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    "What Lies Beneath": The Skyrim Arc Adaptation


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    "What Lies Beneath": The Skyrim Arc Adaptation Empty "What Lies Beneath": The Skyrim Arc Adaptation

    Post by arcadiarika on Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:46 am

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the adaptation of the quest What Lies Beneath, created in such a way that it would fit with the events involving two of my characters from We Are Our Avatars. Please do enjoy, and give out constructive criticism.

    There lies a mysterious lighthouse between Dawnstar and Winterhold. One that's filled with dark secrets. Whispers of a strong creature lies there, as well as other whispers of death. Just what kind of story does this lighthouse contain?

    A silver-haired teenager, much older in reality, is on her way to Winterhold, carrying a sack filled with various items. She dropped off a suit of armor and a sword for two of her new friends, and she went back in order to get more supplies. Some Soul Gems here and there due to mining, some alchemy ingredients, some potions.

    Clad in Ebony Armor she crafted herself, the woman continued on her trek until she saw another woman, brunette-haired and clad in Orcish Armor--one of the most hideous armor sets ever, according to the guards--standing next to her.

    The silver-haired woman was named Catherine Grayson. The brunette? She had many names, but many called her "Rika". Catherine used to be known as the famous (or infamous, depending on your mood) Carter Grayson, known for many a badass deed. Until he requested to become a woman, but she still hasn't slowed down--she chooses to pick her battles. Rika, on the other hand, was a fangirl. Let's just leave it at that.

    "The hell were you? I was searching for you when there was a dragon fight! Granted, I left before that happened, but...I needed to find you, to see if you were safe, because, fucking dammit, you never came back!" Rika exclaimed, happy to have found her adoptive mother.

    "There was a dragon?!" Catherine shrieked. "Is everyone all right?"

    "Honestly, the hell I know. As mentioned, I left. I was, like, trying to buy some items.

    "Then before I left, there was a huge dragon. And I glanced at the guys fighting it. I'm sure they handled it well."

    " Alyx even okay?"


    Rika said nothing. Catherine wanted to communicate with her Other, who she treated more like the little brother she never had, but she remembered that she did not have her morpher.

    "Please tell me that he isn't dead..." Catherine asked.

    "He probably slept through. I found him, well, sound asleep. I cannot fucking believe that just one mead would make him knock out for days!" Rika verified.

    Catherine, on the other hand, had a concerned look on her face. She silently hoped that Alyx would be all right. She wanted to see if everyone was all right, and Rika wasn't telling her stories.

    "Well, it's a good thing that I'm heading back to Winterhold, then," she sighed. "I'm glad you're safe, but...let's go."

    "You worry too much," Rika noted, and the two walked to their destination.

    But little did they know, a mystery awaited them.

    Halfway between Dawnstar, where Catherine temporarily stayed, and Winterhold, the two women notice a lighthouse.

    "Is that a landmark or some shit?" Rika asked, curious about the design. "Or is this something abandoned?"

    "I don't know," Catherine replied, "and quite honestly...I really don't like the looks of this place." Rika shrugged, and, being one for adventure, she wandered off. Catherine gasped, and she ran after her daughter.

    "Rika! You get back here now!" she berated. "Otherwise, you are grounded!"

    "You can't ground me, I'm an adult!" Rika pointed out...until she stopped dead in her tracts, letting out a bloodcurling scream. "OH, GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!"

    Catherine's eyes flashed, and she ran to Rika, who was sinking down. To say that the brunette 30-year-old is mentally trying to reel from the horror is an understatement.

    Located at the entrance of Frostflow Lighthouse, this abandoned lighthouse, is the carcass of a horse. How did it get there? What killed it?

    "Oh, my God..." Catherine whispered, and she found herself trembling. She was used to so many sightings of darkness, of death, of despair. Somehow, that one vision of a horse's dead body is starting to make her panic.

    Eventually, she calmed down.

    You can do this, Catherine, stay strong for Rika. For yourself... she thought.

    "Rika." Catherine spoke, in a stronger voice. "Pull yourself together."

    "How the fuck did that horse even get slaughtered?!" Rika shrieked.

    "We don't know. We'll need to investigate. If you wish to come with me, do so. But be prepared, for we do not know what horrors await us, if any."

