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    SOTS II Patch Highlights.


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    SOTS II Patch Highlights. Empty SOTS II Patch Highlights.

    Post by Imca on Sun May 13, 2012 2:46 am

    One thing good about such a broken game, hilarious patch notes.... like.

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    SOTS II Patch Highlights. Empty Re: SOTS II Patch Highlights.

    Post by Imca on Sun May 13, 2012 2:47 am

    Sunnyko wrote:

    Divide by zero counter: 7

    Critical fixes:
    - The Continue Game button is now working.
    + Patched a ship repair divide-by-zero crash.
    - Fixed a crash when you killed the system killer.
    - Fixed circumstances under which canceling a mission might crash game.
    - Fixed drones firing while docked on carrier parent.
    - Fleets without admirals no longer display "Defacto" as their admiral.
    - Added fix to ensure that randoms and grand menaces don't spawn if all of them were disabled.
    - Fixed an end-of-combat crash caused by inserting the same combat results into the game twice.
    - Disabled purple placeholder effect appearing on all turret muzzles when firing. Existing muzzle effects still display as they did before the last update.
    + Treaty and Declare War options are now available in the diplomacy screen.
    + Fixed a crash the could occur when issuing orders to a ship with no crew.
    + It is no longer possible to scrap enemy ships.
    - Fixed occasional crash due to Main Menu combat
    - Fixed crash that could occur when destroying weapons in combat.
    - Fixed crash caused by opening battle manager at a system where platforms are available for placement.
    - Fixed a bug where dissolving a fleet would lead to empty fleets.
    - Fixed known issues where boarding pods and assault shuttles were not able to connect to ships
    + Fixed a crash that could be caused by not having enough admirals for starting fleets.
    + Fixed planetary missiles not firing.
    + Fixed numerous known issues with fleet pathing.
    + Fixed known issues where colony information would not disappear for a player, preventing re-colonization and causing a crash in some cases.
    + Enemy fleets no longer appear in the fleet manager.
    + Fixed an issue where ships could become stuck in a permanently spinning state.
    + Fixed the known issues where ships would not respond to controls.
    + Fixed a bug that was causing combat to be initiated when no ships were present.
    + Torpedoes now apply damage to planets.
    + Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the research cube on
    the star map.
    + Fixed a hang when more then 1 combat took place
    + Fixed biome colonizers from hurting biosphere when terraforming.
    - Fixed bug where fleets were getting forced to center of the sun.
    - Fixed bug where fleets could be placed inside planets.
    + Fixed the rare crash that could occur when previewing maps when creating a game.
    + Fixed the issue that was causing Hiver gates not to function until
    the game was reloaded.
    - A certain Suul'ka will now no longer instantly kill ships with its tentacle attacks.

    Other fixes and changes:
    - Turret fixes made to Human and Hiver Leviathans causing them to shoot through selves.
    - Fixed an issue where the specters could intermittently stop moving during combat.
    + The System Killer will no longer run into stations.
    + Fixed build order removal.
    + Fixed an issue where AI ships could fly into planets when performing fly-by maneuvers.
    + Fixed a number of turret errors (placed inside ship, placed backwards, etc.)
    + Fixed known issues where Drone carriers were not attaching drones.
    + Fixed known issue where meteors could not be destroyed.
    + Fixed bug where tooltips would be one line no matter how long they where.
    + Fixed a bug where a different station would be upgraded than the one selected.
    + Fixed known issues where boarding actions were not taking over ships.
    + Rapidly clicking buttons will no longer bypass feasibility studies.
    + Turrets no longer fire missiles after the crew are killed.
    + Fixed the issue where requesting surrender of an empire could lock
    out camera control.
    + Prevented Zuul ships from boring temporary node lines back from a
    deep space encounter.
    + Fixed the issue where Radiant Bore ships could not create node lines.
    + Fixed an issue where infrastructure was resetting to zero each time
    a planet was recolonized.
    + Fixed a crash caused by AI players attempting to ally with indy players.
    + Gate Lab upgrade requirements can now be met.
    + Zuul trade now unlocks correctly.
    + Fixed issues where missiles targeting spectres could damage a colony instead.
    + Fixed the missing news event notifying players of war declarations against them.
    + It is no longer possible to see enemy ship tool tips.
    + Fixed an issue where Leviathans were taking armor damage on the wrong side in combat.
    + Fixed a bug that was assigning unwanted modules to stations and ships.
    + Retreating ships no longer get pulled back into combat at the same location.
    + Strategic turn timer is now displayed in games that use it.
    + Fixed an issue where players were spawning too close to the star during random encounters.
    + Independent colonies no longer form on barren planetoids nor gas giants.
    + Fixed an issue that was allowing players to abandon enemy colonies.
    + Fixed an issue that was causing the AI to continually redesign thee same ship role turn after turn.
    + Restored sound.
    + Fixed unending rebellions.
    + Suul'ka now enter combat again.
    + AI no longer retires ships constantly.
    + AI now redesigns for missing ships, such as gates and bores.
    + Enemy ship construction ETA is no longer visible in system icons.
    + Targets of node cannons no longer leave empty fleets behind.
    + Colonization fleets no longer teleport on support runs.
    + Fixed issue where the star map UI was not reactivating on new turns
    (AKA Black Buttons of Doom).
    + Boarded ships no longer fire at unusually high rates.
    + Fixed an issue that could cause planets to share the same orbit.
    + Can no longer retrofit ships in a system without a colony.
    + Fixed an issue that could cause the strategic AI to redesign
    constructors and freighters each turn.
    + Fixed overharvesting beyond available resources.
    + The grovernment graph marker no longer moves beyond the graph bounds.
    + Stations no longer become constructed when construction fleets are absent.
    + Asteroid monitors no longer disappear from systems when research is complete.
    + Fixed a corner case that could result in ships rolling continually in combat.
    + Fixed an issue where shield generators were firing torpedoes.
    + Fixed an issue that was causing ships in combat to be equipped with
    random modules where none belong.
    + Fixed cases where attached boarding pods were super-sized.
    + Fixed an issue that could cause stations under construction to appear inside planets.
    + Fixed an audio problem that was leading to framerate loss over time.
    + Fixed an issue where planets were firing missiles when they shouldn't.
    - Fixed stations spawning in center of planet during rebellion.
    - Fixed fleet interception teleport bug. (OP Note: The intercepting fleets teleported to deep space. Like out-of-the-galaxy deep space.)
    - Fixed beam vs planet lengths.
    - Fixed Hivers using up gate points while committing missions to their home systems.
    - AI now repair fleets at systems.
    - Fix to prevent stations from being spawned in the center of a planet.
    - Fixed beams not rendering when origin is not on the screen.
    - Fixed bug that allowed meteors to capture admirals.
    - Fixed NPG moving in autoresolve combats
    - Fixed bug causing loa to secretly pay corruption expenses

    Additions and Changes
    + Tar Baby COL added.
    + Carriers can now carry other carriers.
    + Multiple missions can be issued from a single screen for Survey, Relocate, Colonize, Support, Patrol,
    Interdict, Invade and Strike.
    + Construction, Upgrade and Patrol missions now have an optional rebase on completion.

    Known Issues:
    - Drones cannot be designed.
    - Scrapping ships does not yet yield bonuses.
    - System Killer auto resolve is not producing results.
    - Some star systems have anomalous moon orbits.

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