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    A New Vault Hunter: Steel


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    A New Vault Hunter: Steel

    Post by [FAZE]xXx420blaz3sc0pexXx on Mon May 20, 2013 4:06 am

    Because I figured "why not"? Found a template and decided to make a Vault McHunterPerson for your enjoyment.

    As the Defender

    General Idea
    People often complain of dying from a few shots in True/Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode on Borderlands 2. This character is an answer to that; someone who has an Action Skill that makes them very tough to kill.

    Recommended Weapons
    Steel can use any type of gun that you put your mind to. I'm trying not to exclude weapon-based playstyles.


    Steel wears a full suit of power armor. The armor isn't really defined that well, but has large, clunky shoulder/knee pads, and the entire is proportioned as such that it makes it difficult to tell whether the inhabitant is male or female. To that end, Steel uses a voice modulator. The default skin is blackish, with light hints of carbon fiber along the armor. The default head is a modern military helmet made of steel, with a steel gasmask wrapping around it. The gasmask looks typical, and has polarized eyeholes.

    Steel's melee weapon is an overcharged stun baton.

    Steel used to work for Eden 6 Black Ops, and had a very nice job. As Steel began to renew personal relationships after the difficult training process, the perfect storm of consequences happened; around the same time the manhunt for Gaige began, Steel was ordered to destroy an orphanage to get to the mission's objective. Refusing, Steel was forced to escape as Eden 6's military - including Steel's former allies - tracked him down, barely escaping onboard a hijacked starfighter and bleeding from multiple wounds.

    After lingering on the border worlds, Steel came to the conclusion that Eden 6 has a corrupt government. Now, Steel has come to Pandora. Steel has a motive for being there, which coincides with the Raiders; yes, Steel wants to take down Handsome Jack, but then Steel wants to assume control of Hyperion and use its military might to bring down the corrupt Eden 6 government - for justice and revenge. Of course, the problem is killing Jack - and the train that just exploded on Steel is going to be a definitive setback.

    Action Skill: Overcharge
    Action Skill. Activate Overcharge to become invincible!
    When Overcharge activates, your Shields instantly refill. While Overcharge is active, you gain 100% Damage Resistance, +25% Movement Speed, and +0.5% Health Regeneration.
    Duration: 10 seconds. | Cooldown: 80 seconds

    Skill Trees

    Left Tree - Blitzkrieg
    Focuses on increasing damage output and movement speed, and offensive use of Overcharge.

    Tier 1A - Deal Damage
    You gain extra damage of all types.
    NEXT LEVEL: +2% Gun Damage, +2% Grenade Damage, +2% Melee Damage, +2% Rocket Launcher Damage, +2% Elemental Effect Damage, +2% Critical Hit Damage

    Tier 1B - Cardio
    You gain additional Movement Speed.
    NEXT LEVEL: +2% Movement Speed

    Tier 2A - Whites Of Their Eyes
    You gain bonus Critical Hit Damage.
    NEXT LEVEL: +10% Critical Hit Damage

    Tier 2B - Run To The Hills
    While sprinting, you gain an additional Movement Speed bonus.
    NEXT LEVEL: +5% Movement Speed while sprinting

    Tier 3A - Rev To The Redline
    The faster your gun fires, the higher your gun's Gun Damage will go. Gun Damage bonus lost if you do not fire your gun in a certain amount of time.
    *Gun Damage bonus and bonus loss time is calculated on your weapon's fire rate, and whether or not it fires in bursts or is semi-automatic.
    NEXT LEVEL: Up to 5% damage while firing fast

    Tier 3 Gamechanger - Juggernaut
    Taking damage adds duration to Overcharge for each hit you sustain.
    NEXT LEVEL: +0.1 Action Skill Duration per hit
    "Your resistance only makes my shielding stronger!"