    "...f-fuck rescue work, man..."

    Rika's eyes were filled with tears. Oddly enough, Catherine did not react negatively, but rather she pulled her daughter closer for a hug.

    "It'll be all right, Rika," Catherine comforted. "We're a family. We must stay together. Now, you can come with me, or you can either stay here or leave to Winterhold. I'll join you as soon as I can."

    "...I brought us into this mess, Mom..." Rika replied, wiping her eyes. "If you're going...I guess I'll go."

    With one reassuring hand on Rika's shoulder, Catherine left. But before the adopted Grayson could follow, Rika snuck a peek into the work shed, snagging a few potions, some gold, leather strips, and a few poisons. And some leeks and potatoes in a garden. Perhaps it would come in handy.

    Inside the lighthouse, Catherine looked in all directions, always on her guard. She was, after all, an expert rescue soldier prior to entering this world.

    Rika, after gaining the items, followed her mother, and then the two notice a body. Rika gasped, nearly releasing her grip on the items until she caught them.

    "Rika, perhaps it's best to put the items in my bag," Catherine suggested, and Rika did what her mother told her to do. They then examined the body--a dark-skinned woman, and in her chest, a strange axe.

    "W-w-who is that?" Rika stammered, staring.

    "I don't know..."

    "Is she...what happened to her?"

    Without answering, Catherine noticed the amount of blood surrounding the body. Next to the body is another corpse, but it appeared to be a creature. Something that, likely, she never recognized before. Monstrous, almost like a scorpion, and yet, it didn't have a face.

    Next to the woman's corpse is a journal. Rika spotted it.

    "Mom! What's in there?" she asked.

    Catherine opened up the book, and she began to read it. "'After years of sailing from Hammerfell to Solstheim and back, Ramati and I have finally saved enough money to buy that old light house we spotted on the coast and we are moving in next month.'

    "'These Nords really know how to live. It may be cold, but you can't beat the tranquility of the watching icebergs to live out your silver years. Ramati loves the place too, despite the occasional leaky ceiling. Mani and Sudi, unfortunately, seem miserable here; I know the kids are old enough to strike out on their own, but I hope they'll grow to love the peace and quiet here as I have.'"

    As Catherine continued to read, she tried to have a steady voice...

    "'Mani and Sudi continue to bicker and harass each other and they seem to have started in on their mother as well. Ramati keeps finding things missing from the cellar. Sudi said she heard a noise down there but Mani just thinks their mother is going mad from isolation. The very thought of it is ridiculous, she's always wanted to retire here!'

    "'Sudi keeps saying that she hears scratching coming from the cellar at night. I think she's just trying to get her mother's goat, but I'd better head into town to get a few traps just in case it's skeevers. Should only take a couple days. I just hope those two go easy on Ramati while I'm gone.'"

    Then, upon seeing the final entry...she mustered all of her strength, looking at the corpses...

    "'Oh gods. Oh gods why?
    "'I returned home to find my beautiful Ramati killed and this thing, this horrible bug-like creature ransacking our home. I managed to kill the damned thing, I think it might be a daedra! I've never seen anything like it! Oh gods poor Ramati.
    "'It must have come out of the cellar. I'm going down there and locking the door behind me to make sure they don't escape. I don't know if I'll make it out, but I have to save my family!'"

    After reading it, Catherine stared in horror, her eyes bulging, wanting to scream. But it took her all of her might to not show fear. She was a rescue soldier, and she was trained to never be afraid.

    "Who wrote it?" Rika asked after five minutes of silence.

    "Someone named Habd," Catherine replied. "I'd presume that he thought that they wouldn't be harmed. And yet, this happened. Perhaps this creature...if they faced it, then..."

    Her voice drifted off. She also thought about Daedra...she thought she heard Imca talking about it before. Could this, indeed, be a Daedra? Or could it be something else?

    "What are you thinking of?" Rika questioned.

    "...nothing," Catherine replied, and she placed the book down. She went off in search of the family, Rika following...also taking the strange war axe with her.

    "The fuck is this thing?" Rika blurted out after another five minutes of silence. Catherine never thought about that strange weapon until it was brought to her attention. She looked at it closely...

