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    The Doctor Who livestream recap thread


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    The Doctor Who livestream recap thread

    Post by Etheru on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:32 am

    Because way way too many episodes. @_@

    Doctor DW Who

    Doctor No. 9/Series 1

    • Rose: The Doctor, after several, several years of absence, makes his return and meets up with Rose, who decides to go on spacefaring adventures, after dealing with the returning Autons (plastic peoples) who want to... Do evil stuff, I guess, I can't remember. They're defeated and stuff. The series is also summarized with one word: RUN.
    • End Of The World: The first trip Rose is taken on to the end of the Earth's days, and Rose gets a little existential and such. We also meet Cassandra, who considers herself the last "pure" human, and as such is just a trampoline made of flesh with a face and a brain. She haunts my nightmares. The whole thing turns out to be some sorta terrorist plot or something. I don't know, I don't remember much, but The Doctor's race is dead now. This will be a great source of angst later on.
    • Dalek: We find out that one of the Doctor's most famous foes are mostly dead (except not, as later episodes will tell you), and that this last one is under fire by people who want to experiment on it for a man's personal collection. Rose ends up releasing it by accident. The Dalek, however, decides it has to die due to being conflicted about being released by a human, as it fucks up his genetic code. We also get a new Companion in Adam.
    • The Long Game: Who we then lose because he decides to try and take advantage of Time Travel for personal gain, as a space uvula/whatever it is decides to eat humans and has been Big Brothering.
    • The Empty Child duology: The Doctor and Rose are chasing some sort of carrier, and end up in World War II. They end up meeting up with Gas Mask Zombies, who, perhaps famously, utter the words "Are You My Mummy?". Eventually, their mother is found out to be the "sister", and then technobabble saves the day, and things actually end without ANYONE dying. A HAPPY ENDING FOR EVERYONE. Oh and Jack Harkness, a time policeman/conman makes his first appearance in the franchise.
    • BAD WOLF duology: The arc words of Series 1 finally find some meaning, where The Doctor revisits the setting from The Long Game, only this time Big Brother is a bunch of Daleks who turned the Space Station into a game show thing full of popular shows. It really ended up pretty weird. Rose then turns into pretty much god and kills off The Daleks forever (except not). The Doctor then turns into Doctor No. 10.

