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    What It Means To Be A Soldier.

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    What It Means To Be A Soldier. Empty What It Means To Be A Soldier.

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Wed May 25, 2011 5:58 pm

    Well, considering Sparty decided to do something involving HSAU!Mitch graduating, I may as well write one of my students graduating. Now, since I'm STILL unsure what'll happen to HSAU!Wren...well, try to guess who this is post-HSAU!
    ...A warzone. It wasn't exactly the most hospitable of places considering that it's easy to see there's nowhere to hide as the scorched soil would prove far too hard to dig through, any form of green had obviously been reduced to ash long ago and had been blown away in the wind...a truly desolate place...the only two buildings which stood were at least twenty miles apart.

    Which is precisely why it'd make the perfect battle-field for another senseless war. A warmongering race...which was basically identical to humanity in appearance and language from another planet had come to take over the Earth. Their reason was merely to turn it into a world of conflict and battle and it had been made clear they had no intentions of peace, nor any sense of honour as all attempts at negotiation had ended in bloodshed and merely killed to further thier war-efforts.

    Moods were tense as there were also those who'd taken advantage of the confusion. Terrorists and others who simply made threats to slaughter countless people. Innocents, soldiers from either side...they didn't seem to care and it was quite clear that the military was already stretched thin...although, there was one thing many people were thankful for.

    This threat that had occurred that threatened everyone's way of life...the world's nations had united to form one army to fight off those who wanted to slaughter mankind. Racial comments and slurs had vanished completely, even among the civilians and non-combatants. Equality and respect for one another helped strengthen the army and the people through this difficult time.

    While this wasn't a full-scale army, two battalions from each side had begun fighting here. The Army of Earth had managed to fight enough to keep the warmongers at bay, yet the casualties were beginning to become apparent on either side. Their enemies had no qualms about using those who'd fallen as shields or simply hurl them at the soldiers with honour to distract them.

    The battle was pretty much locked in a stalemate as neither side could seem to push forward. While one side had the less honourable tactics and ruthlessness...while the other was more conserved and helping one another to make sure they'd live to another day. Of course, both seemed to be on the verge of deciding to employ riskier tactics.

    Amongst the conflict, a young man stood on the raging battle-field and discarded his sniper-rifle after felling a few of the enemies that were in his way. He looked out of place, considering he looked like he was barely eighteen, let alone twenty. His jet-black hair was a bit scruffy but for the most part, neatly groomed while his body seemed to be average in frame size, although he seemed to have plenty of muscle and strength despite it not showing.

    His attire was a very dark sapphire blue. In appearance, it seemed to be a mere blue jacket, long-sleeved shirt and trousers but there was more to it than that. It seemed to shimmer and the colour...moved as if the garments of clothing were alive. An interesting theory, yet the truth was far more simpler.

    "Y-You're taking to the field yourself, General...?! Planning to charge them...Don't be so reckless! The armor's still a prototype...! You could be riddled with bullets and without you, the battalion would fall apart! It's too much to deal with those who've decided to advance!!"

    The youth...the general turned to the soldier who was probably twice his age with the facial expression that hadn't changed. Calm, composed, unafraid of this current situation. It seemed that not even running through a warzone which would be riddled with bullets, grenades and other hazards fazed him.

    He remained silent for a moment before announcing that they should focus thier fire on those who were advancing, still

    "...I'm heading straight into enemy territory because it'll end this conflict sooner if I can capture those in charge. There are other regions that our efforts should be dedicated towards instead of this wasteland. Regardless, you'll have the authority to use heavy weaponry in either case. Push on and give them everything you've got, Terrance."

    The soldier nodded, somewhat surprised that the young man knew his name and gave a small salute in response as the general calmly sized the enemy's tactics one last time as he edged towards the battlefield...and broke into a sprint with agility that would've rivalled a famous runner's. He charged forwards past his allies whose morale seemed to improve greatly by thier commander's bravery (recklessness aside) and continued to fire rounds at the opposition...who was taken off-guard by the same action.

    Drawing two simple semi-automatic pistols mid-dash and opening fire at those in those in the way, he kept his cool as they finally managed to react, but not before many of the enemy soldiers had fallen from battalion and general's combined barrage of bullets. There was at least twenty who'd fallen, a fourth of those the general's efforts as he simply continued to dash past them, not focused on the enemies, but rather that other building in the distance, likely where whoever was in charge of this force was hiding.

    "Kill 'im, boys! Aim 'yer guns and KILL 'IM!!!"

    Of course, since some focused thier fire on the General, many more were felled as they were distracted to be easy targets for the battalion. Many of the bullets flew wild, while others either harrowingly missed the running figure...or simply collided with his clothes, only to be repelled by a small crackle of electricity and harmlessly fall to the ground as he pushed forwards to his destination, simply flinging his exaughsted weapons behind him to crash into two other enemy soldiers...before they exploded.

    He continued charging onwards, drawing attention of more enemies who were more heavily armed, but the General didn't stop, despite a rifle bolt which nearly hit him. Of course, he was smart enough to run from side to side in an effort to avoid fire and throw his enemies off as the building finally came into sight...surprisingly, lightly guarded. He stormed through the few guards, felling them with a few a well-placed shot to the vitals with startling accuracy that caused others to reel back in horror and were felled with one, fatal shot.