    "Must be someone else's," she replied. "I don't know what wields this weapon...or who. We may be facing an intruder who's skilled at wielding the weapons and using these creatures, or something else entirely."

    Catherine and Rika walked until they saw the left-hand bedroom...locked. Trying out lockpicketing, she managed to break the lock with using a small wire, though it took three minutes to do so. She smiled at Rika, reassuringly.

    "You still all right?" she asked.

    "Kind of...I'm sorry, Mom..." Rika apologized.

    "Rika, it'll be fine, as long as we stay together. I promise you, nothing bad will happen to us. We'll solve the mystery together."

    Rika gave a small smile, and she walked inside, finding another diary.

    "Oh, hey, another book!" she blurted out, and she read it this time.

    "'I hate it here. Why did we have to move to Skyrim anyway? I miss the big port cities, there was always something to do and new people around. Or even being cabin girl on one ships [sic] we used to sail on would be better than this! Mani says we should run away, but I can't leave Mother and Father alone out here... Oh what to do?'

    "'We've been here for two months now and there is nothing to do! From the top of the lighthouse we can see all the way to the College at Winterhold, but Father says that magic is for Daedra worshippers. The only interesting thing to have happened lately is that Mother snapped at us at dinner and accused us of stealing things out of the cellar. I did hear scratching down there the other night, but I thought it was just Father cleaning fish.'"

    Rika paused with a frown.

    "Okay, first of all, Daedra worshippers? That's bullshit! That would mean that all magic would be bad! Secondly--"

    Catherine gave Rika a stern glare.

    "...sorry, Mom," Rika apologized, and she continued to read.

    "'I caught Mani in the cellar a couple days ago going through some the barrels and crates. At first I thought it was him all along making those scratches to play a trick on me, but I heard them again last night and Mani was in bed. Father finally said he would go get some traps and poison from town in case it's skeevers. I'm really scared, it doesn't sound like skeevers to me.'"

    Rika gulped as she opened the last page of the journal.

    "'Mani won't listen, he thinks I'm just making up the noises and keeps sneaking into the cellar! Oooh why is he so stupid some times? I don't know why he keeps going down there but I've found the cellar key he copied and hid it in Mother's favorite keepsake so he won't find it. The scratching is getting louder.'"

    After reading it, Rika looked quickly at Catherine.

    "You know, I do wonder why the hell they didn't just leave..." she began to ask, but Catherine, while continuing to search for more clues, was quick to answer.

    "Who knows? Perhaps they thought that they'd be safe. There would be nothing wrong. I'm hoping that the remaining members of the family are still we can save them."

    Catherine then found a letter in the same bedroom. Mani's letter.

    I know you've been making up that stuff about the noises in the basement to try to get me to stay, but I'm only waiting till Father gets home so you and Mother are safe. You could always come meet up with me before I head back to Hammerfell.
    Take care of yourself little sister

    "...huh. And yet, Sudi claimed that Mani made the's odd," she muttered after reading it.

    The two nodded, and they left the bedroom. When they did, somehow, the door was locked again. Don't ask how that happened.

    So far, they received some clues, namely a few details. First, Sudi kept an item in her mother's keepsake, whatever that was. What was the key for, anyway, and how would it be used? Secondly, the appearance of odd creatures that were not skeevers. What, exactly, were they?

    The two women headed to the room on the right, and once again, Catherine unlocked it...that time, it took seven minutes. She led the way, finding the last journal, and she read it silently this time, allowing Rika to read along.

    We finally did it. We bought the lighthouse. I thought Habd was just making idle promises all these years, what husband doesn't want to promise their wife the two moons from the sky, but I didn't think we'd actually manage to get it! Now if I could only find where we put everything.

    I can't find my favorite cooking pot and it is slightly infuriating. Sudi and Mani seem unhappy, but they're still young and don't seem to understand that we just want to spend a few more years with them before they leave us to see the world. I know they think their father will live forever, but I see his age creeping into his eyes. He made me promise again that when he died I would put his bones in the lighthouse fire so he could look out over the ocean forever.

    "...this is rather poignant, how these kids...they have huge ambitions, and yet, their mother and father...they're rather close, despite all of the problems," Catherine muttered, feeling that it hit close to home. Why? As a mother herself, it felt important for her to have her children spend time with each other and with their mother as much as possible.

