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    Communication Club Article Empty Communication Club Article

    Post by Joey JoJo Shabadoo on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:07 am

    BURBANK, Cali. (WU)-One day at the Woodbury University Campus, the Woodbury Communication Club met in Miller Hall. The meeting, according to Morgan Noel (the current Communication Club president), was about planning "a Fundraiser at BJ's in Burbank." The meeting went off without a hitch.

    According to Tamara Stokes Rice, the Participating Adjunct Professor of the Communication Studies Department, the Communication Club is a "nationally recognized club by the National Communication Association." Also, they want to spread to the Woodbury University Campus.

    According to Rice, the purpose of the Communication Club is to "communicate to the Woodbury public about local, regional, national and global issues and concerns." Their other purpose is to promote the benefits of studying in the field of Communication. Rice became the faculty representative in 2011 because the Communication Club needed to "build its presence on Woodbury campus."

    Their future goal is to get national representation for Woodbury University by getting Communication Club members to submit academic papers and discussing their opinions at national panels. In fact, the Woodbury Communication Club dreams of becoming nationally recognized.

    Around 14 students showed up at the meeting for the restaurant fundraiser. These students barely make up a fraction of the Woodbury Communication Major students. Some Communication Majors outside of the Communication Club itself agreed that this was a major problem.

    Arvem Arakelin, a third-year Communication Major at Woodbury University, believed that the Communication Club could use more advertising. He also feels that they should invest more time and money into the students who are taking a Communication Major or taking a Communication Minor.

    Emerald Padilla, Senior Communication Major at Woodbury University, feels that the Communication Club has "no set structure" and that they are "still trying to get their bearings." She also feels that the Woodbury Communication Club has plenty of potential.

    Upon being asked why the minimal publicity is a problem for the Woodbury Communication Club, Marine Yesyayan, Sophmore Communication Major at Woodbury University, claimed that she did not know about the Woodbury Communication Club. She suggested that the Communication Club "should market [their club] better towards Communication Majors and anyone who is interested in the club".

    Ashley Hacksworth, Sophmore Communication Major at Woodbury University, claims there is not advertising from the Communication Club. She feels there needs to be more outreach from the Club itself.

    However, the Communication Club is trying to address these problems. In fact, Tamara said that increasing membership was a primary concern. According to Tamara, the Communication Club's current goal is "to raise awareness of the club to build our member base and financial status."

    Noel says that the Communication Club is trying their best to achieve this goal "with the limited student involvement." They do this by holding campus events, fundraising, flyers and e-mail.

    Noel feels that the main problem is that "Woodbury students don't like to get involved on campus" because "[Woodbury University] is a commuter school." In fact, she believes that the limited student participation in the University clubs themselves is a campus-wide problem.

    She believes that an attitude change in the student population would help out Club membership in general. Even though that day the Communication Club gaining a large membership base may never come, Noel loves leading the Communication Club and that she will not give up despite the overwhelming odds.

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