    Doctor No. 10

    Series 2

    • New Earth: The Doctor and Rose revisit an oldy but a goody, the New Earth after the world ended, and they're in New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York, and decide to check out a hospital. The hospital has Cassandra the flesh trampoline on it, but she's not the villain. Nope, instead, CAT NUN NURSES. Cassandra decides that she's tired of being a flesh trampoline, so she decides "Hey Ima take Rose's body that'll be fun". And much fun was had. We find out the Cat Nun Nurses are using clones that have every disease. Ever. To build up immunity serums or something. These clones are cured after going all zombie apocalypse on everyone (and living), and Cassandra ends up dying at peace with herself, The Doctor allowing her to meet with herself in the past in a clone she used as a servant. STABLE TIME LOOPS
    • Tooth and Claw: The Doctor goes into werewolf territory as he fights one trying to take over Queen Victoria, who is not amused at Rose trying to make her say she is not amused. The werewolf is killed and Queen Vicky decides that they're going to make an organization to hunt the Doctor and other paranormalities: Torchwood.
    • School Reunion: The Doctor, Mickey, and Rose go to a school with strange going-ons, meeting up with old companion Sarah Jane Smith, and tin dog K9. They fight manbats and then The Doctor actually does say goodbye to Sarah, and then she goes on to have her own adventures. Mickey becomes a companion in this episode.
    • Girl in the Fireplace: The characters land on a spaceship that is powered by human body parts, and move back and forth between the era in which Madame De Pompadour existed, and the spaceship. The villains of the episode are clockwork androids, who assimilated the crew into the ship. They're defeated once all the windows back to their time are closed, giving them no purpose. But Madame De Pompadour, who developed a close bond with The Doctor, dies as history says she will. The Doctor has her last letter. :[
    • The Age of Steel duology: The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey are flung into an alternate dimension by a crack in time (FORESHADOWING?). In this alternate dimension, Rose's father, Pete, is not dead and is a great success, but has no children, meaning alternate Rose is just a dog. Mickey also meets with what was supposed to be his deceased grandmother in this dimension, but then gets kidnapped accidentally by "Preachers"... And then gets kidnapped by his alternate self, Rickey. Very few get the distinction of somehow getting kidnapped by themselves. John Lumic decides that he's going to enact his evil plot of the week as Rose decides to meet her alternate dad: Men of the Cyber variety. They promptly chase The Doctor, Rose, Pete, and The Preachers, through the city, and Rickey dies because of Cybermen. The Doctor decides to do one of his famous "wing it" plans: The Doctor and a female Preacher go through the bottom of the factory (this ends badly), Alt!Pete and Rose through the normal way disguising themselves as a part of the mind controlled crowd (this also ends badly), and Mickey and jerk Preacher decide to get into the Zeppelin to shut down their operations (this... Ends pretty well, all things considered!). John's plans have failed, and then he chases them in his Cyberized body but falls to his presumed death. Pete can't bear things right now as his wife is dead, and Mickey decides to stay because what reason does he have to stay in his original world? The Doctor and Rose leave this alternate world.
    • The Idiot's Lantern: Television is evil and The Doctor records the villain. I have no other way to summarize this episode.
    • Doctor Who vs The DevilThe Satan Pit duology: The Doctor and Rose land on a space station on a planet that is near a black hole, but isn't being sucked into it. Said space station has the words "Welcome To Hell" etched into a wall. This is gonna end well. They also meet the apparently happy in their servitude Ood, who are really threatening and talk about "The Beast" awakening from his slumber. Anyway, someone researching this place gets demonically possessed, The Ood get possessed, and a few Red Shirts die. But then The Doctor goes into the Satan Pit, meets The Devil's body, and then Rose kills The Devil. But not before the Devil ominously says something to Rose...
    • Fear Her: Unsympathetic space jerk puts people in drawings. Meh. The Doctor and Rose defeat them by sending them home. MEH.
    • The Doomsday Duology: We finally see what the words Torchwood mean: An organization meant to defend the Earth from alien tech, and own it. They have been releasing these "Ghosts" to entertain the public. The Doctor doesn't buy that they're Ghosts, and confirms that, yes, they aren't ghosts. The Doctor then makes his way to Torchwood and finds out that the ghosts are actually Cybermen, who actually decided to be discreet for a few hours. And then Daleks get involved. They demonstrate how completely and utterly ineffective the (Cybus) Cybermen are. AU!Pete from the Age of Steel Duology, as well as The Preachers make their reappearance, and AU!Pete hooks up with this universe's Rose's mom. The Daleks and Cybermen are sent into THE VOID, where they will probably spend a millennium pointlessly attacking each other. Rose eventually "dies"... By being sent to "Pete's World" (the alternate universe name as dubbed by The Doctor), meaning she technically isn't alive in the main universe. The Doctor and her say their final (Pfthahahaha) goodbyes. And then the Doctor meets an abrasive bride inside the TARDIS. Cue skipped episode. Actually no.

