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    Interdimensional Guide on Travel (Stuff cut from TV Tropes)

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    Interdimensional Guide on Travel (Stuff cut from TV Tropes) Empty Interdimensional Guide on Travel (Stuff cut from TV Tropes)

    Post by Joey JoJo Shabadoo on Sat May 26, 2012 2:47 am

    Welcome to the Troper Board on Multiversal Travel and thank you for choosing or being chosen to join the Classification section of our Task Force. This Board was assembled after the Great Multiversal Incident of 09 to regulate and control interuniversal travel to prevent travellers from getting into difficulty, regulate trade in between universes and prevent certain universes from coming into contact with others.

    This section of Administrative deals with the classification and description of universes, their known inhabitants, the local tech base, known supernatural and psionic phenomena and most importantly; how dangerous they are to the common traveler. This section is the heart of our operation. In many ways, we are the policy setters. Intelligence is the eyes. Rescue and Enforcement are the hands. We are the brain which makes sense of what they see and after a fashion, directs their actions. Billions of dollars in business and thousands and sometimes millions or even billions of lives are affected by our designations and their accuracy... or lack thereof. So, no pressure, huh?

    -Internal Document 66-Classification Section Operative Manual, excerpt from pages 1-2(Introduction).

    Scales and Classification

    This scale is based on the course of technological development which most cultures follow to a greater or lesser extent. While there are major deviants from this course, they are generally rare. Not all technologies on a level need to be achieved to qualify, only most.

    N/A: Non-sentient No signs of sentient life.
    -9: Epipaleolithic Crude stone tools; some evidence of abstract thought.
    -8: Neolithic Complex stone tools; clear evidence of abstract thought.
    -7: Copper age/bronze age Early metal smelting; beginnings of civilization and agriculture.
    -6: Iron age Advanced metal smelting.
    -5: Roman/medieval tech Simple mechanisms.
    -4: Early Gunpowder Moderately complex mechanisms; early firearms.
    -3: Early industrial age Complex mechanisms; steam power.
    -2: Mid industrial Simple automation; electricity.
    -1: Fission Age Atomic power and weaponry; complex automation; primitive computing.
    0: Information Age Modern Earth, starting in the 1970s.
    1: Advanced Computing/Early Fusion age/Dawn of Biotech Customizable lifeforms; highly-interconnected computing; development (if not deployment) of fusion technology.
    2: Fusion age/Advanced Biotech Uplifted species; sophisticated biological warfare; beginnings of artificial intelligence.
    3: Age of Colonization Interplanetary travel; first offworld colonies. Primitive terraformation.
    4: Early Starflight Interstellar trips, often using the first FTL technology.
    5: Starflight Age Young interstellar polities. Generally post-FTL but before major interstellar polities (none bigger than 9-14 star systems.) Often at least one alien species known by this point.
    6: Advanced Starflight Mature nanotech or better, antimatter power sources, Gravitic Technology usually in use. Mature terraforming capabilities.
    7: Early Hypertech Not much more powerful or advanced than previous level, but the beginnings of Smart matter, Godlike AI, Planet cracking or Matter Transmission have been established. Many cultures undergo Technological Singularity at this point. This is generally the lowest tier which precursor cultures are to be found.
    8: Hypertech Era Matter Transmitters are often commonplace, planet cracking is often in reach, Smart-matter is not uncommon at this point and Zero point energy technologies are not unknown. Most of the Precursor cultures are to be found here.
    9: Übertech Godlike AI, advanced smart matter, picotech, controllable Time Travel.) The most well known examples are The Culture and the Time Lords. Most examples, however, are long since extinct or have otherwise disappeared.

    (Please note and concisely explain major deviations from the scale.)

    Magic/Psionics rating

    This rating is based off abilities demonstrated. Not all phenomena have to be present to qualify for a rating. The max number is determined by the highest level power shown in that universe or by the culture in question. As with technology, major deviations from median are to be noted and explained.

    0: No Magic/Psionics

    1: Clairvoyant/precognitive dreams, conversations with spirits, minor transmutation, basic 'glamor' (a Magical ability to obscure the nature of something from others), low level combat, minor to well developed empathic ability, low level telepathy, minor and clumsy telekinesis. Psionics rarely exceed the level of Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane.

    2: Competent magical attacks, charms, wards and curses. Advanced glamor, moderate transmutation, moderately active spirit world/Advanced empathic abilities, well developed telepathy, moderate and/or fairly dexterous telekinesis. Psionics usually or commonly rise above the level of Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane.

