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    To Be Named


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    To Be Named

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:41 am

    Note: I have no frigging idea what I'm doing with this, and in the end what I'm doing isn't much better than My Little Unicorn is.

    But hey, I figure I could have some fun with this.

    And if the names are still familiar, I stole them outright, so I'll throw a disclaimer down at the bottom.


    The cold depths of space held little wonder to the naked eye. Just blackness, extending as far as the eye can see. Perhaps the occasional rock held something to behold, something visible, but that was only if you had a light source. Usually, space was very, very empty. Nature abhorred vacuums, but in the truest vacuum of space, nature could not survive.

    Unless nature got smart.

    In what could be best described as an interstellar void, there sat a tiny little group of starships. Several frigates of all classes, two destroyers, two missile destroyers, and a lone Heavy Cruiser sat surrounding a carrier, their hyperdrives waiting to recharge. They were headed out to explore unknown systems. The excessive military presence was cautionary. If they found something hostile, they were able to fight back. Their mission was everything unlike how the formation currently looked - peace, the advancement of science, and the furthering of the human race.

    Inside the carrier, the captain, having woken from sleep, was sitting down at the con and staring into the void. Captain Pavli Groves was a man who had aged well enough. Some wrinkles were visible, and grey hair showed, but the fifty-six year old starship captain was still capable of quick-thinking tactical decisions, and that was why he was still Captain instead of retired. He was the leader of this voyage, and had seen enough blood and fire to temper his drive for war.

    There was a cluster that had to be explored, which had of yet no name. They had just left the Alara cluster, by way of the Jund system, and from then on they were entirely alone.

    Groves looked over to the bridge crew. He was responsible for making decisions, but the Bunnies (as the military termed them, for an arcane reason he had yet to understand) fed him information. He immediately looked over to the head engineer, Unathi Holst.

    "Head Engineer Holst. I'm assuming this stop is to recharge the hyperdrive cores?"
    "Yes, sir." Holst looked down at the control panel for the hyperdrive. "Woke up just in time, sir, we're jumping in about five minutes. Core's at ninety-nine percent charge, after that we just need to spool it up and dive."
    Groves nodded. "You'd think with this kind of tech we'd never have spread beyond Terra and Sol."
    "Captain, it took a massive innovation and a hundred years to get anywhere beyond the Dominaria cluster."
    "It's half the reason Dominaria exists, Holst. The other clusters would have far more space if we'd made it earlier."

    The small talk done, Groves relaxed. The bridge, or combat information center, was always buzzing with activity. All that was left was to wait for the hyperspace core to recharge, and things would keep rolling. He'd probably return to his cabin unless otherwise needed. Hyperspace journies were fairly dull and long-winded.

    Immediately upon thinking this, Groves got his wish. His attention was attracted by Fleet Coordinator Nedelya Jarrett. It was Nedelya's job to ensure that the Captain got a stream of information from all ships part of the fleet. She had the most stressful job on the boat besides Groves himself. Jarrett had swivelled her chair and was looking at him. "Captain, one of the Ion Frigs is picking up an unidentified IFF code. It's about five hundred thousand kilometres out, and closing fast. Confirmed intercept vector."
    "Three mikes thirty, Captain. They'll be here before we can jump."

    Groves nodded and turned to Holst. "Holst, belay the drive core charge for the Marco Polo. Jarrett, relay that info to the rest of the fleet. Alert Level Yellow."

    The fleet promptly buzzed with activity. sailors were mustered, some out of beds, others from their breaks, all to man weapons and crew ships. Inside the Marco Polo's hangar bay, pilots and gunners crewed fighters and corvettes, being strapped into the constructing pilot pods in preparation for what was to come. On the Support Frigates in the outer ring of ships, men and women were roused from their beds to board strikecraft, all of which were being fueled and loaded.

    All eyes were turned towards the outer edge, towards the IFF that was approaching.

