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    Untitled Final Fantasy 1 Parody.

    8-Bit Wren
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    Untitled Final Fantasy 1 Parody. Empty Untitled Final Fantasy 1 Parody.

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:10 am

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I don't exactly have THAT much done yet (heck, I'm still unsure on who's going to be what role YET, let alone characters, so this could take a while. Although suggestions are welcome.)
    In some other world that no-one really noticed floating around in our solar system because the scientists and governments LIE TO US about it's existence...yeah. The story is taking place there, in a world which is completely shrouded in darkness. Again, this isn't the type where you can't see anything because of the status effect or some horrible abomination that gives you tentacles as black as's just a term saying that the world has some evil forces which have taken over and made life miserable. Bad stuff, really.

    Although, considering everyone simply stands there uttering the same few words a good deal of the time, barely even recognizing people running past them, they find it hard to notice. Nor do they bother trying to fix things. So it's not too surprising why things are how they are.

    Besides, you know how it is. There's monsters wielding powerful magic and some random guy who wants to take over the world with an army of undead, demons...rabid animals...or something like that anyway. Well, the world...we'll call it FF1 for simplicity's sake, is basically on the brink of annihilation. Somewhat predictable, though.

    ...Oh, wait. It's not some random guy wanting to take over the world...? My mistake. Anyway...

    The winds have died down, so not even the tiniest breeze is felt. You can obviously see the dramatic impact it'd have since it's impossible for most ships to sail and causing windmills to come to a stand still. You know, if there were any, but apparently they've yet to be invented.

    Not to mention that many a child has been unable to fly a kite since. Of course, there wasn't any issues with having to worry about freak tornadoes or powerful sandstorms so it wasn't ALL bad news despite the world seemingly on the verge of an apocolypse.

    I guess I forgot to mention the seas rage every day, with more fury than a green psycho named Fawful and rage possesed by a n00b Rage-Quitter combined which caused most ocean-life to die. Of course, for some completely unexplained reason, MOST of the remaining ocean life was either driven mad or turned into horrible monsters which attack any ship foolish enough to sail.

    Of course, that's not too much of a problem because, you know, no wind for ships to sail with. ...Of course, it's only the large sea which is in peril as river water is surprisingly safe to drink still...provided a monster doesn't get you first.

    Even the very world itself begins to decay. Crops die, flowers no longer bloom and forests begin to vanish as the
    decaying 'earth' continues to spread and consume everything, leaving nothing but death and despair in it's path.

    Seriously, things aren't looking good. Or is there still hope left? Nope, not a single iota so let's just forget about
    the world of FF1 and watch it go to hell. ...Well, alright, the people constantly hope a prophecy to come true which goes as thus...

    "When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come."

    So, yeah. What are the odds of a group of four random people to come out of nowhere, each one possessing a shining gemstone and WILLINGLY go on a quest to save the entire world despite the fact no-one would bother to help them, nor assist them in any way like providing finances or equipment? Yep, the world's doomed.

    ...Oh, wait. Four young heroes have been sighted in the horizion, each clutching a crystal in thier hands. We'll meet them in a few minutes.

    Strange that they'd simply come out of nowhere and hold something VERY important in clear view. You'd think the monsters would appear out of nowhere and try to kill them, huh? Anyways, looks like I was wrong. Guess I owe someone twenty bucks.

    Now let's just get to the story.

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