strategic RPG 1 does not have a good ring to it does it...

    8. So does that mean we can have an impact on the universe : Possibly, depending how this thing goes, I may splice some of it into my canon, good characters might make a cameo as well if I ever get done. The reason this is not a total yes, is there are somethings I want to do that would overight things the player does in my game, and well general to prevent the need of a total canon reset I hope you understand.

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