    Rika felt it, too, being a mother as well. "Yeah...that's something I need to remember, as I'm spending time with my kids," she agreed.

    The two continued to read.

    Oooh those two get to me sometimes! I went to unpack some of our keepsakes from the trading ships we used to sail but I can't find them!

    Sudi keeps saying she's hearing something in the basement at night and Mani suggested it was skeevers! They know I hate skeevers! Now I'm too scared to go down there at all. I'm glad I unpacked my favorite urn and put it safely on the mantle before those two started causing mischief. If they put a skeever in the basement I swear...

    "...okay, that feeling is gone now," Catherine groaned. "From what we saw, Mani and Sudi accused each other, and yet...good Lord."

    "You still wanting to save them?" Rika blurted out in surprise.

    "Of course. I cannot say 'no' to something like this. For God's sakes, this woman was murdered! We must find out where the rest of the family are located!"


    "No, I should apologize for shouting out...anyway...we should go and find that urn."

    The two go in search for the urn, which they spot. The urn was on top of the fireplace, alongside a strange torchbug in a jar.

    "Fuck, I need a friend," Rika stated as she picked up the torchbug. "Hey, little fella, how are you?"

    "'s nice and all that you made a friend, but...we must focus on the murders," Catherine interrupted. She found the door to the cellar, and she unlocked it.

    "Before we go to the cellar, Rika...I offer you one last chance to go back outside. You can stay outside and be safe. I'll join you as soon as I can. All I care about is your safety, even as I'll go deeper."

    Rika gave it a minute of thought...

    "No, Mom. It's fine that you care about me. But you can't worry about me all the time. Fuck, you can't worry about everyone else! You said so yourself, everyone is capable of taking care of themselves.

    "So you know what? I brought us into this mess. I'm still sticking with my decision, seeing it to the end. So let's fucking go!" she stated with a brave smile, just for her adoptive mother.

    As the two head down to the cellar, Catherine had a thought.

    Rika may be a bit brash for her own good--oh, too brash for her own good--but she may have a point. I need to stop worrying and let her do her own thing. It isn't good for the both of us... she thought to herself.

    Deeper into the bowels of the cellar, the two found themselves surrounded by the strange, same creatures that they saw before. Hordes of them...the scorpion-esque monsters capable of killing an adult human with their poisons, which they attempt to use on the women.

    "Fuck!" Catherine screamed, and she defended herself with the Ebony Shield. Several of the creatures scratched her, doing some decent damage, but all she can do was using her Shock Wave to stun them. After achieving it, she used her Ebony War Axe of Flames to finish them off.

    Rika, in the meantime, was having difficulty. All she could do was dodging the poison attacks. She finally gained the strength and courage to use her Orcish Sword of Frost to freeze them, though it took fifteen slashes. And she was facing three of the creatures.

    After fighting them, Catherine obtained the chitin.

    "I don't think these are Daedra, because these are not hearts," she stated.

    "Then what the hell are those?" Rika asked, catching her breath.

    "...I don't know," she admitted.

    As they went on, heading into an ice cave, they spotted a body on top of the rocks.

    "Oh, God..." Rika gasped, and she ran closer...until a vicious, elf-like creature nearly abducted her.

    "RIKA!" Catherine cried out, and she used the Ebony Sword of Devouring in order to save her daughter. She managed to stab the strong creature, though it was not effective.

    The strong creature, the Falmer, directed its attention to Catherine, attempting to poison her with his arrows. She, once again, used her shield to block the arrow until one grazed her face cheek.

    With a groan, Catherine used a Cure Poison potion before she would succumb to the effects. That gave plenty of time for Rika to spin-kick the Falmer down, though it made her stumble. Despite it, the Falmer tried to shoot her, and she dodged the arrows as she climbed on top of the altar...where she found the dead body of Mani.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Rika shrieked, seeing the man's corpse, the Falmer Sword embedded in his chest. She was too petrified to move, and the Falmer tackled Rika, nearly making her fall...

    She grabbed the edge of the altar, trying to climb up. The Falmer attempted, still, to knock her down...and that gave Catherine time to use her spell.

