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    Within Reason


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    Within Reason

    Post by Hilarity on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:28 am

    (Welp, I decided to write something, even though it's just a rough draft right now. It's the start of an absurdist story I'm working on, and right now the narrative is kind of disjointed. Oh well.)

    Nathan sat on his sofa, staring blankly ahead. The world outside his window did not matter at that moment, assuming it ever did in the first place. And why would it? He had all he needed right in the palm of his hand. It was glittering, shining pixie dust, taken straight from the little vermin that gave it it's name. It was so inviting that he could not help but snort it through his nostril as quickly as possible. In it went, with the intensity of a lightning bolt. His heart raced, his eyes glazed over, and he could feel his mind open for a few brief seconds. In truth, though, the only thing that opened was his front door. A robot walked into his house and surveyed the surroundings. He looked at Nathan with a cold gaze, and began to speak in a distorted tone.

    “Nathaniel D. Wilshire, the King and Queen wish to see you immediately.”

    Nathan stared at the automation as though he just called him the prettiest woman in the whole world. In this instance, though, there was not a repressed part his psyche that considered this particular statement a compliment.

    “We do not have a King or Queen,” Nathan replied. “This land has been in a state of anarchy for centuries.”

    “I am aware of that,” buzzed the machine. “However, they are both wearing very convincing costumes, so I believe that it is crucial that you meet with them as soon as possible.”

    Nathan blinked. “And that is why you have come here? You really think that makes them important?”

    “What's important is irrelevant. But in either case, these people have captured your attention. Aren't you curious?”

    Nathan could think of no argument for this. On one hand, it was plainly obvious that the robot was being foolish. It stood to reason that in a society without any true laws or leaders that this request carried no weight, and that these so-called royalties had no real authority. But he knew quite well that reason itself was an anathema, and one look out the window into the world of depraved fantasy was proof of that. Applying logic to a world that had none was an absurd practice, after all. The last thing that Nathan wanted to do was appear foolish in front of this perfectly reasonable gentlemen who broke into his house to send him a message on behalf of false leaders. It was simply too unbecoming of him. And with that, he conceded.

    “Fine,” Nathan groaned. “Where are these people?”

    “See?” The robot looked quite pleased. “That's the spirit. Now, follow me.”

    They left Nathan's home and embarked on their journey. Immediately, Nathan was confronted with so many things that his mind could barely account for them all. What he saw at first was simple enough. Houses were scattered around the grassy plains in a way that vaguely resembled a neighborhood. Some of them were built with wood, and occasionally even bricks and mortar. But most of them were simply made from dirt. The reasoning behind this was supposedly that the residents wanted to become closer to the earth, but Nathan knew they were just too poor to afford any other accommodations. This was perfectly fine, though, because it was just some harmless denial. Looking around only confirmed further that denial was, in fact, a good thing. The proof could be found in the form of a large electric rod that was place in the middle of town. In no way was it logically capable of providing electricity to the people's homes as it was intended to, nor did most of them even power their homes electrically. Both of these were only minor obstacles, however. Ultimately, magic and science did what they did best and forced the device to operate as mankind intended. While the generator would occasionally send bolts of lightning that destroyed several homes, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After all, innovation could not occur without sacrifice. Most could agree that the tremendous loss of money, property, as well as the amount of safety that was (and still is) compromised by the generator's presence were all very hefty sacrifices. With that in mind, no one dare implied that it was anything other than a complete and utter success.

    There was so much history within the town, but Nathan realized it was time to concern himself with the present rather than the past. While he was lost in his thoughts, Nathan failed to realize that he had wandered out of his familiar town and into a forest. Bewildered, he turned to the robot.

    “Are we even going the right way?” Nathan asked. “This doesn't seem like a place that 'royalty' would reside.”

    The robot looked offended. “Are you doubting me? I am programmed to complete each task I am assigned with the utmost efficiency. Why, then, would I lead you astray?”

    “Right, of course,” Nathan shrugged.

    “Right,” said the robot. “Now, look! We're here!”

    Directly in front of them was a large tree house in the shape of a castle. Just outside his windows, the king and queen stood and looked down below at their visitors.

    “Come, Nathan!” they beckoned.

    They were each adorned in plastic crowns, as well as some fine purple robes that were made from the finest silk. For a single moment, Nathan looked upon this marvelous sight and believed that it legitimized the supposed authority of the people inside. He then reminded himself that he was not trying to appease the requests of people that he mistakenly believed were royal authorities, but rather he intended to appease the requests of people that he knew were charlatans. There was a sigh of relief as a sense of certainty returned to the chaotic world around him. Nathan climbed up and entered the treehouse.

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