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    Aperture-Verse Empty Aperture-Verse

    Post by Etheru on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:31 pm


    A Mega Man/Portal Continuity Cross

    In a white room, what appears to be a presumably young boy wearing an orange jumpsuit, is tapping his knees. Though this isn't a young boy, he is the Aperture Science Number 01: Rock, a prototype robot designed for household cleaning, but he never actually got the chance to do so, for reasons that nobody ever told him. Suddenly, the walls of the room open up, to reveal a pedestal of some sort. Rock walks toward it, and the pedestal opens to reveal what appears to be some sort of gun. Beeping is then heard, and then, a robotic voice speaks, seemingly to Rock.

    ??????: Take it. We're going to experiment a little.

    Rock: (rolls his eyes, shrugs, and takes the Gun as if this is routine.)

    The walls open up more to reveal a rather meticulous room, filled with what appear to be "crushers", panels with spikes put on them. Rock hated these things. They have caused him to die many a time, and sometimes, he thinks he would have preferred the first time he died, as opposed to having his mind re-uploaded into a different body on a constant basis.

    Rock: (does a few motions representing cracking his neck, and generally seems to do a few exercising motions.)

    ??????: Are you ready? If you are not, say "No."

    Rock: (shows a fair amount of annoyance at being told that.)

    Rock then rushes into the room full of crushers, and starts jumping through the room at breakneck speed, but ends up under a crusher placed in an area that he never thought it would be. He fires the gun at a wall, which results in a oval-shaped, blue energy attaching to the wall. He then fires the gun at the ground beneath him, and comes out near the wall. Rock takes a breath.

    ??????: Good work. Onto the next test.

    The walls, once more, open up. He then notices that the walls have something behind them as the pattern changes, and figures that, if he could get through the walls, he could probably find a way out.

    ??????: Come on, Rock...

    Rock: (moves along, mouthing "Come on, Rock...")

    The next room does not appear to feature anything... But then, something falls to the ground, a hulking robot with a hardhat on.

    ??????: We are going to do something a bit different. We're going to be putting you up against robots designed by your late creator.

    Rock: ...

    And in just that moment, Rock appears to almost say an obscenity, but is clocked in the face by this "Guts Man" of some sort.

    -To Be Continued-

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