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    Livestream episode recaps


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    Livestream episode recaps

    Post by Etheru on Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:02 am

    This thread will be an attempt to recap the plots of the series we are currently watching/have watched in the Livestream ( ) so that we can either jump into the plot, or refer to something so that we don't forget what happens.

    Currently, what's going on:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    • Episode 1: Shinji gets a call from his father to come to NERV, where he meets Rei, Misato, Ritsuko, and all the various other lovable background characters who presumably have serious issues, and his horrifically abusive dad who would probably chuck Rei into a woodchipper in order to get his son to make him pancakes FATHER OF THE YEAR.
    • Episode 2: Shinji fights and defeats the first Angel, Sachiel and encounters an unfamiliar ceiling. Gendo, Ritsuko, and Misato are like "HMMM..." about the battle. They also talk about Porcupine's Dilemma or something, and then we have WAAAAAAAAAACKY SITCOM ANTICS WITH MISATO, SHINJI, AND PEN-PEN! :D The rest of the ep is spent mostly recapping the fight with Sachiel, and shows that Shinji is getting a little sad at recalling this.
    • Episode 3: ANYWAY after those events, Shinji meets a bully (Toji) and a nerd (Kensuke) and the secret comes out that he's an EVA pilot, and then he fights a giant penis the embodiment of thermal expansion WHY CAN'T I STOP WRITING DICK JOKES Shamshel, with the bully and nerd coming inside his mech, and then Shamshel is defeated. Toji wants to apologize, but sadly Shinji is not home.
    • Episode 4: Shinji hasn't gone to school after the events of last ep, and decides that HE MUST RUN AWAY, while Toji and Kensuke decide to apologize (and saying Misato is hot. Aren't they just the most lovable). Shinji meanders about, moping about existence and watching a film that most people in the chat wanted to watch, talks to Kensuke for a bit (oh and Kensuke apparently has no mommy), and then is brought home, where Misato scolds him like his mommy. Shinji decides he wants to quit, but doesn't.
    • Episode 5: TEH REI finally gets a limelight episode. Shinji decides to talk to the other known pilot, Rei Ayanami, who doesn't seem to like him all that much and has a mysterious past. She's also kinda creepy, but I like that. They also fight Ramiel for all of five seconds.
    • Episode 6: Shinji wakes up to see the unfamiliar ceiling again. The episode revolves around Ramiel's plan to penetrate the Earth and destroy NERV headquarters. So much for being the least Freudian thing in the series. Anyway, Shinji and Rei fight Ramiel TOGETHER, and Shinji tells Rei that she's got a friend and stuff and she smiles and Ramiel is defeated.
    • Episode 7: Filler episode. Nothing special. All it does is show how awesome Misato can be and how Gendo's agenda is mysterious. Meh.
    • Episode 8: One of the main popularizers of Tsundere and third EVA Pilot appears in this episode, Asuka Langley Sohyru. Oh, and Misato's old flame, Ryoji. The episode has Shinji bring his unlikeable friends (Toji and Kensuke) on a boat trip, who demonstrate that they're there to make Shinji seem more likable in comparison. Where was I? Oh, yeah. They meet Asuka, where she establishes her character very quickly, and Toji pulls his pants down and why am I recapping this. And then we meet the snarky captain of the ship, see Asuka WUVS Ryoji and Misato hates him. And then Gaghiel attacks, where Asuka further establishes herself and defeat this thing, while no doubt causing MILLIONS in property damage. They apparently broke Synchronization records, too. Asuka is now at Shinji's school. Oh and the first human was Gaghiel's target too apparently.
    • Episode 9: Asuka moves into Shinji's apartment, causing FURTHER sitcom antics, and then they have to fight Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Israfel, an Angel that can split itself, but are defeated. A nuke is dropped on it, which disables it for a few days, but now Shinji and Asuka have to do a WACKY TRAINING MONTAGE, where Shinji wears women's clothing, play a game of Twister, and a bunch of other stuff. Rei shows that she can synchronize with Shinji pretty well too. Asuka and Shinji finally synchronize and defeat Israfel. They go back to arguing immediately.