    Series 3

    • Runaway Bride: The Doctor meets a lady named Donna Noble, whom is quite pissed off that, in the middle of her wedding, she was brought into space by this strange man. Anyway the villain of the week is a giant spider or something, and Donna tells the Doctor that, while she's NOT going to be his companion, he does need one to keep him in check, afterward, The Doctor leaves. Torchwood is briefly mentioned, along with Mister Saxon.
    • Smith and Jones: The Doctor and Martha first meet, and it is all weird. This episode includes Rhinoes from space, a vampire with a bloodsucky straw, and other stuff.
    • The Shakespeare Code: The Doctor and Martha meet William Shakespeare, who is being manipulated by Karrionites, who are essentially witches.
    • Gridlock: The Doctor and Martha go to the faroff future of New New New New- BLAH NEW NEW YORK. They meet... Giant Enemy Crabs. The Face of Boe dies while telling the Doctor "You Are Not Alone".
    • The Daleks in Manhattan Duology: Daleks and Pigmen are villains. A Dalek decides to become a Human Dalek. It doesn't end well for him.
    • The Lazarus Experiment: The Doctor decides to take Martha home, but gets into a fight with a Playstation 1 Monster who was an old man who tried to be young... It was a really weird episode. Anyway Martha stays with Doc.
    • 42: Meh
    • Human Nature duology: The Doctor becomes John Smith to divert attention away from a Family of Blood, but they close in on him anyway, much to Martha's frustration.
    • Blink: Sad statues torment people.
    • The Utopia Trilogy: The Doctor heads to the future by virtue of meeting Jack Harkness (again), and gets stuck there. And then, someone who helps The Doctor turns out to be... THE MASTER. The Master then spends two parts worth of manipulating and screwing around with The Doctor, while using the Toclafane (argh). They're defeated by a plot point from The Shakespeare Code, and the Master is killed. Overall, a meh finale.

    Series 4.5

    • The End of Time: "The master is a fucking loony and the Doc gets an assgrab from an old lady"-Hil
      Oh and Time Lords are evil and Doctor regenerates.

    Doctor No. 11/Series 5

    • The Eleventh Hour: The 11th Doctor takes the stage as he meets with Amy and Rory, the former of which he left hanging after helping fix a crack in her wall. Awkward. Said crack was one in space, and an evil shapeshifting space eel gets out, which is chased by a giant eyeball, who is the best visual effect on the show by far. The Doctor, after defeating the evil space eel, calls the giant eyeball back and says "hahaha NEVER THREATEN TO BURN THE EARTH AGAIN', because that's exactly what the eyeball was gonna do if the eel wasn't brought back. Amy joins up with the Doctor just before her wedding day.
    • The Beast Below: A space whale is being driven and Amy releases it to the joy of everyone. Also, the Doctor enjoyed being on a giant tongue.
    • Victory of the Daleks: The Daleks come back and turn into plastic toys/Power Rangers/Skittles. They escape for another day. Also, fighter jets IN SPACE.
    • Time of the Angels Duology: The Angels are back and so is River. Meh. First episode after the first one to address the cracks in time.
    • Vampires of Venice: Not actual vampires. Evil fish. Rory joins in this episode.
    • Amy's Choice: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are trapped in two different worlds and are forced to choose which one is real: an idyllic, boring life or life on the TARDIS. Neither are real. The villain was the Doctor's personified Self-Deprecation.
    • The Cold Blood duology: The Silurians make a return, and Rory dies. The Cracks in Time also reveal that, on the other side, are a piece of the TARDIS!
    • Vincent and the Doctor: The Doctor and Amy meet Vincent Van Gogh, and a monster that tormented him. Feels ensue.
    • The Lodger: The Doctor's TARDIS ends up hijacked by the next series' villain, and he has to lodge with some guy named Craig, who lives with a girl named Sophie, who he wants to propose to. Eventually, Craig gets pissed off that a fanfic character was written to his life, and tries to get the Doctor to leave before being headbutted, thus giving Craig some of the Doctor's memories to bring him up to speed. He also hooks up with Sophie after the evil plan is defeated.
    • The Big Bang duology: The Doctor and Amy decide to see what the fuss about this "Pandorica" is, and find out that all of their villains have teamed up, and Rory's alive, and... Ugh... River's involved. The universe is destroyed and then fixed. Surprisingly, the ending is rather happy (Rory and Amy are happily married, and Rory is alive. Also, Amy's parents are back!).

