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    3.5 Eberron campaign



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    3.5 Eberron campaign

    Post by Midna on Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:00 am

    The Tabletop RP board really needs some more love.

    As you can probably tell, this is an interest/sign-up/discussion topic for a D&D 3.5 campaign I'm looking to start up (as some of you saw in the chat).

    The plot, such as it is, is pretty barebones at the moment, though it involves a band of thieves (Eberron being inspired by pulp fiction as it is). I plan to expand it as necessary based on the given backstories for interested parties' characters.

    Some things you should know:

    1. Homebrew races are allowed. If none of the default Eberron/D&D races strike your fancy, then feel free to make your own. Check with me first, though.

    2. Character sheet templates (in Excel) will be provided upon request or if enough interest is shown.

    3. Due to the limitations involved in play-by-post RPGs (and to a lesser extent my own personal laziness), maps will not be used. Distance will still exist (albeit conveyed through text). This may change in the future, though.

    That should cover everything. If you're up for it, go ahead and say so!

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