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    A Day On The Job


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    A Day On The Job Empty A Day On The Job

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Tue May 24, 2011 1:22 am

    (This is what the average day for HSAU!Mitch would look like once he graduates. Enjoy.)

    The time wasn't what mattered, it was the mission at hand. They said it was suicide, and Captain Scott Mitchell was very inclined to agree.

    The job was simple. An unknown terrorist faction with a highly-trained and very effective army had stormed an important military base and taken control of the nuclear weapons there. As usual, they had pointed the nuclear weapons at Washington, D.C. and told the President to give in to their demands and face nuclear hellfire.

    Clichéd, it was. But the Captain was inclined to do his job and get out alive. He knew it would be difficult. Then again, so was every other mission he'd went on as part of Ghost Special Forces. He took one last look at his picture of Cirno, for goood luck, and then put it into a vest pocket. One of his squadmates - 30k - tapped him on the shoulder.

    30k was the reconnaisance expert - though that was in doubt because of Mitch's ability to fly, what with the transformation he got after graduation. He was also the jokester of the team, though he knew when to call it quits. "That your wife?" Mitch nodded. "A good one, too. Though she isn't that bright, and modesty is pretty much foreign to her... but she's learning." "Good to hear, sir. You've got something to look forwards to. Me? I look forwards to the next quip." That was 30k. Nothing was sacred.

    Mitch looked to his other squad-mates. There was Pepper, the sniper - reinforced by the M107 he carried on his back. It was a very big rifle, capable of punching through concrete and having a maximum range of two kilometers. The advertising Barrett had made for it was saying that it was a fifty caliber line nobody dared to cross. After seeing first-hand what it could do to a target - several times - Mitch was inclined to agree. Then there was Bones - the mechanical expert. His current project was making something akin to a Haynes Repair Manual for the M5A2 Schwarzkopf main battle tank. He found it funny when he heard from the man himself that he was single-handedly disassembling a main battle tank just to see what made it tick, then putting it back together again.

    Once he saw the tank itself, he didn't joke about it again.

    He? He was codenamed "Kozak". He looked 21, but was aged 25 - a side-effect of the transformation. He was a specialist. And he was their team leader.

    He was the only one not wearing a parachute.

    "We're at the drop zone. Get ready everyone." The pilot's voice over the V-25 Goshawk troop transport's loudspeakers was clear. "Alright, you heard the pilot. We're dropping now. Get your shit and go!"

    The first one out was Mitch, who dove out followed by the rest of his squad. He fell through the air without his parachute, quickly reaching terminal velocity. As his electric yellow oval wings unfolded, he used them to pitch up and landed on his feet. Shocked a little bit, but okay nonetheless. He quickly brought up his M-25 and looked around. Nothing? Good. He keyed up his mic. "This is Kozak. Pathfinder's picking up nothing. We're free to continue." A chorus of "Rogers" came over the radio as the other three Ghosts disengaged their parachutes, not at all surprised by what Mitch had done.

    "No matter how many times I see you use magic to do that, I still always think you're insane." That came, surprisingly, from Bones - Mr. Serious himself. "Nice to hear, Bones. Alright, everyone engage optics camo and move towards their HQ. You know the objectives. Fuck these guys over, kill their leader, and sabotage their nukes.

    The Ghosts seemed to disappear as they slowly began to move towards the base.

    They came up on the base after around ten minutes of sneaking. It was - da da-da-da - a warehouse. How unsurprising.

    "This just keeps looking more and more like something out of a cliche action movie," Mitch snarked. "Amen to that, Kozak," was the response from 30k. They continued to move.

    "Alright, we've got two tangoes guarding. Bones, up with me, stealth takedown on three, two, one." The two advanced... but one of the guards twitched and hit Bones with his foot. The guard spun around and fired, just before Mitch killed both of them with a shotgun blast. They were barely able to dive into cover before a literal hail of bullets - not unlike what Cirno would do to somebody who had very mailicious intent - stormed, pockmarking the concrete around them.

    And then a rocket blast shot Mitch out of cover, and into the lasers of several soldiers. But then something happened. Something not unlike divine intervention. They didn't shoot. He wasn't sure why, but they had the perfect opportunity. They opened fire, but didn't seem to hit. He scrambled for more cover, firing all the way, taking out several more, before staying in cover and switching for a fresh magazine. "Thank fuck you're okay. I don't want to have your ass pulled out of the fire. Again." For now, they resumed fire.