    Tier 3B - Book It
    When your Shields are down, you get bonus Movement Speed.
    NEXT LEVEL: +4% Movement Speed

    Tier 4 - Boom Time
    If you kill an enemy, they have a small chance of dropping a copy of the grenade you're using. If you kill an enemy with a grenade, they have a much higher chance of dropping a grenade.
    NEXT LEVEL: +4% Grenade Drops from killed enemies, +20% Grenade Drops from grenade-killed enemies

    Tier 5 - Kill Chain
    Every enemy you kill gives you a Kill Chain stack. For every stack, you get bonus damage and movement speed. Maximum of 5 stacks.
    NEXT LEVEL: +5% Gun Damage, +5% Grenade Damage, +5% Melee Damage, +5% Rocket Launcher Damage, +5% Elemental Effect Damage, +5% Critical Hit Damage, +3% Melee Damage per stack

    Tier 6 Gamechanger - Newton's First Law
    When Overcharge ends, you emit an Explosive Nova for all damage you sustained during Overcharge.
    NEXT LEVEL: +100% More Damaging Explosions
    "'Cause I'm ready to blow!"

    Center Tree - Friendship
    Focuses on buffing teammates and self, and supportive usage of Overcharge.

    Tier 1A - Team Medic
    You project an Aura around you. Allies in that Aura receive a small amount of health regeneration, and you receive health regen based on how many allies are being healed.
    NEXT LEVEL: +0.5% Health Regeneration for allies in aura, up to +2% Health Regeneration for you depending on allies in Aura

    Tier 1B - Shield Generator
    You project an Aura around you. Allies in that Aura receive a small amount of shield regeneration, and you receive shield regen based on how many allies are in the radius.
    NEXT LEVEL: +1% Shield Regeneration for allies in aura, up to +4% Shield Regeneration for you depending on allies in Aura

    Tier 2A - Power Rerouting
    For every kill you make, you get a stack of Power. For every stack of Power allies in your Aura receive a damage bonus. You also receive a damage bonus for allies in the Aura. Maximum stack size of 25. When you take health damage, you lose a stack of Power for every hit.
    NEXT LEVEL: +2% Gun Damage, +2% Melee Damage, +2% Grenade Damage, +2% Rocket Launcher Damage, +2% Elemental Effect Damage, +2% Critical Hit Damage per stack. Up to +8% depending on Aura'd allies.

    Tier 2B - Retaliation
    Allies in your Aura that are hit with Melee Damage have a chance to ignore that damage and have enemies take it instead. You share that chance.
    NEXT LEVEL: +15% chance to retaliate when Melee Damage is taken

    Tier 3A - Stunlock Holmes
    Scoring a Critical Hit on an enemy has a chance to ragdoll them as if they were hit with a car. Allies in your Aura affect this chance.
    NEXT LEVEL: Up to +20% chance to ragdoll enemies with a Critical Hit

    Tier 3 Gamechanger - Protection Is Magic
    When you activate Overcharge, all allies near you are granted a copy of your shield's effects over their shield, and vice versa, for 30 seconds after activation.
    NEXT LEVEL: 2x the shields, 2x the invincible!
    "I didn't steal this skill from Gaige I swear!"

    Tier 3B - Elemental Roulette
    Your guns have a small chance to deal random Elemental Damage in addition to its regular damage, and a smaller chance to deal damage over time. Allies in your Aura boost this chance. Elemental Damage is 10% of your weapon's Damage, and damage over time is 20%.
    NEXT LEVEL: Up to 4% chance to deal extra Elemental Damage, up to 0.4% Elemental Effect Chance if non-slag shot happens

    Tier 4 - Expansive Generosity
    Expands the radius of your Aura, and its effects.
    NEXT LEVEL: +3% Aura Radius, +0.2% Aura Effects

    Tier 5 - Booster Shot
    Shooting an ally with a non-elemental gun will give them a damage boost. Shooting an ally with an elemental gun will allow them to deal extra Elemental Damage in that element. You also receive the bonus for shooting an ally. Booster Shot has a duration of 10 seconds.
    NEXT LEVEL: +2% Damage for you and target

    Tier 6 Gamechanger - Eleventh Hour
    When you activate Overcharge, your Health refills as well as your shields. In addition, all allies near you receive an instant health/shield refill.
    NEXT LEVEL: Up to +700% More Strength Refills
    "You don't get the right to give up. We're seeing this through to the end."

