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    The Cosmic Blades: The Multiverse's best and brightest.

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    The Cosmic Blades: The Multiverse's best and brightest. Empty The Cosmic Blades: The Multiverse's best and brightest.

    Post by Mr. Kirb on Mon May 27, 2013 4:41 am

    Prologue: The Metal Blur

    The multiverse...the endless planes of all existence.

    Home to all things, from the smallest of atoms to the mightiest of cosmic beings. There could be hundreds, thousands, million, billions, or an infinite amount of universes. At every point in space-time, there will be multiple duplicates; diverging and splitting to make a spectrum of realities. Some so similar to each other that you could spend a lifetime searching for any difference. Others so radically different, they defy comprehension. All being the cause of choice alone by all forms of existence, from the smallest spark of an atom all the way to the direct action of an omnipotent.

    Endless tales both told and untold. Many interesting in many ways. This is one of many.
    In the colorful void devoid of the mundane and the familiar, the Special Zone is a dimension where one must prove themselves worthy to earn it's secrets. The tasks, they vary; whether it's navigathing though the endless mazes or collecting rings, the zone often works in mysterious ways.

    In the vast void, a bright hole opened up as two well equipped soldiers, humanoid in appearance, emerged from the aether. Their bodies concealed and uniformed, donned in varying shades of dark blue. In their hands are rifles capable of wanton destruction.

    "Command, this is Operative Alpha 6, entering the Special Zone, over," radioed the first soldier.

    "This is Alpha 4, following Alpha 6, over," droned the second soldier.

    "This is Command, you may find the main objective. Weapons free, begin mission, over."

    With that, the two soldiers performed the search. Considering this is now in the form of a maze, the mission is long and tedious to the average adventurer. After grueling hours of searching, the pair of professionals eventually find their main objective in the clutches of a motionless automaton.

    When the two walked up, then inspected the machine, they found that it was in the form of a robot, with the shape of a Mobian hedgehog. It was mostly blue and mechanical, with a look both distinct and aggressive. Limbs thin yet firm, able to withstand the mundane forces of nature. Its torso, integrated with what appeared to be a miniature jet engine. The dark visor which served as eyes, and a permanent scowl that would put fear into the helpless. In its sharp fingers was a jewel, holding umlimited power.

    The pair looked at each other. Knowing who this is, they contacted Command. With permission granted, they recovered both the jewel and the machine. Putting their training to good use, they returned to the white hole.
    The automaton, Metal Sonic, awakened from his unknown shut down, to find itself in a lab of sorts. Strapped to the table and facing a machine with multiple limbs, he was going be taken apart.


    The mechanical hedgehog was more irritated than afraid as the jewel in his hand was not in his cold sharp grasp. He was even more irritated about the fact he's going be losing limbs and the gems to people he could care less about.

    Metal Sonic started to build up energy within himself as the machinery he was hooked up to recorded him rising up to dangerous levels. Scientists scramble to their terminals, trying to to keep this robot under control. However, this was way too much for the lab boys to handle as Metal Sonic built up enough power to send forth a burst of shockwaves, wrecking everything in the lab, knocking out the men in white, and freeing himself from the restraints.

    Now unbound, the robotic hedgehog walked out of the smoking lab. Alarms blared out, footsteps echoing down the metallic floors. To the soldiers and staff here, this is an emergency.

    To Metal Sonic, a minor inconvenience at best.

    He gets to a nearby terminal, and using his hacking programs, he breaks into the vast databanks. Learning a bit about his so-called captors, he scoffed at the fact that these fellas were part of SWORD, a multidimensional military and police organization dedicated to keeping worlds safe from all kinds of threats. Collecting info, all he wanted was to find the jewel they took away from him, the Chaos Emerald. Eventually, he found it in one of their vaults at the bottom floors, according to the stolen info.

    Metal Sonic looked around. Even though he could take on a squad of soldiers, he would rather find the Emerald as soon as possible. SWORD wanted to capture him then dissect him like a frog, and this robot here was no frog at all. Spotting a mantience shaft , he tore it away using his clawed fingers, then performed a dive into the depths of the narrow darkness. A few seconds later, he burst into the bottom floor's thick vault, which was guard by two large bulky robots, armed to teeth with deadly weaponry, a fine example of never having enuff dakka.

    "Pathetic, their values protected by a pair of inferior models," huffed the blue machine.

    Unphased by their stature and weaponry, his jet turbine in his torso boosted towards the the brutish machine on the left. The two goliaths unleashing vollys of lead, laser, and plasma at this blue menace, Metal Sonic put up the Black Shield to repel the fire. Closing in on his victim, Metal Sonic performed a homing attack into the robot's torso. Out of the hulking machine, the blue menace emerged with a torn reactor in hand. He crushed it as easily as a berry. If he had a mouth, Metal Sonic would have given off a slasher's smile to his next target.

    "Next up, you..."

    Without emotion, the machine continued to fire on Metal Sonic but alas, it ended up like the first. With the lumbering constructs out of the way, Metal Sonic scanned the vault door. A 20 foot beast of a door made out of 5 feet of unknown but very durable metal, able to withstand a direct nuclear blast. It's going to take hours to crack open at minimum. Footsteps echoed to his sensors. He estimated in a few minutes, he would get soldiers on his back. With not much time to spare, he got out five more Chaos Emeralds stored inside him, what SWORD wanted in the first place. Putting them to good use, he focused and harnessed their energy of unholy magnitude. Rising up in the air, he boosted through the vault door, melting a hole through it in the process.

    Inside, calling it a room would be like calling a pond an ocean. A vast interior filled with aisles of safes of all sizes, traversing it would take days. Not want to waste time wandering around, he used his scanners to find the Chaos Emerald. It took him a short while but he found it inside a glass casing.

    "Found you!"

    Without any hesitation, he smashed the glass then grabbed the Emerald. Turning around, he blinked. The steel machine found himself surrounded by a battalion of SWORD forces; soldiers, robots, mechs, all commanded by a man in a blue military overcoat and a sharp commander's cap.

    "You're not going anywhere, robotic hedgehog!" roared the bearded commander, "You're outnumbered and outgunned! Any funny moves, and let's just say there won't be much of you left. Release that gem from your hands, nice and easy."

    "I might comply, but unfortunately for you meatbags, surrendering's not in my schedule," beeped Metal Sonic as he's got ready for a quick surpise.

    "I don't think so," said the commander.


    Within a second, Metal Sonic tore the Chaos Emeralds out from inside him. In a blight flash accompanied by a few gunshots from the soldiers, Metal Sonic vanished without a trace, which surprised the SWORD battalion. All except the commander.

    "Where did he go?"

    "Dammit, gone!"

    "Did he just vanish?!"

    "Sir, the target has escaped, what are we going to do now?"

    "Something we haven't done before." replied the commander, "Get the files on the best and brightest. It's time to begin the Blade Numbers Initative."

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