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    Super Nintendo Wars: Judgement

    Joey JoJo Shabadoo
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    Super Nintendo Wars: Judgement Empty Super Nintendo Wars: Judgement

    Post by Joey JoJo Shabadoo on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:59 pm


    Humanity has taken a great step in improving their technology after 200 years of strife. Some of the pure-human survivors have gotten onto a White boat and decided to settle on the Nowhere Islands and wiped their minds clean, leaving technology behind in the process. Some of these humans decided to stay behind and work together with Reploids to create a new race of machine-human hybrids. However, they have not mentally matured and solved their numerous problems with each other. People had hoped for a new age, but with the rapid changes come dissent and strife.

    Maverick Uprisings are still occurring. No one is quite sure what or who causes them at this moment. Little girls have been kidnapped by a giant masked bird, looking for someone in particular: the true descendant of Princess Zelda. A pig-themed militia has somehow introduced technology to the people of the Nowhere Islands, corrupting them in the process.

    It is now 23XX CE.

    The current war seems to have no end in sight.

    The Day of Judgment is near...


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