    "Fire Spell: Level 2! Flame Wheel!" she cried out, and she used a super-effective Flame Wheel to finish the Falmer off, killing him. Rika had enough time to climb back up and get the sword off Mani's corpse.

    Catherine climbed up as well after obtaining the Falmer Arrows and Bow. "Oh, my God!" she cried out, also seeing the body. "Is that...?"

    "I think it's Mani," Rika replied. "How did they manage to kill him?!"

    "...perhaps those creatures killed him..." Catherine gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Come on, Rika, let's see if there are any more survivors!"

    The two head deeper and deeper, surviving close calls along the way. Getting more of the chitin and a few gold and weapons from the fallen enemies.

    Part 2 will continue soon...

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    "What Lies Beneath": The Skyrim Arc Adaptation Empty "What Lies Beneath: Part 2"

    Post by arcadiarika on Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:27 pm

    Part 2

    Further along, almost to the underpass, Catherine and Rika spotted something along the way. On the left was a chest. Rika tried to run over to the item, and she quickly unlocked it.

    Inside were some Stop Poison potions...and a trap nearby. Rika grabbed the potion before the bear trap could ensnare her arm.

    "Oh, God!" she shrieked.

    "Are you okay?!" Catherine yelled.

    "Y-yeah...I'm fine..."

    "...just be careful around those traps, all right?"


    After placing the Stop Poisons in her bag, the duo saw a body in a cell. Catherine studied the was that of Sudi, and there was an Iron Dagger next to the body.

    "...oh...that means...the entire family, thus far, is dead..." she whispered.

    "What do you mean?" Rika asked, and Catherine pointed to two sheets of paper. One was bloodstained and next to the corpse. The other was clean.

    Rika entered the cell cautiously and read the clean, albeit scrawled, letter.

    "'I don't know how long we've been down here. Father came down to find us, but those things captured him as well. I asked him if he'd seen Mother or Mani, but I don't know if he could even hear me. One of those big bugs bit him when he tried to get free and now he's feverish.'

    "Hey, Mom. You mentioned something to me, the night before you left, that you and some Glaceon girl talked about a Daedra. What are those?" Rika asked.

    "I only know that Daedra are creatures that others hunt down. The woman I talked to, while forging her tanto knife with the Daedra heart, stated that wearing such an armor--those crafted with the Daedra heart--was dangerous. Upon reading the journal, I am starting to see why they're dangerous...though I feel that they're not the ones who caused the murder," Catherine explained.

    "Then what did?"

    "I don't know. But if Daedra leave things, I doubt that they'd leave weapons and Chitin."

    Rika nodded, and she thought. "The guy getting poisoned and feverish...I hate to be like him." She then shuddered.

    Catherine looked at the bloodstained letter and deciphered it as best as she could.

    They took Father.
    There had been some others they brought down but they led them off and all we heard were the screams and now Father is gone too. Oh gods why didn't I listen to Mani? Father's fever was getting worse and kept mumbling about daedra. I don't know where he was hiding it, but I think I know why he left me this dagger.

    "Nothing killed her. She killed herself rather than allowing the monsters to kill her," Catherine deducted. "Now that we know what has happened...we must avenge their deaths, no matter what!"

    "You're right, Mom." Rika nodded. "Personally, these creatures..." She then placed her Orcish Helmet on her head. "...just bug the shit out of me."

    Somewhere, somehow, there was a loud "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" that made Catherine blink.

    "What on Earth was that?" she asked.

    "It's best to not ask," Rika replied, and the two went off, ready to avenge the family's deaths.

    In the underpass, the two women treaded carefully. Just in case if there were more Falmer and the deadly scorpion-esque monsters. As they continued on, Catherine continued to use her fire-type attacks on any Falmer she saw, whereas Rika used the Falmer Sword on any Chaurus. Constantly, it was a long battle in which it never seemed to end.

    After finally reaching the end when it felt like the underpass would go on forever, the two women noticed something. Namely, it was a long drop to the deepest, darkest areas of the abyss. And to make things even worse, there were the scorpion creatures.

    "Oh, for fuck's sake, can't we catch a damn break?!" Rika shouted.