    Series 6

    • A Christmas Carol: The Doctor and Mr. Scrooge meet. The Doctor showcases the implications of being just some guy with a time machine.
    • The Impossible Astronaut duology: The Doctor dies! But then we see that the earlier version of him isn't dead. They deal with the Silents, aliens nobody can- Just read below. Anyway, the Doctor genocides them by getting them to accidentally say "YOU SHOULD KILL US ALL ON SIGHT".
    • Curse of the Black Spot: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory deal with a pirate with parent issues and a siren who is actually a medical computer.
    • The Doctor's Wife: This episode does NOT involve River, but the TARDIS, who has her body stolen and an Eldritch Horror named House in it, with Amy and Rory inside. Nightmare Fuel ensues, and then House is killed by the TARDIS after getting her body back. There's also foreshadowing to A Good Man Goes To War.
    • The Rebel Flesh duology: Amy turns out to have not been traveling with the Doctor, but a flesh doppelganger controlled by Amy, who was captured by the Silents. Did I mention this series is the most complicated by far?
    • A Good Man Goes To War: The Doctor, Rory, and everyone else goes to save Amy, and her little baby Puddle Melody Pond. Sadly, Melody was captured, and we learn that she's River Song.
    • Lets Kill Hitler: Hitler is put in a cupboard after being in the episode for 5 minutes, and then River, who is evil, becomes... A good guy or something. I DUNNO. The Teselecta also appear in this episode, and set up the finale.
    • Night Terrors: Creepiness.
    • The Girl Who Waited: ...A confusing and somewhat sad episode.
    • The God Complex: Amy and Rory leave the Doctor after a space minotaur gets the Doctor thinking.
    • Closing Time: A Sequel to The Lodger! It's not as good, but it's still fun. The Doctor visits Craig again, and they're both mistaken for a gay couple for Craig's child, Alfie. This episode also has Cybermen in it. Craig destroys the Cybermen through the power of love after they decide that Craig(!?!) is suitable to be the Cyberleader. Also, Craig delivers the notes that lead to the events of The Impossible Astronaut, and River gets put in an Astronaut suit.
    • The Wedding of River Song: Despite a simple title, it is not an actual wedding. River destroys time and merges it all together, and her punishment is to get married to the Doctor. Fuck this episode. Fuck River.

    Series 7

    • Asylum of the Daleks: Clara makes her first appearance as a Dalek, and Amy and Rory patch up their problems. Theme of the week is horror movie.
    • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: [Did not see]
    • A Town Called Mercy: The Doctor heads to a town where a doctor made a cyborg and is sad about that. The doctor from the town dies and the cyborg becomes sheriff of the town. Spinoff please. Theme of the week is Western.
    • The Power of Three: ...I don't know.
    • The Angels Take Manhattan: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River (go awaaaaaaaaay) deal with Angels. Rory and Amy die in this episode. Theme of the week is Film Noir.
    • The Snowmen: The Doctor is like "I dun wanna adventure anymore." but he is pulled into an adventure by Clara, Jenny, Strax, Vastra, and the Great Intelligence. There are evil snowmen or something. No theme.
    • Bells of St. John: The Doctor goes up against the most horrible, EVIL thing in the world: THE INTERNET. Also he meets up with Clara and the Great Intelligence is like "Yeah I still exist". The ending is creepy. Theme of the week is something something conspiracy.
    • Rings of Akhaten: The Doctor and Clara meet up with a sun who eats Clara's backstory. There's adventure serial stuff in there too but that's the part I remember. Theme of the week is old adventure serial.
    • Cold War: An Ice Warrior makes his appearance, and the Doctor and Clara are on a ship with a crew, including someone I wish played a Companion instead of the bit part he got. The Ice Warrior almost nukes the planet until his buddies come and pick him up. Theme of the week is Cold War film, I think.
    • Hide: The Doctor and Clara decide to go to an old house, where people are investigating a "ghost" and are hunted down by a monster. This was one of the best episodes of the season. Theme of the week was paranormal investigation.
    • Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: ...This episode was confusing and I don't know what went on. Theme of the week was... I DON'T KNOW.
    • The Crimson Horror: Jenny, Strax, and Vastra get a limelight episode! ...For the first ten minutes. Way to waste a great idea. Theme of the week is... Yeah I dunno this one either.
    • Nightmare In Silver: The Doctor and Clara visit a theme park in space, and end up dealing with Mondas Cybermen who are actually dangerous, and the Doctor turns into a hammy supervillain thanks to Cyberman infection. This is all fixed. No theme of the week.
    • The Name of the Doctor: The Doctor and Clara go to the end of the Doctor's life to battle the Great Intelligence for the final time, and find out that the Doctor had a NINTH Regeneration that we never saw. River appears in this episode. Meh.