    3: Effective magical attacks, long lived and high power enviroment effects, very active and moderately interventionist spirit world/Powerful and long ranged telepathic abilities including basic manipulative abilities, such as addition or subtraction of memories or minor psionic compulsion, powerful and/or highly dexterous telekinetics and uncommon cases of more exotic effects. Combat disciplines beyond predicting enemy actions begin to become practical.

    4: Very powerful magical attacks, indefinite and extremely powerful environment effects, Extremely active spirit world that is generally highly interventionist/ Extremely powerful telepathy with highly advanced manipulative abilities, Extremely powerful and/or extremely dexterous Telekinesis, fairly common occurrences of more exotic effects such as teleportation or astral projection and/or well established combative disciplines.

    5: Magic attacks capable of reaching Megaton level outputs. Warping of reality itself. Spirit world of extreme power and easily capable of making its will felt upon 'mortal planes'/ Long range interstellar telepathy, telekinetic molecular manipulation, Teleportation or astral travel quite common and combat disciplines are almost always to be found here.

    Hazard rating

    This scale is determined by two things: (1) how dangerous the universe in question actually can be, I.E the prevalence of such things as assimilation entities, memetic hazards, violently xenophobic cultures or religions/cults/subcultures and the degree which the latter are embraced by the mainstream of the society in question, how common warfare is in the universe and how intense that warfare gets, the prevalence of piracy and other banditry or the stability of local government and (2) how likely travelers are to run afoul of these hazards. For example, a universe with horrific assimilation entities but little chance of encounter rates lower than a universe with naught but comparatively mundane warfare but in which warfare is prevalent and conscription is widespread.

    A breakdown of the hazard ratings follows:
    * X: No more hazardous than contemporary Earth.
    * XX: Somewhat hazardous, but reasonably safe for the prepared and sensible traveler.
    * XXX: Significant hazards. Prior transworld experience recommended. Travelers must prepare and file a travel plan. Casual travel not advised.
    * XXXX: Extreme hazards. Prior transworld experience highly recommended. Travelers must prepare and file a travel plan; cognizant supervisory personnel must prepare and file an emergency retrieval plan. Casual travel strongly disadvised.

    A + or - is used to show variance in hazard level small enough to not warrant a change in class.

    Ctrl+Alt+Del Universe
    * Tech Level: 0 (Though some of its inhabitants are capable of building sentient robots.)
    * Magic/Psionics Level: 0 (This Universe is a regular Earth. Watch out for the "wackiness", purple monkey dishwasher humor and ham-fisted drama.)
    * Hazard Rating: X-: If you get injured here for [[RuleOfFunny any reason]], expect to make a full recovery sooner or later.
    * Notes: The humans from this Universe are noted for having slack-jawed expressions and for having a bare minimum of personality. This Universe seems to revolve around brown-haired adult human named Ethan MacManus. Stay far away from him and anyone who associates with him, as he's insane and stupid by transdimensional standards.

    The Wotch Universe
    * Tech Level: 0 (Looks like a normal suburban city.)
    * Magic/Psionics Level:
    ** 0 for the Muggles
    ** 2-3 for the Wotch. Although, she uses it to change her friends' genders, bodies and personality on whim.
    * Hazard Rating: XX
    * Notes: This Universe has been theorized to be the creation of a Transexual God wanting a world that satisifies his needs. If one's male and runs across the Wotch, one must try to stay quiet and unnoticed. If one gets noticed while she's bored, She'll change her "victim" into a female]] and wipe away their personality in a flash.

    * Tech Level: 0
    * Magic/Psionics Level: 0
    * Hazard Rating: X
    * Notes: This universe is mostly composed of humans with virtually no personalty. Whenever they have a discussion, they tend to have strawman-like positions on whatever they intend to support. However, there's a man named Andrew Dobson. He tends to whine a lot and tends to be arrogant. There's a rumor that the God who created this Universe was into Inflation art at one point. He tried to disown this, but popular media won't let him live it down.

    Moon Over June 'verse
    * Tech Level: 0
    * Magic/Psionics Level: 0
    * Hazard Rating: X+: Male and female travelers are warned to stay away from the indigenous population for differing reasons. Males will get baraged with unfunny sexist jokes, while the females will be seduced by them.
    * Notes: The humans barely look like humans. They tend to be very tall, with freakishly thin, long legs, barrel torsos and no hips. This Earth is mostly populated by lesbians who can seduce any women they come across and tend to be ignorant on female-related issues.

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