    "We can't, Rika. We'll need to fight them..." Catherine replied, and she jumped down and casted Fire Rune. Rika jumped below, and immediately after that, the creatures tried to bite her...

    Until they were hit by Catherine's Fire Rune.

    To which they were knocked backwards.

    Rika sighed in relief, happy that they didn't poison her, and she used her Orcish Sword of Frost to slash them. One of the creatures bit her, but she wasn't poisoned, nor did she take a lot of damage thanks in large part to her helmet covering her.

    Catherine traded places with Rika, and she unleashed Glaciate on the creatures. One of them knocked her backwards with the tail, and Rika finished them off by using her Orcish Sword of Frost once again.

    "For God's sake...these guys should just give up," Rika mentioned with a laugh.

    "I don't think they'll agree with you, Rika," Catherine pointed out. She then realized that there was a poison that was dropped, and thus, she obtained it.

    Walking further, they found the breeding ground. Catherine finally realized what they were.

    "Oh, God..." she whispered.

    "What?" Rika questioned.

    "They're Chaurus. They are Chaurus!"

    "They're what?"

    The Chaurus, in which they were throngs of them, surrounded the Graysons. There appeared to be no way out. If the underpass wasn't hellish to go through, this made said area look like a damn walk in the park.

    "Ready, Rika?!" Catherine shouted, her voice growing stronger.

    "Ready, Mom!" Rika replied bravely, and the two jumped into battle.

    Rika dual-wielded both her Orcish Sword of Frost and the Falmer Sword, ensuring that both weapons would do more damage than what she can do with just one. Despite that bold move, the Chaurus surrounded her, making the poor woman nearly in danger. She even was attacked many times, but she was luckily not poisoned.

    "F...fuck..." Rika groaned, until Catherine used Healing to heal her daughter...but, sadly, only just.

    "Damn it, that didn't work?!" she cried out, and she used a Fortify Health (60 Seconds) + Restore Health potion for Rika, completely healing her.

    "Thanks, Mom!" Rika cried out, and she continued to dual-wield, slashing them over and over until her section was defeated. She happily gained the spoils, which were mostly Chaurus Chitin, some Eggs, and a Flawless Sapphire.


    Catherine effortlessly used her Fire spells--Flame Wheel and Fire Rune--to weaken the Chaurus. However, they mobbed her and prepared to eat her alive until she punched one of them, trying to fight back.

    "Mom!" Rika cried out, and she threw herself into the fight, trying to toss the Chaurus aside, to no effect.

    Catherine, trying not to become the next meal, placed a Fire Rune on where she was laying...and then, as the Chaurus moved closer, they were all blasted backwards, freeing herself. She used the Falmer Arrows to finish them off.

    "...well. That was a challenge," she stated, laughing. She and Rika thought that it was all over.

    But it wasn't meant to be.

    For the worst was about to come.

    How? Because a higher-up Chaurus entered, ready to kill the two Graysons.

    "WHAT IS THAT?!" Rika shrieked.

    "A stronger Chaurus..." Catherine answered, and she wore her helmet, to be sure. She was ready.

    So was Rika.

    They were about to face one of the greatest challenges ever.

    The Chaurus Reaper began to spray poison, and the two women dodged the attacks. Rika sprang up and tried to slash the Chaurus Reaper, but it slashed her back.

    Catherine ran up to the Reaper, but it was faster than her. She attempted to slash him with the Ebony War Axe of Flames, which she managed to do. Barely. For the Chaurus Reaper tossed her aside afterwards.

    Rika charged back, preparing the Falmer Sword. However, the Chaurus managed to get a good shot, and he poisoned Rika critically.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Rika screamed, and she became under the effects of the poison rapidly...

    "RIKA!!" Catherine shrieked, upon seeing her daughter poisoned and weakened. That would have been a time for her to panic and figure out what to do.

    But it wasn't one of those times.


    The Chaurus Reaper awakened something in her. A total fury, very much like when she became furious over Michael's death by his archangel namesake.

    Grabbing her Ebony War Axe, she wildly swung it at the Reaper, screaming in fury. No one should try to mess with a mother's child. Especially if said mother was a Power Ranger with a strong sense of family.