    Right Tree - Indestructible
    Focuses on increasing shield and health size/regeneration, and defensive use of Overcharge.

    Tier 1A - BEEFCAKE
    You gain additional Maximum Health and Health Regeneration.
    NEXT LEVEL: +20% Maximum Health, +0.9% Health Regeneration

    Tier 1B - Self-Defense
    You gain additional Shield Capacity.
    NEXT LEVEL: +20% Shield Capacity

    Tier 2A - blank

    Tier 2B - blank

    Tier 3A - Collateral Payment
    A small part of all damage you deal is converted into health.
    NEXT LEVEL: 0.5% of Damage dealt heals you

    Tier 3 Gamechanger - Pleasure Is Pain
    6% of all damage taken during Overcharge heals you.
    NEXT LEVEL: Eat those bullets!
    "No, stop doing that! That's turning me on!"

    Tier 3B - Shielded Life
    You gain extra Shield Capacity for every Shield in your inventory.
    NEXT LEVEL: +3% Shield Capacity per shield

    Tier 4 - Swiss Army Shield
    Your Shield gets the abilities of other shields, on a smaller scale.
    NEXT LEVEL: +1% Shield Capacity, +1% Maximum Health, +1% Absorb Chance, +1% Booster Drop Chance while shields are up and equipped. 1% of Shield Capacity becomes Amp Damage, Nova Damage, and Spike Damage while shields are up and equipped

    Tier 5 - Numbing The Pain
    Your Damage Resistance increases based on how low your Health is.
    NEXT LEVEL: Up to 14% Damage Resistance

    Tier 6 Gamechanger - Heroic Act
    FFYL Override. You may use Overcharge during Fight For Your Life to instantly revive yourself. However, for the next five minutes, if your health reaches 0 you will be instantly killed.
    NEXT LEVEL: Back on your feet and show them what for!
    "I did not... come this far... to die now!"

    Steel's Sayings

    Entering Game
    "Defender, reporting for duty."
    "Defender, signing in."
    "Red Defender, standing by."
    "Defender here. Where's the team?"
    "Don't let the name fool you - I'm not cold as Steel."
    "Armor synthetic intelligence active."

    Action Skill
    "Engaging shield overcharge!"
    "Commencing shield overclock.

    Action Skill Recharged
    "Overcharge ready!"
    "Shield's cool, I can go!"
    "You think I'm cornered? Think again."
    "Get thee behind me if thou wishes to live!"
    "I hope you like pain!"
    "Shield cooldown complete. Overcharge ready."

    Hit With Juggernaut
    "That won't work!"
    "NO SELL!"
    "Thanks for the extra duration!"
    "More power to me!"
    "Futility, ho!"
    "Kinetic force detected. Rerouting power to shield."

    Hit with Newton's First Law
    "You just sealed your fate!"
    "When this ends, you're in trouble!"
    "Hope you know the laws of thermodynamics, bitch!"
    "That's gonna bite you in the ass!"
    "You just killed your friends! It's... it's an ersatz thing!"
    "Kinetic force detected. Rerouting power to Nova systems."

    Newton's First Law Trigger
    "Boom time!"
    "An explosive climax!"
    "My voice is powerful!"
    "Opposite reaction!"
    "Smile on me, Bay!"
    "Kinetic force capacitors at maximum capacity. Triggering Nova."

    Hit With Pleasure Is Pain
    "Ooh! Aah!"
    "Stop it, that tickles!"
    -low, sultry moan-
    -sharp, sudden grunt-
    "I eat your projectiles!"
    "Subject undergoing unwanted arousal. Purging system with health."

    Fight For Your Life
    -loud scream, which outlasts FFYL and continues into revive/cuts off on death-
    "DAMMIT, I'M HIT!"
    "Warning; occupant in critical condition."

