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    PIRATES! ...Something silly.

    8-Bit Wren
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    PIRATES! ...Something silly.

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:07 am

    Something I wrote in 10 minutes as part of a challenge at the school library, writing a story using items. IE, ants, beetles, a caterpillar a pirate ship, spiders, fake eyes and a treasure chest.

    Sorry. No Vriska. :P
    Once upon a time in a world similar to ours...

    Well, okay, that's kind of a lie. The world was nothing similar to ours considering there were no people on this planet, so you'd probably find that you would've been like an alien to them. Because here, everyone was a giant, talking bug. Ants, beetles, caterpillars, a whole heap of creepy crawlies.

    Anyway, getting to the point. On the ocean sails a ship, carrying riches beyond what one could dream about. Gold, silver, jewels, all locked inside a treasure chest below deck. The caterpillar which stands tall over the rest steers the ship with his many legs, ants peering over the sides of the boat, enjoying the salty sea air and keeping their eyes out for trouble.

    A beetle or two pull on the sails of the ship, making sure the wind keeps them on course as they sail back home...

    Until suddenly, a cannonball soars over their ship, causing the insects to turn around in a panic as a huge ship with eight cannons, four on either side zooms through the water towards them. The jolly-roger, the flag of pirates flying in the sky with monstrous spiders armed with cutlasses and swords, staring at their targets.

    Their captain stands tall above them, hairy legs, seven red eyes...and one that looks completely out of place, like a joke eye that spins around, but doesn't see. With a battle cry as they fire grappling hooks to attempt and board the ship, the ants and beetles ready themselves to fight.

    Scuttling forwards, each holding several blades in their multiple arms, the sound of steel clashing fills the air as they fight, showing no quarter or rest. The ants and beetles fall back as the spidery pirates advance before the caterpillar captain charges forwards, each arm holding a weapon as he alone manages to push the invaders back, fighting with a fury as he clashes with the pirate captain.

    Quickly realizing they are outmatched, the spider pirates retreat in a panic, leaving the ants and beetles victorious.

    ...Well, until a giant foot fell from the sky and smooshed everyone. Ah, well.

    THE END.

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