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    Tyrian (Working title)


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    Tyrian (Working title)

    Post by ಠ_ರೃ on Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:52 am

    (Early rough draft of chapter 1. Most likely going to be extensively rewritten. Thinking about maybe easing into the story more, rather than this infodump. But it had to be written, if nothing else so that I could start writing, and so that I’d have a starting point to continue writing. This was something I had to get out of my head, since work on the Pelysian chronicles wasn't going anywhere. Hoping this'll be more fun)

    A young woman watched the city streets below. It is important to note that the streets in question had never been seen by humankind. Indeed, no one wandering the streets, going about their business, had ever heard of a human before, and with good reason. There were no humans in this world, or anything resembling them. The young woman, you see, was a dragon, as were the people she was currently watching. Wishing that she, too, could join them.

    The fuschia-colored dragon had never been outside before. Never had she seen the outsides of the stone structure she called home, save through that very window. Her parents forbid it, for reasons that had never been clear to her. As much as they said that the world was dangerous and cruel to people like her, it didn’t seem much like it to her. Certainly not as terrifying a place they said. But she listened to them regardless, for she was an obedient dragon who feared her parents and the reason did seem awfully, awfully important. Whatever it was.

    But she managed to sneak glances out the window. The punishments for doing so weren’t nearly as strict, after all. Just a few beatings or going without food, and that was it. She could handle those. So look she did.

    She saw red dragons flying the skies above, heading off to wherever it was dragons went. She saw a yellow or two operating some stands below, where dragons of many colors went and shopped. She saw orange-colored whelps playing in the streets, before being chased off by a green-colored, well-dressed drake that didn’t seem too happy about that.

    She wrote down what she saw. She wanted to remember what she saw, after all. The only other time she could learn about the world outside was in the books her parents let her read, and she hated how many pages would be ripped out of those books when she got them! She almost felt like her parents did it themselves. They did seem awfully evasive towards her. But she read them nonetheless, and enjoyed them immensely. She particularly loved whatever she could find about the Empress. She was so beautiful, and rich, and she even had scales like her, even!

    Her revelry was interrupted by an orange paw poking her. She turned to the hand’s source. Her brother...

    “Tyria! You knoooow that you’re not supposed to windowgaze like that...”

    The girl sighed. “I know, brother, but it’s just... they’re so interesting! “

    “It’s not really that big of a deal. Going outside, I mean. “

    “Says you! Why, if I could even spend one day out there, I’d... I’d give up every book I have!”

    The orange dragon looked down. “Listen, sis...” he started. “Don’t think about the outside too hard, okay? You know that mom has a good reason for not letting you out, right?”

    “Which is?” She said, glaring at him. “Listen, Rithis, you go out all the time, and you... you seem just fine! Everything seems just fine! Why can’t I go out? Can I not even trust my own brother to tell me the truth?“

    Rithis looked down. “We’ve had this conversation how many times? I... I just can’t, okay? “

    “Please... I just wanna understand! I can’t take one more ‘because I said so’. If I’m going to stay inside, I at least want to know why I can’t go out”

    The orange looked pensive. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke.

    “Listen... I have an uncensored copy of ‘The Yellow-Scaled tailor’ in my room. With the real ending. Go... go ahead and read it. You might finally understand. “

    The fuschia dragon grinned. After all this time, after all these years... she’d finally get some answers?

    “Don’t thank me. This is just to shut you up. And please... don’t tell our parents. “

    “Wasn’t planning on it.”

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