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    Re: The Doctor Who livestream recap thread

    Post by Etheru on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:44 am

    This is for important characters, (possibly) skipped episodes, and important plot points (probably)


    Important Characters introduced in Series 1:

    • The 9th Doctor: Recently getting out from the Time War, this Doctor is more irritable and prone to violence. He gets a little better as time goes on.
    • Rose Tyler: Typical young lady who meets up with The Doctor and has Adventure lust.
    • Mickey Smith: The series Butt Monkey, whose parents and grandma are dead. He gets better.
    • The Daleks: Space Nazis who look kinda like trash cans, and one of the Doctor's worst enemies.
    • Harriet Jones: We skipped her episodes, but she eventually becomes Prime Minister who will lead into a peaceful future. Which will not happen because the universe is an asshole.
    • Jack Harkness: Space conman who ended up getting his own series. He also shoved a gun up his own ass just in case. He's also immortal. And since we're not gonna bother, he's eventually going to become a giant face called "The Face of Boe". Why? Because immortality.

    Important characters introduced in Series 2:

    • The 10th Doctor: One of the most popular incarnations of the character, and played by David Tennant, this one has a lot of idealism and spunk. Oh this will be fun.
    • Sarah Jane Smith: One of the Doctor's oldest companions, who recently found her. Has her own spinoff. May Elizabeth Sladen rest in peace.
    • K9: A robo dog that has lasers and stuff.
    • The Cybus Cybermen: An army of Cyborgs whose only goal is to assimilate people into their ranks. They aren't very smart, deciding to stomp at people and plainly doing anything that is not strategically sound. They are perhaps not so sadly not one-off villains.
    • The Ood: They're a slave race of aliens that are apparently happy in their servitude of humans. A personal favorite alien species of mine. They're not very important this series, but they will have some importance later.
    • Donna Noble: TECHNICALLY introduced in Series 3, but she makes a cameo at the end of Doomsday, criticizing the Doctor. She's kind of shrill and abrasive, though these are toned down when she finally does become a companion.

    Important Characters introduced in Series 3:

    • Martha Jones: A person training to be a medic, she went on adventures with The Doctor.
    • The Master/Harold Saxon/Master No. Six: The Doctor's Evil Counterpart and arch enemy. So, so much subtext. So much.

    Important Characters introduced in Series 5:

    • The 11th Doctor: After an incident involving Time Lords, The Doctor has regenerated into a new form, that of Matt Smith, who is much more "alien" than David's version. Prone to boasting about himself, he is rather immature, but smart.
    • Amy Pond: A Scottish Redhead whom met The Doctor when she was young. She's kinda pissy about being left hanging for several years. She's the first Eleventh Doctor companion.
    • Rory Williams/Pond: This series' Butt Monkey and Amy's boyfriend/husband. Like Mickey, he gets better.
    • Craig Owens: A man who met the Doctor, who needed a place to stay. He is currently the character who probably knows the most about him.

    Important Characters introduced in Series 6:

    • The Silents: A species which, when someone looks away from them, they forget they were even there. The gimmick is familiar.
    • The Teselecta: An organization who control a human-sized machine, to get rid of History's greatest monsters. They were inspired by the Doctor.

    Important Characters introduced in Series 7:

    • Clara Oswin Oswald: A girl The Doctor has met three times in three different time periods. Once as a Dalek, once as another lady, and now as a normal girl. She's interesting. She has also died twice. Cue the dead Clara jokes.
    • The Great Intelligence: A consciousness that doesn't have a body, but manipulates events around people and also grabs people who feel alienated at the world around them and takes them off on adventures. HMMMMM... He gets the body of someone after the Doctor accidentally empties them. Apparently also the Big Bad of the story arc, or what story arc was THERE.
    • The Mondas Cybermen: Technically they reappeared in The Pandorica Opens and Closing Time, but this is to represent The Mondas Cybermen in their new, upgraded forms. They are still prone to goosestepping, but are much, much faster, can adapt to anything that can kill them (usually saying "UPGRADE IN PROGRESS"), and are generally much more dangerous.
    • The true 9th Doctor/The _____: Played by John Hurts and did something so terrible the Doctor doesn't wanna remember him. His existence perplexes me. Apparently this Doctor lost the right to be called "The Doctor", hence why his second name is just blanked out.