    "YOU! WILL! NEVER! HARM! MY! DAUGHTER! AGAIN! YOU! FUCKING! BASTARD!!" Catherine roared, wanting to kill the monster. The Chaurus Reaper tried to poison her, but the axe blocked the attacks.

    Meanwhile, Rika was nearly dead. Trying so hard to stay alive, she tried to grab one of the Cure Poisons out of her bag.

    "...come on..." she whispered, and she coughed. Weakly, she opened the potion, and she tried to drink it...

    Back at the fight, the Chaurus Reaper, at half-strength due to him trying to attack her, stopped her War Axe and, once again, tossed her aside. Before he could poison her, Rika deflected the attack.

    "Hey," she greeted, looking weak but was cured. "Don't try to kill my mom."

    "Rika! Oh, my baby..." Catherine cheered, and the two hugged each other. "Are you okay?"


    "...I'm so sorry for everything...I would have tried to heal you, but..."

    Then the Chaurus Reaper tried to poison them again. They separated and dodged the attack, and they slashed the Chaurus Reaper several times.

    Until the Chaurus Reaper tried to poison Catherine. Instead, he ended up poisoning the both of them.

    That awakened their sense of survival.

    They grabbed their Cure Poisons and drank it, and they became cured, Rika most definitely. They nodded.

    "How about one final strike?" Catherine asked.

    "Let's do it!" Rika cheered.

    And so, Catherine sliced the Chaurus Reaper with her Ebony War Axe. Rika? She stabbed its head, if any, with the Falmer Sword. The Chaurus Reaper fell down, dead. And as the final part? Catherine casted Soul Trap to ensure that its soul would be placed in the Common Soul Gem, filling it up.

    "We...we did it!" Catherine shouted, and the two women hugged again.

    "D-does this mean that...?" Rika questioned.

    "First, we'll have to see what happened," Catherine answered, and she examined the sliced corpse of the Chaurus Reaper. On him are a set of keys...and some bones in his stomach.

    "Is that?" Rika asked.

    "I think this is it," Catherine replied, and she pulled out Habd's remains. "Poor man...he died before he would be able to save his family..."

    "Yeah, that would suck. do we get to the lighthouse?"

    "Come on. I'll find the way."

    Catherine and Rika head back up to the lighthouse. From there, after unlocking the door, there were a chest and a fire. She prayed for the souls of the family, assuring them that they'll be able to rest in peace now, and she placed Habd's remains in the fire.

    " It's what he wanted..." Rika stated sadly.

    "Indeed," Catherine replied...and her body started to glow.

    "Mom! What's going on?!"

    After three minutes, the glowing stopped. Catherine didn't feel much different...except that since she placed his remains into the fire, she gained Sailor's Repose, a permanent 10% increase in healing spells!

    "It's nothing, Rika," Catherine assured. "Habd was glad, I'm sure, that his request was granted. And now...I can heal a bit more effectively."

    "That's awesome!"

    Catherine smiled at her daughter, and the two hugged. They then noticed a chest.

    "Can I open it, Mom?" Rika asked.

    "Of course!" Catherine cheerfully answered.

    Rika happily opened up the chest...and inside, there were enchanted armor. Silver Jeweled Necklace of Waterbreathing. Orcish Boots of Muffling. Ebony Warhammer of the Vampire. Glass Warhammer of the Blaze. Orcish Sword of Freezing. Ebony Mace of Storms. Steel Greatsword of Fear. And many more, including gems, Ingots, and gold.

    "Oh, my God...this is awesome!" Rika squealed.

    "Indeed," Catherine replied. "But do you know what the greatest treasure is?"

    "What is it?"

    "I don't know if you heard it or not, but...being together with you. You've learned a lesson, did you not?"

    "Yeah. Don't jump into anything until you know what you're getting yourself into."

    "Exactly. Now let us enjoy the view."

    Catherine and Rika overlooked the view, how beautiful it was. They could not wait until they arrived back at Winterhold to tell their tale of how they defeated foes in order to gain vengeance.

    As for Hadb and his family? Catherine and Rika knew that they would finally rest in peace, now that they solved the mystery.

    Indeed, out of all the things that happened to Rika and Catherine, this one was the most frightening of all. And yet, with their family bonds...they succeeded.

    And that was all that mattered.


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