    Second Wind
    "I'm back, baby!"
    "I'm up, I'm up!"
    "God-damn that was close!"
    "Lifted by the wind!"
    "First aid administered. Occupant combat-ready."

    Being Revived
    "Thanks. I owe you one."
    "Please don't betray me..."
    "I appreciate the help!"
    "I'll live to see the end of this day yet!"
    "I'll get you a beer, on me."
    "Receiving first aid."

    Reviving Someone
    "Take two of these and call me when you feel better!"
    "You're not getting paid to die! On your feet!"
    "C'mon, buddy, you can get back up..."
    "That was just a flesh wound!"
    "I'll give you cover!"
    "Administering emergency injection."

    -choking, gurgling, quiet-
    "remember me..."
    "avenge my dea..."
    "med... medi..."
    "Occupant terminated. Commencing self-destruct protocols."

    Using Heroic Act
    "No... No!... NO!"
    "This... isn't!... OVER!"
    "If you want it done right... do it YOURSELF!"
    "You'd better hope that I don't DIE AGAIN!"
    "Emergency adrenaline injection administered."

    Blue Loot
    "Huh. Impressive."
    "Looks like my old gun did."
    "Anyone mind if I take this?"
    "For once, Lady Luck smiles on me."
    "Military-quality firearm found. Procurement imminent."

    Purple or Higher Loot
    "...never saw shit this good on Eden 6."
    "I was a black operator and my gun was crappier!"
    "This machine is mine. You may have some like it, but this one's mine."
    "Oh, yes!"
    "Can I take it? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I?"
    "Error. Weapon breaching quality indicators. Temporary shutdown initiating."

    Spotting Badass
    "Badass, twelve o'clock!"
    "We got a Badass incoming!"
    "You'll just need more ammo, Badass."
    "Badass problem! We'd better solve it!"
    "You say you're a Badass? Let me introduce you to myself..."
    "Warning; heavy hostile detected. Imminent termination suggested."

    Killing Badass
    "All bark and no bite."
    "Calling you a Badass is an insult to Vault Hunters."
    "You were in my way. Now you're out of it."
    "They should rename you to SuperBad, 'cause... you know... you suck... it was funnier when I thought of it."
    "Badass down, advance!"
    "HVT terminated."

    Comparing Items
    "Thank God for calculators."
    "All this math and I'd never had to use quadratics."
    "...please don't be red arrows, please don't be red arrows..."
    "Gotta make a tactical decision here..."
    "Which one of you do I like more..."
    "Displaying weapon telemetry data."

    "A level higher, a level smarter, a level stronger! ...It's a gradual thing."
    "Can I explode an Invincible yet?"
    "And it all paid off."
    "Why is my success measured in numbers?"
    "Significant experience gain detected. Training advisable."

    Using Skill Point
    "Why can't I just have all of these?"
    "I'll put you here."
    "I just learned something in a second!"
    "Can I please buy more skill points?"
    "Got the skills to kill some chumps... no bills on Pandora."
    "Displaying training programs."

    Completing Challenge
    "Why do I feel like I've accomplished something?"
    "So I have a Level and I have a Badass Rank... which one's right?"
    "Bleep bloop!"
    "Challenge completed. You owe me five bucks."
    "Come on, Badass Token..."
    "Personal milestone achieved."

    "I never had a driver's license!"
    "Who put me behind the wheel of this thing?"
    "Not sorry, man!"
    "Your face is going to be a tire tread!"
    "Anyone else feel that?"
    "Impact detected. Impactor presumed deceased."

    Ramming Another Car
    "Honk honk, out of the way!"
    "Road rage; it's a universally understood language!"
    "SORRY! I didn't mean that one..."
    "Why did you drive your car in front of mine?"
    "Eh, it'll buff out."
    "Suggestion; avoid friendly vehicles."

    Switching Seats
    "You can't do that, let me try!"
    "C'mon, swap 'em out!"
    "I feel dirty sitting here. You try."
    "My player wants to have a turn!"
    "I. Want. That. Spot."
    "Preparing vehicle program suite switch."