    Important events

    Series 1

    • The main Arc Words for this season are "BAD WOLF", which are etched everywhere and sometimes said.
    • Doctor No. 9 regenerates into No. 10.
    • Rose briefly becomes a god.

    Series 2

    • Torchwood are the main arc words. It also briefly appears in the first series on a quiz show.
    • The Cybus Cybermen appear.
    • Rose is told by the Devil that something is going to happen to her.
    • The Cybus Cybermen invade the planet Earth after Torchwood fucked up excessively, and on top of that, Daleks invaded too. They're sent into a void from which they'll probably never return. Oh and Rose is stuck in Pete's World now.
    • A few of the Daleks escaped, and will menace The Doctor in a later episode.
    • The Doctor meets a bride inside of the TARDIS who yells at him all pissed off. Her name is Donna, but shh.

    Series 3

    • The bride tells us her name, and after a series of misunderstandings, she befriends the Doctor. Donna tells The Doctor, after the Monster of the Week is dead and her husband too (it was his own fault), "Dude you need someone to check up on you" and Doc's like "Okay thx bye".
    • The Doctor and Martha meet and go through trials and tribulations.
    • The Master finally reappears, and is positively humorous.
    • The Doctor and Martha leave on okay terms.

    Series 4

    • The Doctor and Donna meet again, and deal with aliens made of fat. It was a weird opener. They also mention their planets disappeared.
    • River Song makes her first appearance, and dies, also foreshadowing Donna's eventual fate.
    • The Doctor gets a wake up call that humans are just as bad as aliens, sometimes. Again.
    • Donna meets with Rose, who tells her to relay a message to the Doctor: Bad Wolf.
    • The Daleks are behind this evil plot. Again.
    • Donna is given a psychic lobotomy, forgetting all of her adventures with the Doctor and going back to Old!Donna.

    Series 4.5

    • Foreshadowing that the Master will return.
    • The Master returns and turns the world into Masters.
    • The Time Lords are actually the villains.
    • The Doctor regenerates into 11.

    Series 5

    • The Doctor crashes into Amy's home, and talks to her about Cracks in Time, and fixes up his TARDIS
    • The Doctor meets up with a (now older) Amy, who is disgruntled about being left behind for years. She also has a boyfriend named Rory.
    • The Doctor deals with a shapeshifter, who foreshadows later plot developments.
    • The Doctor tells the Atraxi "I'm the Doctor. Go away", after they threatened to burn the Earth if "Prisoner Zero", the aforementioned shapeshifter, wasn't handed over.
    • The Daleks get new looks. They look like plastic toys.
    • River appears again, not dead. She's meeting the Doctor backwards.
    • Rory dies after a particularly bad run-in with the Silurians, and is eaten by a Crack in Time.
    • The Doctor meets with Craig, who is the character that, perhaps knows the most about him to date.
    • The Doctor and Amy go find this thing called the Pandorica, which houses the most dangerous monster ever. River appears too and Rory is inexplicably back to life. The Doctor's major enemies have also all teamed up to defeat him.
    • The monster is THE DOCTOR, and is thrown into the Pandorica.
    • After a strange series of events, they save the timeline and the world. HAPPY ENDING.