    • Episode 10: Thermal Expansion, Asuka getting annoyed about having to wear a rather unflattering outfit, a Baby Angel, and a hotspring. Pretty much filler.
    • Episode 11: Also filler, but still the best episode ever. A power outage occurs because of Matarael, a Spider-Like Angel that will no doubt make Arachnophobes cringe in fear, and Asuka, Shinji, and Rei are forced to do stealth antics, Gendo and his right hand being sweaty (take that how you will), and Ryoji and Misato being stuck in an elevator together, Misato needing to use the bathroom. They defeat the Angel and all becomes normal.
    • Episode 12: Misato's tragic past involving her dad saving her life is discovered, and all the fanservice and other things ensue. The characters fight an Angel, Sahaquiel, who can nuke the fuck out of everything. It's defeated, and Gendo says "Dude Shinji good job".
    • Episode 13: KIND OF Filler-y, but touches upon Ritsuko's woman of science motivations, and the core three spend half the episode naked (I think).
    • Episode 14: First half is a clip show, recapping the series in a probably much better manner this thread is. But then the second half shows synchronization efforts with Rei and Shinji switching mechs and things go horribly wrong. Rei angsts about her existence in a poem for a bit, and apparently they get a spear or something. I dunno, I wasn't there that much for this episode.
    • Episode 15: DARK SECRETS OF NERV ARE DISCOVERED (Adam, the first angel, is being kept in their base) D:. Oh and a few more sitcom antics (like Shinji nearly suffocating from a kiss from Asuka) but mostly character interaction and stuff.
    • Episode 16: I missed this episode due to connection problems. It had Shinji going on a journey of self-discovery in his mind due to Leliel, though, or something.
    • Episode 17: NERV decides to get a new pilot, and drop unsubtle hints on this new Fourth Child while Toji apparently has a duty...
    • Episode 18: Surprise! Toji's the Fourth Child! Shinji accidentally nearly kills him because Gendo felt like making Shinji do it. Shinji screams "NOOOOOO". Cue Fly Me to The Moon.
    • Episode 19: Shinji is understandably pissed at Toji's near-death experience, but nearly gets drowned by his dad. Shinji decides to quit being an Eva pilot (again), but then a new Angel attacks and cuts off Unit-02's arms, and then the head. This hurts Asuka. The same then happens to Rei. Then Shinji decides to quit quitting again and goes into EVA-01... And then this results in EVA-01 going all berserk and pissy, revealing it's alive in the process, and gonna go on a rampage.
    • Episode 20: But fuck the rampage, we got some infodump to go for: LCL's effects are revealed, hinting at what is to happen in the end of the series (TAAANG), Shinji is brought back naked. Oh, and Misato and Kaji have sex. Lovely.
    • Episode 21: More infodump. This episode explains Gendo and Fuyutsuki's origins, the death of a young Rei(!?!), the (possible) suicide of Naoko Akagi due to choking the young Rei to death. Oh, and "SEELE" appears, and Kaji dies due to interference.
    • Episode 22: We get more information on Asuka's past involving her mother. Simply put, her mother went insane and thought that a doll was her daughter, while thinking her actual daughter was some girl who stared at her. Eventually, she commit suicide (also hanging the doll. Linger in on the implications of that.). She's pushed this away for a long time, though it's starting to come back as she starts to grow more and more insecure as Shinji and, eventually, Rei, one-up her at every turn, which results in her unit being less responsive to her. Oh and Asuka gets mentally tortured. To Hallelujah. I don't know how to process that. It also had an elevator in it that was held for a minute and a half. The animators are getting rather lazy.
    • Episode 23: Rei dies but it inexplicably back. We find out she's been cloned and those are killed.
    • Episode 24: Shinji finally makes a friend, Kaworu, and makes progress with him... Only to kill him because he's an Angel. In a very long scene because they were scrambling for their last legs on the animation budget.
    • Episodes 25-26: A recap of the series, explaining the characterizations of everyone, and also showing a Sitcom. It lives pretty well. Shinji decides to stop living in this reality and leaves. This also sets up the movie.
    • End of Evangelion: The world ends. The End.