    High Jump In A Car
    "Thank god I'm not a Duke boy."
    "HANG TIME!"
    "Dammit, this isn't a flight simulator!"
    "Never the fall that kills you..."
    "Significant altitude gain observed. Recommend occupants strap in."

    Destroying Enemy Vehicle
    "Your ugly thing will never shame the world of aerodynamics again."
    "I love this car."
    "Vroom vroom, suckers!"
    "Hostile armor destroyed."

    Boarding Vehicle
    "Pedal to the metal!"
    "Ah, my personal chariot."
    "Everyone better clear the road!"
    "Ooh, it's a killin' machine, it's got everything!"
    "The only way to make a racecar better; put guns on it."
    "Activating vehicle link program."

    Critical Kill
    "Pop goes the weasel!"
    "Ooh. That looked like it hurt."
    "Critical Hit!"
    "Guess I won't have to double-tap that guy!"
    "He never saw it coming."
    "Target weak point hit for massive damage."

    Killing Many Enemies
    "I wonder how many Care Packages that gave me?"
    "Battlefield dominance achieved."

    Killing Bandits/Pirates/Savages
    "Scum of the planet!"
    "You know nothing!"
    "Ugh... I hate to sound like Hyperion, but for the most part they have bandits pegged."
    "Jeez, you lot smell!"
    "Don't you even use tactics?"
    "Enemy intelligence quotient low. Recommend brute force intimidation."

    Killing Creatures
    "Is that blood acidic!"
    "Ugh, it slobbered on me!"
    "Jeez, I'll spend days cleaning this!"
    "Why are the animals here so mean?"
    "Suggest use of advanced tactics."

    Killing Hyperion
    "Eat it, metalheads!"
    "I'll make you all feel pain!"
    "Programming, schrogramming, you'll die anyway!"
    "Why am I saying all of this?"
    "If you back off now, I'll let you work under me!"
    "Hyperion forces identified. Suggest Quadruple F squad-level approach."

    Idle Quotes
    "Things are finally quiet... better enjoy it while it lasts."
    "Pandora may be hell, but it beats being a manhunt target."
    "Steel's Log. I seem to have lost the ability to do anything but stare blankly ahead and speak. Not entirely sure why. I'm suspecting the player's absent, for some reason. I'll wait until their return. End log."
    "Bitchtits! There, you left me alone and I said something funny. Now please move me."
    "...I think time stopped."
    "Extended inactivity period detected. Subroutines have entered hibernation modes to save power."

    Throwing Grenade
    "Please don't throw this back..."
    "You need to be gibs!"
    "Precise application of explosives incoming!"
    "Trajectory calculated. Release grenade."

    Looking At The Map
    "...welp, I'm lost."
    "Objective's over there, and I'm over here."
    "Fastest way 'tween two points is a straight line."
    "So that's where that was!"
    "How does this place get GPS, anyway?"
    "Displaying global positioning map."

    Issuing Duel Challenge
    "I don't like you. Them's fightin' words. Let's fight."
    "Feeling up for a spar?"
    "I'd have told you this, but somehow I have to hit you beforehand."
    "C'mon, fight me!"
    "You look way overdue to be taken down a peg."
    "Preparing to reclassify friendly as hostile."

    Accepting Duel
    "Your death wish, buddy, not mine."
    "Can't promise I won't hold back."
    "You are going to pay for that hit!"
    "I get to say 'I told you so' when I won."
    "Write your last will and testament."
    "Hostile identified. Lethal measures barred."

    Winning Duel
    "Told you."
    "You suck and I rule!"
    "That was fun! Here, get up."
    "You're buying me drinks."
    "Hostile defeated. Setting IFF to friendly."

    Losing Duel
    "Well, that hurt."
    "My ego deflated a little bit."
    "What a reality check."
    "Ugh. Little help?"
    "Severe wounds detected. Medical help encouraged."