    Jarrett's eyes scanned the displays and holograms in front of her. "Captain, we're getting more IFFs. Looks like another fleet. The lone ship must be a vanguard. Fleet's not too far behind, though, hits in four minutes."
    Groves nodded. "Ah. Let's hope they're friendly. Whoever they are."

    The tags moved closer and closer. The atmosphere in the bridge was tense. And then the Comms Officer, Dusko O'Nuallain, spoke.

    "Captain, we're being hailed. Opening a comm channel."

    Groves steeled himself as the viewfinder image appeared on-screen. It was humanoid, that much he was certain of. What he was staring at seemed to be male, and on a fairly close inspection had wings and a horn. It was wearing battle armor with a serial number encoded on it, and its hands appeared to be artificial. Other than that, it had ears that looked sort of like a horse's.

    Interesting alien, he thought. He spoke.

    "Uh... can you understand us?"
    "Yes," came a well articulated response. That was good. Somehow they spoke Trade. That meant well. It meant they could communicate easily. Groves still had to watch his words. Didn't want to start a war over offense.

    "Alright. Captain Pavli Groves of the TNS Marco Polo, leader of Exploration Group "Hellkite", and technically current ambassador to your species. And you are?"
    "Captain Firefist of the Unicornucopian Navy." He didn't state which ship he was leading, but that didn't matter. "I'd like to ask what you're doing in our territory with a heavily armed fleet."
    "Captain, we're an exploratory group. The reason we have this many ships is to keep our critical, non-combat vehicles safeguarded in case marauders come along or a threat we can't perceive ambushes us. This area of space we had charted as unknown. We didn't know it was your territory."
    "Ah." Firefist nodded, though he still looked sterner than a starship captain should. Groves didn't bother to point it out. "Well, you are in our space, and we would like you to get out of it."

    They seemed... blunt. "You're not interested in diplomacy?"
    "Neigh." It seemed sounded out as if to be a pun of sorts, though whatever cosmic joke there was sailed over the Captain's head. "If you had wanted diplomacy, you would have sent an envoy. It's as simple as that."
    "...but we didn't know you existed."
    Firefist looked... surprised. "How do you not know of Unicornucopia's glory? Of the Winged Unicorns and their superiority? Has nobody told you?"
    The second sentence ticked Groves' bullshit radar, and ticked it hard. He pretended to act interested anyways, in order to make sure things moved smoothly. "Yes. Because you're the first race of sentients we've met besides ourselves."

    Firefist looked like he was about to go on a rant, before he stopped himself. "No! I will remain to my duty. This space is Unicornucopian territory. Leave immediately, or you will be destroyed."
    Groves started to get a little angry. "You're threatening us with destruction unless we go. Captain, that's not how you make allies."
    "We're not interested in allies. You have thirty seconds to leave."
    Groves cut the feed to their ship, and turned to the Engineer. "Holst, how long will it take to charge the hyperdrives?"
    Unathi looked... grim. Like she knew what was to come. "Longer than they're giving us."
    "Twenty seconds!"
    Groves returned to the viewscreen. "Jarrett, get every strikecraft man back into their ships. All weapons operators are on red alert. Every ship charges hyperdrives now." He resumed communications. "Alright, Firefist. We're charging our hyperdrive cores, and within five minutes we will be leaving your territory."
    "...five minutes, you say?"
    Groves nodded. "Yeah. Five minutes. The cores take a bit to charge."
    Firefist took this information in, and then he turned dark. There was a glint in his eyes that sent a pang of pure fear into the Captain's heart. It was one he recognized.

    Blood and fire.

    "So be it." The feed cut.

    Instantaneously, the Unicornucopians opened fire with all guns.


    More is to come.

    Yep. Stole the place names from Magic, pretty much because I was lazy. Sue me. Actually don't.

    Alara, Jund, and Dominaria are all properties of Wizards of the Coast and their likenesses here are not being used for profit.

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