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    ITT: We are playing Sburb rules/signups


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    ITT: We are playing Sburb rules/signups

    Post by ಠ_ರೃ on Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:05 am

    Right, I'm hoping that we'll be able to do this with out too much GM interference, in order to speed this RP up a bit. I'd really rather not have to interfere in every single thing that needs to be done. For the most part, the GM's jobs will be:

    Controlling major enemies (such as the players' first encounters, bosses, etc.)
    Vetoing major actions
    Deciding spoils
    Providing challenges for the players.
    Controlling major NPCs (unless a player volunteers for the job)

    The rules of the RP are pretty standard: Don't godmode, control characters that aren't yours, etc. I'm hoping that everyone here knows how to behave in an RP environment by now.

    As for NPCs, as above they'll default to being played by the GMs, like Chuck and I. NPCs, in this case, being the exiles, sprites, guardians, agents, and denizens. However, the players can also volunteer to control them. If you want to control your sprite and exile, for instance, you should say so now. In fact, I'd recommend doing so for your exile, at least. You can also, if you wish, PM us with a general idea for what you'd like them to be. ("Bananadogsprite tends to type "bark" a lot and is hyperactive, as a really really awful example). I'm hoping that this amount of player freedom doesn't come back to bite me in the ass, but here goes.

    If you're curious about any aspect of the game, please consult the MS Paint wiki. If you're still confused, I'll explain it.

    Here's the signup sheet. Hope this covers everything:

    Name: (No, they do not have to fit a pattern)
    Gender: (I'm hoping to get an even number of each)
    Appearance: (How your character looks)
    History: (Your character's backstory. Will be needed for character building later)
    Interests: (Self explanatory)

    Mythological role: (It must be in the format of "<One syllable word> of <One syllable word>". Non-canon titles like "Priest of Flame" and such will have to be approved. Try to pick a role that doesn't necessarily fit your character so that they can grow into it. )
    Guardian: (Describe the person who raised your character. They'll play an important role in the story as well)
    Ancestor: (The ancestor is the person who is your character's ectobiological parent. In the possible event of a scratch, they will take over as the new player character. Can be the same as the character's guardian, if so specify)
    Land: (Describe the character's land here. Must take the form "Land of X and Y". Try to be detailed so as to help the GMs develop challenges)
    Denizen: (Leave blank if you want the GM to come up with this, or you want to come up with it later. The Denizen is a powerful monster that will either aid or challenge your character, based loosely off of a creature from Greek Myth)
    Exile: (An exiled dersite or prospitian will guide your character by giving him/her commands, while off having his/her own adventures in the post-apocalyptic Earth. Same as the denizen, leave blank if you want to decide later or want the GM to do it)

    Questions? Complaints? Hesitant about anything?
    Len Jates

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    Re: ITT: We are playing Sburb rules/signups

    Post by Len Jates on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:06 am

    Name: Your name is Tomoharu Natsume

    Gender: You are Male

    Appearance: (Looks like, except a little younger and less... anime)

    History: You moved into your brother's mansion with your best friend Misao Minakami(SPRITE TO BE) a little over 1 year ago. You had been staying with relatives before this. You don't have any parents, apparently they died in a plane crash. You and your friend moved here because #1. The schools in the area are apparently very PRESTIGIOUS and #2. You both thought it would be PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME. Misao is living with you because her parents said it was ok. Seriously, no other secret reason. None at all.

    Strife Specibus: 2xSwordknd

    Fetch Modi: Moral Choice. It analyses the situation, then picks two items based on the situation(usually only one actually fits the situation, the other is supposed to be ironic or something). One item get assigned one option, the other item another. You then have to come up with an answer and a justification or come up with a third option. If you don't have a very good justification the item that doesn't correspond to the choice you picked get's tossed out but you get to use the item you that, if you come up with a good justification nothing get's thrown out, if you come up with no justification both get thrown out. If you come up with a third option you get to pick whatever you want, if you come up with a third option that's less morally preferable than either of the options both get thrown out. Apparently it's also possible to come up with a third option so ville that everything get's thrown out! You also recently got a BookBag Fetch Modi which lets you put things into it and then take them out! However, you can only put in a ridiculously small amount of items and those items have to be light too.

    Interests: You like SCIENCE(Specifically, robotics), SPORTS, MYTHOLOGY. You like PHILOSOPHY too, not to the extent of the previous, however. Also, your brother(Ancestor) has collected a lot of ART/PIECES of HISTORY and your best friend, Misao(SPRITE TO BE), likes HUMOR COMICS and CLOTHES. You like those things too, yeah, but only a little bit.

    Mythological role: Mage(If Mage is taken then Heir) of Space(If Space is taken then Hope)

    Guardian: Your brother is away abroad so you're being looked after by his friend, Shuri Kurosaki. She likes FOOD, DRINK, SCIENCE(Robotics), GUNS(ties in with Robotics), TEASING YOU AND MISAO, PHILOSOPHY, and GUNS/SCIENCE. You think it's pretty cool that she share some of your intresst but the whole TEASING YOU AND MISAO thing is kind of annoying.

    Ancestor: Your brother, Naotaka Natsume. He's away, abroad.

    Land: Land of Floating Floor and Frogs. (If not a space player then "Land of Floating Floor and Warp") (Looks like this either way, ignore the lights.)

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