    Tying Duel
    "Huh. We'll work well together."
    "You're definitely a fighter. I like you."
    "Is this the part where we have make-up sex?"
    "Let's go get some drinks, mate."
    "Maybe I'll let you see under the helmet."
    "Error 404. Audio file not found."

    Taking Elemental Damage
    -grunts of pain-
    "please please please no oh god no no no please please please no oh god no no no..." -turns into screams of pain if shield is breached-
    "Oh. Shit."
    "This... is going... to sting."
    "Warning; elemental aftereffect. Warning; elemental aftereffect."

    Out of Ammo
    "I need the gun juice!"
    "Anyone got a few rounds spare?"
    "Out of ammo!"
    "Better switch guns..."
    "Dammit, it clicked!"
    "Ammunition zero. Switch weapons immediately."

    Finding Health
    "Hit points, get yer fresh hit points!"
    "Anyone hurt! Health's here!"
    "Here, inject yourself with this shady needle to heal!"
    "That'll put off Fight For Your Life by a few seconds."
    "Why did it have to be needles? Why not health potions?"
    "First aid detected. Preparing vial purifiers."

    Waiting on Fast Travel
    "Hands off snakey, it's time to go."
    "Done with whatever it is you're doing over there?"
    "I'm ready to go. Are you?"
    "It'd be nice if we could leave about now..."
    "I'm waaaaaaitinnnnnnng..."
    "Fast Travel inactive. Recommend immediate ally motivation."

    Steel Skin(s)


    The Standard Issue - Default head for character.
    Shepherd To The Flock - Starting head. Helmet resembling Commander Shepard's N7 Helmet.
    Maximum Style - Starting head. Helmet resembling Nanosuit's helmet.
    Flesh Cracker - Rare drop from Henry. Helmet resembling RIG's default helmet.
    Wastes Paladin - Complete To Pay The Bills, LV. 5 (kills during Overcharge and with Newton's First Law count). Helmet resembling T-51b power armor helmet.
    Battlezone Repairman - Mission reward for Symbiosis. Gasmask resembling RU Engineer's. All skin covered with fabric.
    Handsome Jack's Mask - Drop from Handsome Jack. Standard Issue, with gasmask replaced with Jack's mask. Fabric covers the neck.
    The Chozon One - Drop from Geary/the Warrior. Helmet resembling Samus Aran's.
    Mine More Minerals - Drop from Creepers. Minecraft-styled Standard Issue.
    Space G.I. - Drop from Vermivorous. Helmet resembling a Space Marine's.
    Spec Ops Specter - Mission reward for In Memoriam. Helmet replaced with a mannequin head-shaped helmet, with a skull on the front of the helmet and sunglasses.
    Arc Lighter - Random drop. Steel wears a welding helmet.
    Eaten By Sand Worms - Drop from Terramorphous. Helmet resembling Mandalorian helmet.
    Ghastly Hellbeast - Drop from BNK3R. Helmet resembling Helghast helmet.
    Special Edition - One One Three Eight - Unlocked with purchase of Special Edition DLC/preorder. Helmet resembling Republic Commando helmet, with Boss' patterns on them.
    Goggled Gunner - Mission reward for Statuesque. Replaces gasmask with set of night vision goggles.
    Vault Veteran - Breathe the Loot - Unlocked with Borderlands 1 game save. Gasmask replaced with Psycho mask.
    Drill Fetishist - Mission reward for X Marks The Spot (Pirate's Booty). Helmet resembling Subject Delta's.
    The Skull of Rand - Unlocked at indeterminate point in Campaign of Carnage. Helmet resembling Atlas BattleMech's head.
    Star Pioneer - Unlocked at indeterminate point in Big Game Hunt. Helmet resembling astronaut's helmet.
    Helm Hawk - Unlocked with purchase of Domination Pack. Standard Issue, with a short mohawk attached to the helmet.
    Flak Jacketed Heart - Unlocked with purchase of Supremacy Pack. Helmet resembling White Glint's head.
    Infernal Spawn - Unlocked with purchase of Madness Pack. Helmet resembling the Overlord's.

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