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    ITT: My Characters, DnD Style. (Sorta)

    8-Bit Wren
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    ITT: My Characters, DnD Style. (Sorta) Empty ITT: My Characters, DnD Style. (Sorta)

    Post by 8-Bit Wren on Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:01 am

    What the name of the topic is, yep. Do note I'm just going to try to keep it to a minimum since it'll probably get absurdly big real fast. And, as usual, we'll start with the green-haired one. For RPG/Balance purposes, all characters will be Level 1.

    And this is mostly because I'm too lazy to make my own class. <_< But I'll make my own race, so, bluh.
    Name: Falken Whysperwind.
    Alignment: Neutral Good(?)
    Height/Weight/Age: 5.2/42kg/20 (Ageless)
    Race: ...Take a wild guess.
    Class: Depends. DnD? Monk. BESM? Martial Artist.

    STR: 15 +2(Mod)
    DEX: 16 +3(Mod)
    CON: 10 -1(Penalty, see EXTRA.)
    INT: 10
    WIS: 14 +2(Mod)
    CHA: 13 +1(Mod) +1(Bonus See Extra.)

    HP: 10.
    AC: 15 = 10 + 3(Dex Mod) + 2(WIS/Monk's AC Bonus)

    Fortitude: 4 = 2(Base) + 2 (Extra)
    Reflex: 9 = 2 + 3(Dex) + 4 (Extra)
    Will: 6 = 2 + 2(Wis) + 2 (Extra)

    BAB: 0.
    CMB: 2 = 2(Str)
    EXTRA, Info on the Harpy Race

    +1 Charisma, -1 Con: Harpies are generally considered to be cheerful, friendly and well-liked to other races. However, they tend to be rather frail as a result.

    Enhanced Reactions, But...: Harpies get a +2 to their saving throws as they tend to be strong willed and +4 to their reflexes as flying at high speeds means they'd have to have quick reaction times. However, they take an extra point of damage from arrow-based attacks.

    Medium Size: Yup. For the most part, anyway.

    Swift: A harpy has a movement speed of 25 ft.

    Flight: Well, obviously. Getting an extra +20ft to movement and an extra +4 to DEX. Of course, getting hit by a ranged attack means they need to make a Flat-Footed reflex check or fall.

    ...Um, I thinks that's it for nows.

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