    It had taken thirty minutes, but they had finally gotten inside the base. They hadn't fired much, only when they could get a clear shot off, so they could conserve ammo. Inside the base, they weren't sneaking around any-more. They full well knew they were here, so let them fear the Ghosts. They continued to fight fire with fire of their own. Shooting explosive barrels, getting off unfair shots, anything they could. They were outnumbered and outgunned, but not outskilled.

    Finally, they reached a hallway. "Alright. Pepper, get up on top and provide sniper overwatch. Thirty, you're spotter. Bones, go out there and disarm the nukes. I'm heading to cap this bastard."

    "Sir yes sir" was the synchronized response. Pepper immediately began to climb the ladder provided, followed by 30k, who was waiting anxiously. Bones took off running down the hallway, and Mitch moved forwards.

    He walked into three miniguns and an attack drone. But fate smiled on him again. The miniguns spun up as he dove behind a steel wall. And then the drone drove right behind and opened fire.

    Mitch charged forwards, not feeling the bullets that tore his shoulder apart. He jumped onto the drone, and used the hook on his rifle to tear out the cover. As it drove backwards to get him into the line of fire of the other miniguns he acrobatically leapt down alongside it, still gripping the top, letting the drone take the rounds. It moved back behind cover considering what to do, which Mitch used as an opportunity. He took a frag grenade from his belt, pulled the pin with his teeth, and dropped it in, then dropped off it. The grenade exploded, destroying vital electronics and the drone fell. He dove behind cover, still not feeling the pain.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he thought. There was a dull ebbing in his right shoulder but he ignored it. More divine intervention. He then remembered that each minigun was operated by someone. He couldn't lean out of cover without it. He was stuck here. The miniguns could fire forever, as long as they had ammo. And just as the cover fell away, three loud explosions rang out.

    When Mitch looked, the minigun operators were dead. And then he remembered: Pepper was on sniper overwatch. He shot the snipers.

    Thanking whatever gods were up there he continued on.

    This was it. He'd only get one shot - literally - to kill their leader. He had exactly one bullet left. And the leader had an AA-12. If he missed, he died. Simple as that.

    He placed the breach charge on the door and hit the active button, then waited three seconds. The charge blew, and Mitch entered.

    He scoped in, placed the crosshairs over his head, and fired. The bullet sailed right into his head. He dove into cover at the side of the doorway just as the elites started moving towards it. Sticking his rifle out, he blindfired, and by the sounds of it he took out three more. But didn't his rifle not have bullets?

    "You sure know how to get into some tight scrapes." That was Bones. "Done already?" "Yeah." The two continued to fire, Mitch with his handgun, as Pepper and 30k suddenly came in the opposite doorway. It was an absolute slaughter. By the end of it, the four were standing there and out of ammo. "Well shit. Better hope that as we exfil there's no reinforcements."

    And with that, they were facing down a Havoc attack helicopter. "You had to say it, didn't you?" It moved towards them, the Ghosts using all the cover they could get, the Havoc destroying it with bullets and missiles.

    And the Ghosts found themselves on an open field. The Havoc moved in, ready for the kill. This was it. Scott Mitchell died here.

    And then the Havoc exploded.

    "What the fuck?" They were barely able to see the three A-20 Razorbacks screaming through the air, much less the rockets they fired, which tore into the Havoc and blew it apart. Static came on the radio.

    "This is Kozak. Who is this?" "This is Wolfpack Omega, covering your asses. We've got around ten more Havocs heading this way. The Goshawk's at the exfil zone, get there ASAP. Over and out."

    The Ghosts didn't need to be told to sprint to the Goshawk. Or how lucky they were. But one Havoc caught Mitch in the open. The squad could do nothing.

    But it wasn't able to do anything. The Mi-28 was out of ammo, and rockets. It charged straight for Mitch, who waited until the last second, and ducked to the side.

    As he was blown back by the explosion, he figured that dive didn't help matters much.

    When he woke up next, he felt like utter shit. He was in something - a quick check confirmed it was a Goshawk. "Holy shit, you look fucked up, Mitch." Mitch wasn't one to sugarcoat. "How bad is it?"

    "We just finished pulling a fragment of that Havoc's blade out of your arm. Your shoulder's been torn up by minigun fire, not to mention the litle bits of shrapnel from that grenade you tossed into that drone, and from the Havoc blowing up once it hit ground near you. You're really damn lucky to be alive right now, Mitch."

    Mitch sighed. "Yeah... alive..." As he looked out the window, he swore he could see his three best friends - aside from his squadmates, of course - gazing back at him from the suddenly clear sky. He relaxed and fell into a deep sleep. America was safe once again, and by extension, the free world wasn't disturbed in any way.

    Which reminded him. He'd have to call up Wren sometime soon.

    (So, did you all like it?)

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