    Frustrated rants Core themes of the series

    • Technology and science have their own flaws and benefits, but are not mutually exclusive.
    • The "Hedgehog's Dilemma", struggling with relationships and fears that you'll hurt the other.
    • Freud. Lots and lots of Freud.
    • These people are fucked up and you are too.

    Feel free to make your own recap contributions.

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    Doctor who: bouncing in time and space (us not the doctor)

    Post by Shiny on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:42 am

    Here now is a grand list of all doctor who episodes we have watched and a grand recap of them all. This will be ongoing so check back for updates as we watch more

    Season 1

    Doctor 9

    Epidode 1: ROSE

    Rose Tyler, a young mary sue of 19 accidentally trapped one evening in the London department store where she works, finds herself surrounded by plastic mannequins that have come to life in the basement. She is saved by a man who introduces himself as "the Doctor" and tells her to flee the building. He then blows up the transmitter that controlled the mannequins from the store's roof, ravaging the building in the process. The Doctor visits the now unemployed Rose the next day and rescues her from a second attack by a mannequin's arm she had taken home unknowingly, but refuses to give her more explanations because he is the 9th doctor and not david tennant who would sign his name if he could.

    Rose talks with her boyfriend, Mickey Smith the true unappreciated hero of season 1 and 2, about her experience, and they find a conspiracy theory website that claims a man fitting the Doctor's description has appeared throughout history. Rose and Mickey visit Clive, the man who runs the website when not doing adverts for banks in the uk like an annoying twat. While Rose is in Clive's house, Mickey is kidnapped by a wheelie bin and replaced with a plastic replicant Rose being thick as custard and fish fingers doesn't notice her boyfriend is waxy and plastic with a perma grin the joker would blush for. When the fake Mickey attempts to question Rose about the Doctor, the Doctor shows up and beheads the replicant. The Doctor takes Rose to his TARDIS, which is disguised as a 20th century police box (long story chameleon citcuits screwed yadda yadda), and attempts to use the fake Mickey's head to locate the controlling signal. The head melts, but Rose realises that the transmitter must be the London Eye. The Doctor explains to Rose that the fake Mickey was an Auton, controlled by the Nestene Consciousness, and that if he cannot stop it by using a vial of "anti-plastic" liquid, it will destroy all humans on Earth. He also explains to her that he is an alien.

    The Nestene Consciousness has taken up residence beneath the London Eye because hey free publicity. The Doctor tries to negotiate with it, but it gets angry when he identifies himself as a Time Lord, blaming him for the destruction of its home planet during "the time war." The time war....well would make this long recap longer so another time. The Nestene Consciousness activates all the autons at the Queens Arcade, where several shoppers are shot dead, including Clive farewell clive you may be dead but your shitty ads live on. The Doctor is overpowered by the Autons, but Rose rescues him lika a good sue and drops the "anti-plastic" into the vat where the Nestene Consciousness resided, killing it. Now you may think anti plastic is an ass pull but its not a magic leave...gods...

    After fleeing the underground complex with Mickey, who was held hostage by the Nestene Consciousness because RTD realised killing a BLACK character is a stupid cliche especially for a family show. the Doctor offers Rose more adventures with him. Though Rose initially refuses as she is concerned about her mother and Mickey, she ends up joining the Doctor when he explains that the TARDIS can also travel in time as well as space. Rose is an awful human will see why gentle viewer when our benevolent sunny overlord lets us see fathers day...

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