    ...Of course, inside the building...well, there was no-one there surprisingly. It was clear it had only hastily been put back online as it still appeared to have the appearance of barely being used. Stacked boxes, walls which were cracked and in serious need of repair. The lights flickered or weren't working at all which meant he needed to be careful. With one hand on a silenced and modified magnum which was designed to reduce the need for two hands and the massive recoil one would expect.

    Most of the rooms were empty...while others seemed to have horrible blood-stains on the wall. On closer revealed they were recent. Probably a week or so old...and it was crimson...which meant humans had been dragged here as these human-like foes bleed blue, where were the bodies?

    Simply deciding to leave it for the recon and search teams after they'd routed the enemy, the General pushed onwards with his search, finding the entire building was empty. Folding his arms and thinking, the schematics of thier temporary head-quarters came to mind. The basement...they'd be hiding there like cowards and after searching, descended into the dimly lit room while taking care not to alert those down here to his presence and pushed on, making a left.

    ...And immediately regretted doing so for a moment, finding those he was looking for...although, they were covered in blood and had bones in thier hands...which seemed to be being tempered...into a metallic looking gun. The two sides stared at each other for a moment, before one of the humans, tall and menacing decided to speak.

    He was a brute of a man, at least twice the General's height and in terms of bulk was dressed in tattered robes...which seemed to be coated in various colours and furs...skins...which was likely blood...and the skin which had once been on the poor soul who'd been killed while those behind him were shorter and a more reasonable side...but there was no point in describing them.

    "HAH! So you 'humans' are desperate enough to try and stop us that they send CHILDREN into battle?! It doesn't matter who you send, we'll be wiping you all out for the glory of our name! We'll break your bones! Spill your blood! Shred your skin! To make weapons, supplies...all to fuel our desire to wipe you inferior races out!"

    The youth remained silent, idly reaching for a scabbard that was on his side and drew the handle of the blade to reveal...nothing. Or at least for a moment, as a simple movement of the youth's hands caused a blade which seemed to be made of liquid metal to form and it seemed far sharper than anyone expected.

    "...My orders are to capture the enemy leaders and terminate them if necessary. You're merely objectives...targets that I need to apprehend. That's all that matters."

    One of the leaders obvious drew his hand-gun in response and fired, not at all disturbed that he'd opened fire on a mere youth, but all of them recoiled is shock as the young man simply made moved his blade into the bullet's path within a blink of an eye and it seemed to melt into the katana on impact, leaving no sign that the bullet had even existed.

    "...Targets have chosen hostile and aggressive action. Lethal force authorized."

    Again, they opened fire, yet the youth seemed to be incredibly light on his feet and his reaction time...seemed super-human as he merely avoided the bullets by evading to his left and decided it was time to take action. Swinging the blade in his hand like a whip, it lashed out around their feet and he simply pulled, causing them to fall over. It was clear they hadn't expected this and he calmly took the initivate by standing on the leader's chest pointing a gun at thier face.

    "Surrender. Any more killing would be pointless."

    "Hah...The galaxy is ours, boy...! Everywhere there can be war; we will take it for our own and wage battle after battle until we are the only ones that remain...! We are the masters of the universe! The superior race! We cannot be stopped. Do you think we can be? Then just TRY and stop us!" he laughed and his comrades followed suit, as thier leader revealed a gun barrel from his jacket...

    But their laughter came to an abrupt stop as the Major's hands came clean off his arms with a single slash of the youth's blade, Mercurial. There was not a drop on blood on the youth, or the blade as is simply vanished from sight. He gave a cry of pain as he began to bleed before noticing his limbs freezing solid to stop the blood flow. The young man simply looked at those who still remained with his cold, emotionless gaze and they recoiled backwards as he finally tossed on a small communication's device, one of theirs.

    "Tell your men to yield and end this pointless battle. Now." he pointed to small display showing the battle from a soldier's eyes, still as cold and stern as ever.

    Having it held in his face, along with a gun, the man uttered an odd command the General couldn't understand but looked back to the screen. Outside, the battle raged on...yet the soldiers of the enemy side who were supposed to yield...seemed to fight on even harder, thier bullets becoming more accurate and felling a few members of the battalion, yet they were running out of ammunition, but it didn't matter as they, along with a corpse of thier fallen charged and exploded.

    The youth looked on, his normally cool and collected demeanour replaced with disgust and disdain as he picked up a leader by the scruff of his robes and gave a glare that would've frozen blood.

    "What the hell did you order your men to do...?!

    The leader simply grinned, his sneer and decided to throw an insult in the General's face.

    "As we said, BOY. We merely want to wipe you out and continue our war. If this small battalion has to die to further the war, then so be it. We'll take you with us...!"

    Quickly getting the gist, he let go and dove backwards as they exploded. The youth got caught in the blast...but only partially as he was merely thrown back and landed on his feet, mostly unharmed and a bit singed. He simply stared at the one of the bloody head that was staring back at him, grinning before turning to the shouts of a soldier.


    The general simply dusted himself off, looking as calm as ever.

    "It's find, cadet. Apprehending the enemy ended in failure, but the battle is won. Take priority to tending to the wounded and getting our superiors to know."

    The general took one last glance back at what was left of his foes and turned back to the soldiers who immediately followed the order rather than stand around congratulating one another. Walking outside and looking up at the night sky, he paused for a moment. ...The Freezing Cobalt Blue Star General. ...That was his title.'d been too long since he'd even mentioned his name. ...Would he end up like this warmongers if he referred to everyone by titles, targets and...Enemies...?


    He paused for a moment after saying the name and, for one small second...he gave a small smile before turning to help his comrades who'd been wounded.

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