    Series 6

    • The Doctor meets up with Amy, Rory, and River after a note told them to come to Lake Silencio.
    • He dies and does not regenerate due an astronaut. Someone named Canton Delaware tells them to go to a diner.
    • And then it turns out that the Doctor that died is from the future, and that we're gonna focus on the past Doctor. Not 10, 11.
    • They go back in time and meet with a President and Canton Delaware, and investigate about the astronaut who killed the Doctor, who turns out to be a kid. They also "meet" with the Silents.
    • The Silents are defeated by the Doctor tricking them into genociding themselves.
    • The Little Girl regenerates!
    • One question is still unanswered until The Rebel Flesh: Amy disappeared at one point, and Amy also saw someone open a door in thin air to check on them.
    • The Doctor actually gets to physically talk to the TARDIS, and she foreshadows plot developments.
    • Amy wasn't traveling with the Doctor: She was captured by the Silents before the series started and has been controlling a flesh doppelganger of herself, while she was pregnant.
    • The Doctor raises hell on the Silents, but they still loose Amy's baby, who turns out to be River.
    • Evil River goes to being good after something involving the Teselecta (a group of people who pilot a human sized mech to get rid of History's assholes).
    • Craig sent out the letters, and River was the astronaut.
    • River gets married to the Doctor. The End.
    • Okay fine: There has been a question that the Silents were trying to avoid and a question that was attempted to be left unanswered: DOCTOR WHO? DOCTOR WHO? DOCTOR WHOOOOOOOOOOOO? WILL THIS BE ANSWERED? NO

    Series 7: Part 1

    • After a series of circumstances, The Doctor meets with Amy and Rory, who are disgruntled with each other. They make up after a Dalek Asylum incident. The Doctor also meets someone named "Oswin", who turned out to be a Dalek. Oswin dies.
    • The Weeping Angels take Rory, and the Doctor, River, and Amy go on an adventure to save him. Ultimately, The Weeping Angels take Rory and Amy to the past to die.

    Series 7: Part 2

    • The Doctor has turned into Mister Scrooge, and is like "I dun wanna adventure". And then evil snowmen show up and stuff, and he adventures with Jenny, Vastra, and Strax. And Clara. Clara dies again. The Doctor realizes who Clara is.
    • Clara gives her backstory away to the sun via a magic leaf. Shiny got pissed about this.
    • The Mondas Cybermen make their faithful return.
    • The Doctor's greatest secret is learned: The lost regeneration and TRUE No. 9 (I am as confused as you are).
    • Clara gets her backstory back.
    • The Doctor's name, however, is never revealed. It was all a cop out and I still don't have that free avatar dammit
    • The Great Intelligence is... Kindasorta dead? I dunno. It's not terribly clear.

    Skipped episodes

    • World War Three duology: An alien spaceship lands in London, The Doctor is taken to the military, and Rose's mom is kinda pissy. We find out that the alien spaceship's kind of a front made by aliens who want to nuke the fuck out of Earth. These aliens fart a lot. They are eventually killed. Harriet Jones also decides to go into government after this series of events.
    • Boom Town: One of said farting aliens has survived, and is trying to get home. She is eventually exposed to The TARDIS's heart. There is also an admittedly amusing scene at a dinner table, where the farting alien has dinner with The Doctor, and tries several attempts to assassinate him. These all fail.
    • Love and Monsters: A Doctor-Lite episode involving some guy who loses all his friends to some sorta blob monster thing. Not really important in the grand scheme of things, but a "Mister Saxon" was mentioned offhandedly, as well as Bad Wolf.

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    Re: The Doctor Who livestream recap thread

    Post by Etheru on Sun May 19, 2013 11:36 pm

    This is mostly because I'm bored, but:

    Characters that have possible romantic chemistry with The Doctor

    • Rose ("Rose")
    • Jack Harkness ("The Empty Child Duology")
    • Mickey ("Rose")
    • Donna Noble ("Runaway Bride")
    • Amy ("The Eleventh Hour")
    • Rory ("The Eleventh Hour")
    • Professor Grisenko ("Cold War")
    • The Master (Sound of Drums trilogy)
    • Martha ("Smith and Jones")
    • Madame De Pompadour (Actual history, "Girl In The Fireplace")
    • Clara/Oswin/Kenny ("Asylum Of The Daleks"/"The Snowmen"/"Bells of St. John")
    • The TARDIS ("The Doctor's Wife", rest of the series)
    • Probably himself given crossovers between other Doctors.

    Characters without romantic chemistry with the Doctor

    • River Song
    • Adric

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    Re: The Doctor Who livestream recap thread

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