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    Demi Dozen Torania

    Post by Hat on Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:14 am

    The young man claws at the barren ground impatiently, looking around the moonlit wasteland.

    A glyph appearing a half dozen yards in front of him causes him to grin, his teeth similar to a sharks. He chuckles wickedly once he sees what she is wearing.

    "You planning on seducing me to make me forget your crimes, Landaria?" he asks the dark skinned young woman, who appears to be wearing nothing but a long half buttoned up shirt.

    "You did a ten second summon at 2 AM while I was asleep, you are lucky I am even clothed, Korxev" the lady says boredly, her light gray eyes half open and staring at the sharp eyed man, "Plus, I told you, your King asked me to sit on the barren thrown without telling me what would happen."

    As the debate starts, plants start to sprout and the wasteland slowly comes to life.

    "A likely story," Kerxev says sarcastically, "Why would My Lord ask you to sit there, when he knew it would cause such devastation, while you on the other claw, have gained enough power to rival the lords of this realm from that act. Why should I believe you?" he asks as he starts making his way to the half dressed brunette.

    "I have proof of the 'quest'" she says making quote marks, "that he sent me on. It is at home though," she admits, butting up her shirt fully

    "And why didn't you bring it, hmm?" He asks right in her face, standing his full height, ignoring the forest growing around him.

    "Uh, dude, you only gave me ten seconds to even wake up, much less put on clothes, even less grab shoes or pieces of paper," she says, still bored sounding as she stares up at his sharp blue eyes.

    "How lucky for you that you have such an excus-" he quickly stops and hisses as sharp thorned vines quickly wrap around him and stab him.

    Landaria starts walking away as Korxev slashes at the vines, "I cannot believe I had a crush on an idiot like you. Summon me with more warning next time you actually want to talk about this," she says with the same tone as usual, spinning in a circle once she is a good distance away, causing another glyph to appear and whisk her away.

    Korxev curses as he cuts the no longer growing vines away. He growls as punches the ground angrily, causing a pulse turning the greenery brown.

    He sighs and stands up a few minutes later, composing himself and walking away, knowing that there will be a next time.

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